Sikh of Racists

Racists exist in every culture. There are Hindu racists who declare that my lack of “proper indianess” is evil. There are indians who won’t marry outside their local ethnicity. Places like Mumbai are home to the Shiv Sena who regularly attack non Maharashtrans. It would be like the KKK telling people from New York working in Georgia to “go home”. It’s really that moronic.

And honestly? Let’s face it, racists are morons. There are two kinds of racists, the accidental racist and the guy who should be asking himself this question.

Today’s titan of white power wank is Greg Johnson with his lovely defence and blame shifting piece about the Sikh Temple Massacre. A little back story… I am aware of the difference between skinheads. There are essentially one kind of image that the word “skinhead” portrays. It is the image of the classical neo-nazi. The American History X look. The problem is it’s not. Skinhead was a movement born out of the Lemon subgenre of the Mod movement in the UK. Initially it was an all race movement based on the working class. White and Black kids got together and they shared a love of music. Bob Marley is considered “British Skinhead”… It’s musical influence is Mod mixed in with classical west indian music genres (Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady).

It began in the 60s where the big fear in the UK was the arrival of the south asians. Indians, the original skinhead neo-nazi movement was aimed at south asians. But even at this time there were a significant and vocal anti-nazi population of skinheads. In fact they were the majority. Bands such as Madness, Cockney Rejects and the entire traditional skinhead culture spoke out against the neo-nazi skinheads. However the damage was done, skinheads appeared in the media solely as racist pricks rather than a culture born out of a shared love of west indian music. Skinheads as a mainstream genre was dead. The fringe of ANTIFA and SHARP still exist. You see them at british neo-nazi rallies marching against the racists, but they are a dwindling bunch. I used to be part of ANTIFA, I met them at a BNP rally where I was working as a medic. I too had the preconception of skinheads as solely neo-nazi and then realised we had more in common with them. Such as a shared love of Madness… Fuck there are Skinheads such as Right Said Fred who are GAY. But in our minds when we say skinhead we think Neo-Nazi because the Neo-Nazis have a monopoly on the kind of epic douchebaggery that makes the news. It’s like if we considered the portrayal of the Minotaur themed metalhead in Dexter to be representative of all metal…

With this fascinating piece of needless trivia in mind. Let’s delve into Greg Johnson’s article about the August attacks on a Milwaukee Sikh Temple.

On Sunday, August 5th, Wade Michael Page, a racist skinhead, opened fire at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, killing six worshipers and wounding three others. It is a terrible act, and I wish it had never happened. But why did it happen? We obviously don’t know all the facts yet, but I can say three things with confidence.

It happened because of hate. Unbelievable hate that comes from the notion that only people of a certain skin tone are human beings. Wade didn’t see them as humans, he saw them as vermin. It happened because of people like Greg who flog this kind of hate and create an environment of hate.

Greg wishes this didn’t happen not because six people died for the frankly moronic reason of being a different kind of white person to him, but because Wade got killed in the massacre.

First, if the Sikhs had not been in America, Page could not have killed them. As far as I know, when I was born, there were no Sikhs in America at all, much less whole Sikh communities and Sikh temples. When I was a kid, Sikhs were an exotic people I read about in National Geographic who worshiped at a golden temple in the Punjab, not in the suburbs of Milwaukee.

That’s the “If Professor Black didn’t dodge my repeated swings with the lead pipe in the billiards room there wouldn’t be a murder!” argument. Mixed in with the “If you don’t want to be murdered don’t invite me to your party” Argument. I never said they were good arguments.

What the hell? How the fuck do you read the National fucking Geographic and hate people across the world. I LOVED that magazine. I still fucking read it. It’s what inspired me to take up photography. It was my window to the world of travel as 12 year old. I still have my twelve year old list of “Shit I Saw in Nat Geo that I wanted to try”. Nat Geo is love of humanity incarnate and all this wanker managed to get from that is “Now I know where to deport Sikhs to and Bling Temple”. These aren’t Indians. These are Americans in the same way that Greg Johnson is not British but American.

I am not blaming the victims, mind you. I am sure that they were decent people who came to the United States to better themselves and their families. No, I blame the people who brought them here: the creators and sustainers of non-white immigration, multiculturalism, and diversity.

Really? Because from where I am sat it looks like Greg Johnson just totally fucking blamed them.

