Of iPhones and The Game

I am currently stuck at home due to flooding in Chennai. Typhoon Nilam is set to make landfall today and already the winds have picked up and we have been subjected to constant rain. It’s no hurricane but it is pretty nasty.

So while poking around this new fangled reddits, I came across this absolute gem of stupidity. The link is NSFW as is this article. Lots of references to them. [Read more…]

Hags of Lag – Repost

(Felt this was appropriate after talking to a friend… It’s a repost and I couldn’t figure how to do reposts properly.)
Videogames tend to have fewer female participants in the competitive and indeed the online scene. There are a tonne of reasons which we can get into later but the primary reason is one that everyone can guess. Well if you are part of Men Going their Own Way it’s because men’s brains are superior [Read more…]

Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working in Georgia to “go home”. It’s really that moronic.

And honestly? Let’s face it, racists are morons. There are two kinds of racists, the accidental racist and the guy who should be asking himself this question.

Today’s titan of white power wank is Greg Johnson with his lovely defence and blame shifting piece about the Sikh Temple Massacre. A little back story… I am aware of the difference between skinheads. There are essentially one kind of image that the word “skinhead” portrays. It is the image of the classical neo-nazi. The American History X look. The problem is it’s not. Skinhead was a movement born out of the Lemon subgenre of the Mod movement in the UK. Initially it was an all race movement based on the working class. White and Black kids got together and they shared a love of music. Bob Marley is considered “British Skinhead”… It’s musical influence is Mod mixed in with classical west indian music genres (Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady).

It began in the 60s where the big fear in the UK was the arrival of the south asians. Indians, the original skinhead neo-nazi movement was aimed at south asians. But even at this time there were a significant and vocal anti-nazi population of skinheads. In fact they were the majority. Bands such as Madness, Cockney Rejects and the entire traditional skinhead culture spoke out against the neo-nazi skinheads. However the damage was done, skinheads appeared in the media solely as racist pricks rather than a culture born out of a shared love of west indian music. Skinheads as a mainstream genre was dead. The fringe of ANTIFA and SHARP still exist. You see them at british neo-nazi rallies marching against the racists, but they are a dwindling bunch. I used to be part of ANTIFA, I met them at a BNP rally where I was working as a medic. I too had the preconception of skinheads as solely neo-nazi and then realised we had more in common with them. Such as a shared love of Madness… Fuck there are Skinheads such as Right Said Fred who are GAY. But in our minds when we say skinhead we think Neo-Nazi because the Neo-Nazis have a monopoly on the kind of epic douchebaggery that makes the news. It’s like if we considered the portrayal of the Minotaur themed metalhead in Dexter to be representative of all metal…

With this fascinating piece of needless trivia in mind. Let’s delve into Greg Johnson’s article about the August attacks on a Milwaukee Sikh Temple. [Read more…]

The Age of Kali


So you don’t believe in any gods? Well neither do I. In fact the day I realised that there were no gods, I probably lost a great deal more of them than most other atheists, you see I am an ex-hindu. An atheist of a million denied gods and denier not of the original sin but of the Age of Kali. Hinduism is the religion I don’t believe in.

Hinduism claims that we live in the last age of the world. The Kali Yuga. Gone are honour and magic from the world. The grace of men has been lost leaving the world with more villains than heroes. It is the end of days and the fading of the asur… It is the twilight of the gods and of mankind. That the cruelty and injustice in the world exist due to the end being near and the breakdown of the mechanisms of dharma and karma.

I am a British medical student, ethnically Indian from the fair city of Manchester. City of football and Oasis. I do study in India and for me it is rather weird. I am expected to follow all these traditions solely because people expect it from someone who is brown. I am in the same boat as Hemant Mehta (the Friendly Atheist); both of us don’t really come from religious backgrounds that treat atheists as badly as the Abrahamic faiths. See Hindu gods are weird compared to the Abrahamic gods that we all know and love (or hate) so intimately. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all essentially born out of the same original belief and so are familiar to us. The Ten Commandments, the bearded messiahs, the desert, misogyny, hate masquerading as love. Hinduism is different, it is old and primal, it is a religion of sex, drugs and magic while at the same time influenced heavily by Victorian culture which revels in the excesses and in ideas such as purity and women on pedestals. [Read more…]

Ancient Spirits of Evil… Transform me

Into Avicenna!!! THE EVER LIVING!!!


Okay! I got that bit out of my system. Today’s silliness comes from an anonymous reader who posted a little quiz courtesy of some crazy christian preacher called Bob Larsen. Googling his stuff doesn’t show the list. Apparently it’s behind some sort of pay wall and someone has quite nicely paid so that we can all benefit from this knowledge. So I figured I should take the test. Just to find out if I am more asura than deva.

Do you have a demon? Take this short quiz to find out if you are at risk.

