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Well, my internet is back on and I have decided to spend all night doing something very very cathartic.

My usual stress release is online gaming. At the moment the laptop and internet connection are perfect for playing a little game called League of Legends ( which is a rather simple game with an immensely high learning curve.

Any fellow FTBers fancy joining in? Give me a shout! I am mainly on the EU East server as AvicennaLast…



  1. Actionsho says

    League is actually pretty simple in comparison to the other big competitive RTS titles (the original MOBA’s child DotA 2 is a lot more complex and Starcraft II is a lot more mechanically demanding). I find League to be really relaxing after a hard day of work if only because the skill cap is so relatively low for mechanics and the rest is almost entirely up to decision making.

    What champions do you have or have played so far? I find the game is a lot easier to learn while playing either a ranged AD or AP carry or a support character paired with someone playing a carry.

  2. says

    I prefer it to Defence of the Ancients (DotA – Not everyone here is in the game so keep it simple). The game does lend itself to the eSports concept a lot more. Game play switches around faster and from a spectator standpoint it’s a lot more easier to understand.

    I think they just flattened the difficulty curve of MOBA… the high curve belongs to DOTA the flat curve belongs to LoL (League of Legends). You can play at the same standard of DOTA where a single mistake can mean the game, or you can play LoL where you CAN play the comeback fairytale.

    So far? I have a fair few actually. Currently using Vlad for mid, Lulu for support (and also for some mid games), Nasus as my offtank/late game murder machine, Mundo is my jungle and I don’t really have an AD ranged carry I like. I think they are dull and boring to play. My AD of choice is Tryndamere… who I personally think is rather OP.

    I do have other characters but they are often “Bought but never used”.

  3. Actionsho says

    Trynd is awesome. He’s so good at low to mid elo because people just don’t understand that you want to force him to proc his ult unnecessarily and then leave. One of my favorite pubstompers.


    I meant to write Dota 2 instead of DotA 2 (such a bad habit…), Dota 2 (while the name inspires the same thing) isn’t Defense of the Ancients 2 for legal reasons. Inspired game with much of the same content. See:

  4. says

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