And really? Clearly the murder of 6 people on the basis of their beards, turbans and tan isn’t the fault of the racist who shot them but a nebulous group of people who allowed these people into the country! That makes complete fucking sense if you think paint is an acceptable addition to your coffee.

I have nothing personal against Sikhs. Of all the non-European ethnic groups in America, I find Hindus and Sikhs to be the most agreeable. When I was in India, Sikhs were always the most reliable and honest cab drivers. When I lived in Berkeley, Muslim cab drivers would refuse to transport my dog, so I would specifically request non-Muslim cab drivers . . . and the company would send Sikhs. Their cabs were decorated in colorful anti-Muslim and Sikh nationalist slogans. Obviously, there’s a ticking time bomb in Berkeley’s much-celebrated diversity. One day, swords will be drawn and towel-heads will roll.

I am not a racist but I think this ethnicity does this! See how my lack of racism is demonstrated when I praise this ethnicity along a stereotypical line.

How the heck do you know they are Anti-Muslim slogans. Can you read punjabi or hindi? Probably not… Why the fuck would a traditional Sikh nationalist write his slogans in fucking English! It’s like Greg demonstrating his allegiance to the white power movement by writing his articles in Swahili. Or Hebrew…

This brings us to the reason why Sikhs do not belong in America: they add to the racial, ethnic, and religious diversity that is our greatest weakness and source of social problems. Before 1965, America’s biggest problem was the racial diversity of whites, blacks, Amerindians, East Asians, Jews, and other people from the Near East. This diversity caused friction, which at best wore away racial, cultural, and religious differences. At worst, these tensions gave rise to distrust, alienation, hatred, violence, and social upheaval. After 1965, America opened its doors to the rest of the world, enormously compounding the diversity problem. The Sikh temple massacre is just one of the dividends of out-of-control diversity, and there will be many more to come.

Before 1965 America’s biggest problem was that they had a big fucking statue at the entrance that made a bunch of awesome claims that any country should aspire to. Fuck India aspired to those claims. The constitution of India is based on the American one as much as the British one. This Statue made claims that Americans claimed were central to being American but that made the USA so hypocritical that everytime anyone uttered the word Freedom and Equality their tongues should have rebelled and strangled them. That was America’s problem. It also had Vietnam and we know how that turned out but what the fuck do I know. I am just british. Of course I would say these things about your tea wasting compatriots!

Yes! How dare people get along with each other! Can’t you see the problem with diversity! Apparently the problem is if you have a diverse group of people, bigots will have to voice their opinions publically and get called out for being bigots rather than just harrumphing slurs about darkies under their breaths!

This is why the North American New Right advocates the creation of racially and ethnically homogeneous homelands for all peoples. We believe that it is best for all peoples to have their own homelands where they can live according to their distinct racial, ethnic, and religious identities, free of the destructive forces of diversity. In the case of recent immigrant populations, the best solution is for them to return to their homelands. I also think that is the best solution for groups like Jews, Japanese, and Chinese who have been in America for a long time but still maintain strong ties to their homelands. In the case of indigenous peoples and some older immigrant populations (including the descendants of African slaves), territorial partition would seem to be in order.

This is why I suggest that the North American New Right are given a racially and ethnically homogenous homeland where they can demonstrate their fine grasp of society without the rest of us. I would suggest Alaska but clearly Alaska has enough problems without us dumping a bunch of racists on them. I suggest Antarctica… Everything’s white out there.

From Bob the Angry Flower! Check it out!

Second, the easiest and most comforting explanation for such a rampage is that the shooter is “crazy.” This may well be the case. There is no shortage of crazy people in the White Nationalist subculture. It is all too tempting and easy to simply disown Page and label him “one of them”: one of those evil, crazy racists who are fundamentally different from the rest of us, the “good,” “sane,” “tolerant” people. But the truth is, Wade Michael Page was “one of us.”

I thought the “If there were no Sikhs, there would be no murders” explanation would have been the most comforting, but I am clearly mistaken!

To explain this we must demonstrate what a delusion is. A delusion is a belief that is demonstrably wrong, but if demonstrated will still be maintained with the addition of an explanation designed to ignore the demonstration. So our society has developed beyong it’s ugly origins of colonialism in my case and slavery in the American’s case, but there will always be some delusional person who thinks that keeping black people as property was a good thing or apartheid days were great!