Better do what he says. Apparently Larsen has degrees in Monsteronomy and Demonology.

By the Power of Greyskull that image alone hurts to look at. Maybe I do have a demon.

1) Do you sometimes exhibit uncontrollable outbursts of anger or violence?

No. My anger and violence is highly controlled. I plan my inhuman rampages to match a metal soundtrack and carefully choreograph them for maximum theatrical effect.

2) Have you experimented with two or more forms of the occult?

Yes. But I was unable to create the necessary synergy needed. Plus I am from Manchester… Where the hell am I going to find a virgin everytime I need to do anything occult? And have you seen the price of wibbly wobbly daggers? Don’t get me started on getting cultists to do anything apart from wear terrible shoes and drink poisoned tang. And these days you have to be careful! I once spent nearly 400 pounds on ancient texts invoking a blood soaked future where demons roamed and everything was covered in skulls. Where humanity was as bad as the monsters it sought to fought, callously discarding lives to further the xenophobic goals of a corpse while all around aliens of varying shapes and forms fought against eldritch beings and biological terrors of your worst nightmares. I even had the tiny plastic figures to go with all that! And let me tell you, the only thing all of that managed to do was make girlfriends vanish from my life with astonishing quickness.

3) Have you been sexually violated (raped, incested, molested)?

Incested is not a word. But clearly this is a demonology session rather than remedial english.

Can’t make a joke about this and it’s a bit too early in the blog game to be telling people about myself.

4) Do you sometimes manifest behavior not consistent with your normal personality?

Yes, I do. I often have these uncontrolled blackouts and wake up 3 or 4 hours later surrounded by destruction of property. It’s irritating when I am at home, but positively embarassing when I am at the clinic. I was giving a patient a prostate exam last month when it happened and now he won’t come back to the clinic.

5) Do you abuse alcohol or drugs to escape painful past experiences in life?

No. But I would like to. I hear it’s amazing!

6) Do you commit immoral or illegal acts, contrary to your customary values?

No. Immoral and Illegal acts are completely within my customary values.

7) Have you ever attempted or contemplated suicide?

Judging by the stupidity of this questionnaire the answer may be a yes.

8) Are you sometimes overwhelmed with feelings of severe depression and hopelessness?

Yes, but only if I talk to people who think demons exist.

9) Do you indulge in self-abusive behavior such as anorexia, bulimia, cutting or self-mutilation?

No. I just start up a game of the sims, make a character that looks like me then abuse it till it pees itself, starves and “accidentally” sets himself on fire.

10) Have you experienced life-changing trauma from which you haven’t recovered?

Yes. Let’s just say it caused an unnatural fear of balloons…

11) Do you know of ancestors who committed murder, suicide, or sexual perversion?

Often all three at the same time!

12) Do voices tell you to commit illegal acts, blaspheme God, or indulge in immoral acts?

Yes. But mine is called PZ Myers and its less a voice and more a sort of text based blasphemy deal. Also a lot of squids… I don’t know what that’s about.

13) Have you asked Satan to take your life in exchange for something?

Fame and the ability to play Rock and Roll. The standard life exchange policy as it were.

14) Do you live a fear-based life resulting in paranoia or multiple phobias?

No. I live a life based on the acquisition of money so I can buy things I want because as of now I am really poor and everyone keeps telling me that money is evil. I want to get some to see what the fuss is all about.

15) Have you experienced emotional or physical abuse from your biological parents?

What sort of question is that? Of course! They are parents. That’s practically their job. I for one am looking forward to dressing up as a werewolf with my (hypothetical) wife to scare my kids (Also hypothetical) at some point.

16) Have you been emotionally or physically abandoned by either biological parent?

I once got accidentally left at a supermarket. Does that count?

17) Have you felt repeated, disabling episodes of rejection or depression?

Objection! Repeating the question! It’s just 21 questions! How can you repeat them?

18) Have you failed repeatedly in significant relationships?

No. I never fail in my relationships. It’s just that the other people in them are so very human and cannot match my superior build quality. Thus they break away and fall to the wayside like a hubcap from a wheel… Or a wounded squirrel.

19) Have you failed to experience trust and lasting love from a significant other?

Yes. Wait. Are you saying that all relationship troubles are caused by Satan? That makes sense. It figures that it would take an unholy being of pure evil to create shows such as Jerry Springer and Maury Povich so as to profit from that!

20) Do you consistently experience serious health or financial issues?

Clearly demons cause poor people to be poor and sick. Which is why prayer has a 100% success rate in treating lepers and poverty! Which is why Africa has no lepers and everyone is super rich!

21) Are you significantly hindered in prayer, worship, Bible reading and church attendance?