Last time I was in America I ran into a man while eating breakfast at a diner. I love diners and the stack of american pancakes and maple syrup is one of the best things in the world. This man sat with me as I ate my breakfast and told me that he too loves the idea of the american diner. Simple, comfort food and bad for you. During the 60s though? He couldn’t go into them as a kid. He had to go round the back to place his order from the service entrance. Because he was black. Greg thinks this is acceptable, I think the man who sat and ate with me is a credit to humanity. When Mandela talked about throwing knives and hatred into the sea, this is what he meant. That a man who suffered this much hate could feel this much love to a culture that was part of the mechanism of his oppression. That’s humanity, that’s what it means to be a human being. I never learnt his name, if he reads this I hope he contacts me because he is awesome.

By “one of us,” I simply mean that he was a white man, and all white people have innate ethnocentric tendencies, wired deep in our brains. We love our own and we fear strangers. As diversity increases, all of us will bear increased psychic costs, even the multi-culty Kool-Aid drinkers who pursue status by selling out their own people in favor of foreigners.

Wait a minute? Is Greg seriously suggesting that White people have an innate neurological and genetic tendency to be racists? I am pretty sure that’s racist. I am sure white people aren’t “innately driven by fear of strangers” (which means everyone non-white, which is why white people die in horror movies so easily… No situational awareness around caucasian villains).

Page and people like him may be nothing more than canaries in a coal mine: the first to sense the presence of a threat to the survival of us all. Page may have just been abnormally sensitive to the terrible psychic consequences of losing control of our society to aliens: stress, alienation, anger, hatred, rage, etc.  This heightened sensitivity might also go along with a whole suite of other abnormal traits. But we dismiss people like Page at our own risk. For in the end, all of us will feel the same effects — unless we heed the warning signs and turn back the rising tide of color.

You mean “Quiet, Law Abiding Sikhs Quietly Praying and Not Forcing their Faith on Anyone” are a threat to you? Only if you are intolerant bigot. The stress, alienation, anger, hatred and rage you feel is because you are racists. We wouldn’t need to alienate you if you were a productive member of society rather than someone who is trying to excuse murder.

Again this is just racist not to Sikhs but to other white people. Then again it is a racist. He probably thinks black people are genetically programmed for crime and chinese people for mathematics.

Third, Page’s “solution” to his rage and alienation — killing innocent people then dying in a gun battle with the police — is a product of what I call “Old Right” thinking. By the Old Right, I mean classical Fascism and National Socialism and their contemporary imitators who believe that White Nationalism can be advanced through such means as one party-politics, terrorism, totalitarianism, imperialism, and genocide. The skinhead subculture to which Page belonged is a hotbed of Old Right thinking, rife with fantasies of race war, lone wolf attacks on non-whites, and heroic last stands that end in a hail of police bullets. Intelligent and honorable people have emerged from the skinhead movement and other contemporary “Old Right” tendencies. But there have been more than a few spree-killers as well.

His “Solution” is a product of the haterade that is pervasive in the neo-nazi movement. Greg himself despite claiming to be a liberal peaceful racist demonstrates his fear mongering about the destruction of white culture while probably not protecting any of it. Last time I went to the ballet I saw more chinese people and indians there than “Neo Nazis”. I suggest Greg Johnson defend his “english roots” by forming a right wing morris dance troupe. The Klan hey nonny nonnying to the sounds of bells may cheer me right the fuck up because already your movement looks ridiculous by associating with a group of people who dress up in pointy hats and robes while calling themselves wizards and taking orders from a guy who calls himself a dragon while hanging out in the woods. I don’t know if that’s KKK or LARP.

Given that reason, science, and history are all on our side, and the greatest apparatus of coercion and brainwashing in human history is on the enemy’s side, doesn’t it make sense to attack the enemy at his weakest point rather than at his strongest? This is why the North American New Right pursues White Nationalism through intellectual and cultural means: we critique the hegemony of anti-white ideas and seek to establish a counter-hegemony of pro-white ideas.

I think you need to re-read history if you think the Nazis won that conflict… Also science and reason don’t mean what you think they mean. If you think History, Science and Reason are weak points of a egalitarian society then you clearly have a delusion.

Only a fool picks a battle he cannot win, and we cannot win with violence. Fortunately, we don’t have to. The Left lost the Cold War but won the peace through the establishment of intellectual and cultural hegemony. We can beat them the same way, and we don’t have to all be rocket scientists to do it, since anyone of even moderate intelligence can make real progress by simply repeating Bob Whitaker’s talking points.

Oh right! He is a follower of Crazy History. Crazy History is what conspiracy theorists read. It’s why “The American Left” are considered the same as Soviet Communists and we seem to live in some weird alternate history where the Nazis were the good guys who won through the use of reason and science rather than genocidal fuckheads who manage to unite most of the planet in ending their genocidal douchebaggery.

Furthermore, the only form of violence that even has a chance to be productive in halting multiculturalism and non-white immigration would target the people responsible for these policies, not innocent immigrants. Moreover, killing innocent people (and at a place of worship!) has entirely predictable results. First, such violence creates sympathy for immigrants. (Even I feel sympathy for them, and I would deport them tomorrow if I had the power.) Second, it plays into the establishment narrative of evil, crazy, intolerant whites whose gun rights must be taken away.

Even if you didn’t kill them you are still crazy and intolerant. Ann Coulter hasn’t killed anyone but I wouldn’t call her tolerant. Greg’s argument isn’t that violence is wrong but that it garners sympathy for the people he wants to victimise. It boils down to this. He cannot call black people niggers anymore because the slave trade and apartheid ruined it for him.

Clearly Greg is a shining beacon of sane tolerance and a perfect role model for kids and not a crazy intolerant racist. That’s just the melanin affecting my brain.


  1. Zinc Avenger (Sarcasm Tags 3.0 Compliant) says

    Wow, Greg Johnson managed to insult everyone in that train wreck of a screed, and do it in a way that leaves you wondering how he musters the coherence to commit continued homeostasis.

  2. A Hermit says

    ” I suggest Greg Johnson defend his “english roots” by forming a right wing morris dance troupe…”

    OK, I have a new favourite blog, just for that bit.

    Occasionally I run into ninnies who wonder at me why it’s OK for other “ethnics” to celebrate their heritage but not OK to be a White Nationalist, as if the to are somehow equivalent. I suggest they meet me at an Irish pub for St. Patty’s day, or join me for Oktoberfest…

    There’s nothing wrong with celebrating one’s ethnic heritage, but that ain’t what these guys are doing…

  3. says

    This is why the North American New Right advocates the creation of racially and ethnically homogeneous homelands for all peoples. We believe that it is best for all peoples to have their own homelands where they can live according to their distinct racial, ethnic, and religious identities, free of the destructive forces of diversity.

    Now why does that sound familiar? Oh yes:

    Nobody will deny that for the Native as well as for the European, complete separation would have been the ideal if it had developed that way historically. If we had here a white South Africa in the sense in which we have a white England and a white Holland and a white France, and if there had been a Native state somewhere for the Natives, and if this white state could have developed to a self-supporting condition as those European states have developed by themselves, then we should certainly not have had the friction and the difficulties which we have today. Surely it would have been an ideal state of affairs if we had not had these problems.
    H.F. Verwoerd, 1948

    There’s nothing new about Johnson’s so called “New Right”. The kind of segregation he is advocating has been tried before and it was an unmitigated disaster. Not that this knowledge would change his mind. As you say, he is deluded.

    Sadly there are still many white South Africans who long for the “good old days” and are convinced that everyone was better off under Apartheid. Their delusion is even greater than Johnson’s because they can see the destructive effects of these policies around them every day.

  4. kraut says

    living in Canada, Sikhs have been part of our community for about 1oo years, and are doing well and as far as I can tell are accepted as part of the Canadian mosaic.

    Problems occur when they bring their political fight to the land of their new residency, when they are committing terrorist act like the downing of Air India Flight and members of the community who know about the perpetrators do not come forward because of fear of repercussions from more powerful members of the community or from a sense of misplaced loyalty.

    The guy who wrote that peace is a piece of shitty racist arsehole, no doubt about that, a white supremacist as he clearly stated and one that should be sent to mars to create his own white colony there, but not a member of the human society or earthlings.

    We are all in this together, and this racist thing is just one more thing to divert attention from what really is at stake: the powerful elites of all countries trying to subvert democracy, creating a climate where the power and wealth creation for themselves will eventually destroy a civil society and decent living conditions for all.

  5. says

    Holy fuck. What a truckload of maddening stupidity and hatred.