Yes. I think the problem is that there is this text which doesn’t make any sense that expects you to believe in some malarky about super incest and a talking snake and some bizzare rules about not eating owls and then it goes on about some carpenter dude. Quite frankly it’s a big hinderance to the whole deal.

I just realised something.

INTERNET GAME TIME! 21 questions! Answer them like a famous character and the rest of us will try guessing who it is!

Talk Nerdy To Me

Well, my internet is back on and I have decided to spend all night doing something very very cathartic.

My usual stress release is online gaming. At the moment the laptop and internet connection are perfect for playing a little game called League of Legends (http://eune.leagueoflegends.com/) which is a rather simple game with an immensely high learning curve.

Any fellow FTBers fancy joining in? Give me a shout! I am mainly on the EU East server as AvicennaLast…



Saved a kitten after its mum got hit by a car. Trying to save it,  but it us touch and go. Was in bad shape when I got her. Fingers crossed because you guys will love caturday!

Photos tomorrow when broadband is back.

Rights of the Silent Majority – Femme? Fatal!

It’s all in the punctuation after all. This is the first FTB post on the Silent Majority theme. I try and group posts under various themes, so that people roughly know whats in the post. I quickly found out that not everyone is interested in every topic.

One of the amusing bits about human evolution and indeed human demographics is that our genders aren’t equal in terms of life expectancy and survivability. In nearly every country across the globe women outlive men. This actually means something very interesting.

There are more women on the planet than there are men. It’s a slight majority at the moment. 51% of people on the planet are women. They are the majority, albeit a silent one.

Reproductive rights are a contentious subject in India for a different reason than they are in the USA. Contraception is cheap, subsidised and easily available. India is facing a crisis on the scale of the holodomor or worse. India has too many people. We aren’t talking about “the breaking point” in a few years, the breaking point has passed.

Today in India I have power for only 22 hours a day. The hospital where I am posted has it for 14 to 16 hours a day. A cousin lives in a place where there are 18 hour cuts. There are so many people that electricity is running out. India needs to lose close to 50% of it’s population to be stable and around 70 to 75% to have a stable self sustaining first world demography.

This is a titanic goal. India has 1.2 billion people on it. It’s got enough people inside it’s boundaries to populate most continents comfortably.

So in India we have contraception. It is cheap, plentiful and easily available. Most hospitals and clinics give out free condoms. The IUD is available for cheap. The pill is available in more urban areas. There are government incentives to get tubectomies and vasectomies. The One Child Ideal is flogged heavily but the overall message still hasn’t reached everyone. It’s a good thing…

But what’s the contentious issue? India is one of the few countries on the planet where there are fewer women than men. The age demographic in my age group is 1:8.5 for every 100 men there are 85 women. India’s women are vanishing at an alarming rate.

The reason? It used to (And Still Is) Female infanticide. Female babies meet with an inordinate amount of accidents. They often die young. Often the logic is not that it’s murder but saving the child from suffering. The mother not wanting the child to suffer. A lot of the time it’s death by negligence. But that’s falling. Prosecution of such cases is good after all. But what’s the reason for the fall?


Gender selective abortion is rife in the north of India. Lack of oversight and corruption means that it is easy enough to get information regarding the foetus and terminate a female child. This has led to an increase in trafficking of women as brides from the eastern parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is estimated that 50 million female foetuses were terminated over the decade resulting in this demographic shift. It’s a practice seen in the west too amongst indian communities.

So what does India have to do? The current law states that the pre-natal ultrasound screenings should not include gender. Indian parents do not know if the child is a boy or a girl until the child is born, or atleast they shouldn’t know. However they are still finding out. It’s not hard to sneak a peak at the ultrasound after all, and in a country infamous for it’s corruption, there are probably clinics that let patients know the gender of their child for a fee.

It’s not religious, it’s cultural. The three major religions of India (Hinduism, Christianity and Islam) all demonstrate this problem. It’s mainly in the north but it is seen in the south too where the treatment of women is better. It’s the misuse of useful technology. It’s a republican’s wet dream, a group of people misusing abortion for pointless and almost frivolous purposes.

In medicine you have 3 types of treatment. Personal, Social and National. How you treat the patient, the community and everyone. The ultrasound restriction treats at the level of the patient. But for the community? For India?

Only a complete destruction of the notion that girls are not wanted. That the entire sexist culture of India needs to be destroyed and replaced for the better. It doesn’t have to be “western” in origin. It can actually exceed the equality of western culture. After all, India manages to break down the western barrier between male and female engineers, IT and mathematics students. Why can’t it do the same for this?

Collected Writings

Well I have to thank Larian LaQuella for really getting my name out there (I am still technically a guest blogger on his blog). But I figure a short list of articles that I wrote that I think are “good” (Please feel free to correct me) to save new readers time.

Caution, I am the defender of the wall of text. Some of these articles are allegedly monsterously huge.

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That’s it…