    Just one small thing I’d add:

    By “one of us,” I simply mean that he was a white man, and all white people have innate ethnocentric tendencies, wired deep in our brains. We love our own and we fear strangers.

    I think we’re all, not just white people, wired for ethnocentrism to a certain extent. But it’s really quite easy to overcome. “My own” used to not include any nonwhite people because of where I grew up. Now it does, including my very best friend in the world right now. I am actually hesitating now to call this stupidity because it’s not the result of a lack of understanding but a result of motivated reasoning. You know, twisting the fact to suit his viewpoint, not just being ignorant of the facts. bleh.

  6. Corvus illustris says

    Greg Johnson:
    “I also think that [sc. ‘repatriation’] is the best solution for groups like Jews, Japanese, and Chinese who have been in America for a long time but still maintain strong ties to their homelands.”

    A number of Anishinaabeg people living hereabouts occasionally get annoyed enough to discuss application of this principle of Mr Johnson’s to the descendants of European settlers in general. He’d better practice those Morris dances.

  7. smrnda says

    What I do not understand is why people like this racist apologist imagine that people view themselves primarily in terms of race and all naturally like people of the same race and dislike people of other races.

    I mean, my circle of friends is pretty diverse racially,though we tend to be similar in that we are all educated, all on the left, and not religious. The reason is that, perhaps unlike our parents or grandparents, our sense of identity doesn’t revolve around race to the same degree, but this is a natural process. New cultures emerge.

    “white people,” hundreds of years ago, would probably have thought of themselves as members of distinctive white identities – heck, individual German states before they were unified viewed themselves as “Prussians” or “Bavarians” “white people” was an invention used to justify colonialism and slavery.

  8. maxdwolf says

    I’m wondering how far down the splits would go. Would he suggest separating eastern Europeans and the Irish out? What about all us mixed breeds. From what little I understand, we actually make up the majority, depending on where you draw the line.

  9. says

    I strangely found that bit highly racist. It’s like how people used to say that black people are nothing but consumate criminals… That just portrays white people as consumate arseholes…

    I was pretty offended by the notion that there exists a group of people whose genetics make them super racists…

  10. says

    Well he certainly thinks “Indians” are some sort of magic non aryan race which is rather amusing since that whole swastika malarky is lost on him.

  11. StevoR says

    I suggest Antarctica… Everything’s white out there.

    Sorry to be pedantic here but you’re forgetting even Antartica has its dry valleys, its moss and lichens, its penguins and seals and brightly coloured human bases. ;-)

    Besides, what have the good scientists and their support crews working in the Coldest Continent ever done to deserve him?

  12. says

    They should have gotten Greg as well as Page. I see no difference between the two. Oh wait, one’s playing the sly racist card and the other is just open about it. On that note, the hypocrite is worse. Taxi drivers indeed…

    Murder on any count can not be justified. This man’s argument (if any) is void just based on that count alone. I particularly found the racist gene being prevalent in whites a good laugh. The dude obviously hasn’t heard of evidence based medicine. Or a PCR machine. Or DNA analysis.

    Question: if you’re a racist against racists, what does that make you? Surely that’s bigotry too. But against stupid people. Personally, I think that’s justified!

  13. Corvus illustris says

    In the US the neo-nazis are more into parade-marching–whether in their ancestral style or not–than dancing. People with teutonic antecedents (like your humble servant) generally express ethnic solidarity by consuming Weck, Worscht un Woi while leaving cultural preservation to their Döner-Kebab-consuming cousins in the former Fatherland. (Man ist was man ißt.)

  14. Corvus illustris says

    “… heck, individual German states before they were unified viewed themselves as “Prussians” or “Bavarians” …”

    Past tense? Only recently, the Land Baden-Württemberg was putting out posters and bumperstickers reading “We can do everything (here)–except speak High German” („Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch“), with a black-and-gold background that is the modern (local) flag but has unmistakable historical undertones. This denial of linguistic solidarity was only half-serious.

    In the US, of course, there is Texas …

  15. Corvus illustris says

    Weird as this sounds now, only 100 years or so ago US racists were debating whether Poles, Italians and other south Europeans or even Scandanavians (!) should be considered “white” here. And the tiniest bit of consideration of European history prior to the rise of the nation-states (and so, about the end of the 30-years war) shows how tenuous the association of any European to a particular piece of real estate can be. “Mixed breed” is everybody, already in the Old World. BTW, genetic studies on the inhabitants of the Britains (big and little) show waves of immigration over an almost-autochthonous base going back 9K years. Depending on the rules, Johnson might get sent back to Siberia.

    Talk about nonsense.

  16. left0ver1under says

    Bands such as Madness, Cockney Rejects and the entire traditional skinhead culture spoke out against the neo-nazi skinheads.

    Madness released records on the Two Tone label, so called because it was intended to show the black/white unity in England. Funnily, Madness were the only all-white group on Two Tone. Anti-racist attitudes were common to many other punk bands of that era, not just the Rejects, in bands such as The Damned, The Clash, The Slits, and many others.

    On a lighter note, have a look at the joke on the t-shirt in the picture linked to below. The man wearing it is the British 100 year old marathon runner.

  17. ShowMetheData says

    Furthermore, the only form of violence that even has a chance to be productive in halting multiculturalism and non-white immigration would target the people responsible for these policies, not innocent immigrants

    Sounds like Anders Behring Breivik

  18. bradleybetts says

    “I actually know more Sikh Morris Dancers than neo-nazi ones… Is that destruction of british culture or preservation…”

    As a Bona Fide Englishman, born and bred in the home counties, I am firmly of the opinion that this ridiculous national embarrassment of a past time *needs* destroying.

  19. white british girl says

    I have been looking for discussions on discrimination against white people by sikhs but haven’t found any. Recently the Gurdwaras banned inter faith marriage. Sikhs can no longer marry non sikhs. Discrimination is being taught by gurus and Sikhism. Living in the Uk, my last boyfriend was a sikh from the Punjab, but brought up in the UK. his mother was a sikh from Bradford, his father was an indian Sikh brought up in Kenya. Sikhs ARE brought up to hate muslims and hindus. They are tolerant of white people only because they live in our country. My boyfriend was abused until he was forced to leave me because his parents and grandparents were tired of him dating white girls. They do not practice sikhism, they do not wear the 5 K’s, they drink alcohol and cut their hair. I even learned punjabi so that I could be more respectful to his grandparents but as soon as he went home to visit he got abuse. It did not matter that I would have chosen to become a sikh. I was not born into a religion. But they said it did not matter if i was a sikh. I was still WHITE. Racism is rife amongst ethnic communities in the UK. I pride myself in being anti racist. But as a victim, I dont think enough is being done to tackle racism amongst ethnic groups, whereas it is all too common against white people. How can we be an integrated society if religion and culture from other areas of the world are becoming less tolerant while the white people they live with are becoming more tolerant!?

  20. Singh (Sikh) says

    @white british girl

    Hi, I am very sorry for what has happened to you. So sad , I would DIE for girl like you , who learned Punjabi who gave our religion so much respect and did so much effort to get into a family , which didn’t accept you. I am sorry but they were being total assholes,. I mean what was wrong with you . you are a human being ,you feel , you breath. what was different , just the white color.


    and like you said

    “They do not practice Sikhism, they do not wear the 5 K’s, they drink alcohol and cut their hair”.

    so they are not Sikhs, just covering themselves as Sikhs, neither they know definition of a Sikh.

    Your boyfriend had to toughen up and say to his parents that he is not going to leave you ever. I was raised in India , But I live in a foreign country now , I have all different races of friends, white, black, Asian. Those people who teach to hate Muslims and Hindus are not Sikhs, they are mistaken , our religion is Universal, our religion has Hindus and Muslims, White, Negros , Mexican, Welsh etc.. who became Sikhs. Our religions doors are open for any color and race. You can find white Sikhs and Black Sikhs. I’ll give you links to videos if you want.I cant say everything here , but I am so sorry , I feel your pain. I want to date white girls , i want to mix up with them , so I could never think of racism ever again, also my parents would never stop me from marrying a white girl, they just want a respectful one , that’s all.

    SO not all of us are the same . Religion is never bad . its the people who make it look bad.

    I HOPE MY COMMENT HELPED YOU RELIVE YOUR PAIN . I cant do much to help you. I am a Sikh and what happened with you was not right.

    Sikhs are supposed to respect every religion. I hope knowing there are Sikhs like us who respect everyone,every race , religion, hope it will make you feel better. Live long.

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