Broken Record

So I waited a while to post this mainly because I wanted to make my mind up on the whole Atheism Plus issue. I figure I am late to the party.

What it boils down to is combining atheism with social activism and indeed some level of skepticism. Which makes sense.

Otherwise we turn into broken records. We keep repeating the same tired arguments (Atheism = No God… Repeat) or having to respond to actual encroachments rather than making active changes. Now I understand Jennifer McCreight and Greta have tried to distance Secular Humanism from this but you know what? They are pretty similar except for the fact that atheism plus is a bit more exclusive (You can be a Christian Secular Humanist) and indeed this seems to be Secular Humanism With Atheists.

I am tentatively for it, but it remains to be seen if the individuals involved can actually pull through (considering I am still waiting for the Atheism United thing to set up) rather than it just be another empty statement.

My major interest in the movement is the diversification of atheist culture. It’s not very diverse and we know little about other faiths outside Christianity and Judaism. Islam is rarely represented and Hinduism is all but absent from the discourse (there are ex-hindu atheists out there and quite honestly the only reason I started blogging was because at the time of starting there were no realy equivalents). There are many atheists from non abrahamic backgrounds who are rather poorly represented within atheism.

Let’s see where this goes…


  1. bradleybetts says

    I don’t get all the fuss over A+. Admittedly I don’t know a lot about it, but as I see it it’s not a counter movement or a sub movement, or in any way dangerous to Atheism as a whole. Most non-atheists have a stereotypical view of Atheists as Godless, Secularist, Feminist, Pro-choice, Pro-gay-equality Liberals… and like a lot of stereotypes, it exists for a reason. Statistically, most Atheists fit the stereotype. Yes Atheism is simply a non-belief in Gods, so to describe yourself as an “Atheist” technically doesn’t say a lot. To me A+ is just a label, it’s a way of saying “I am an Atheist, and I am a Secularist, and a Feminist; I am Pro-choice, Pro-gay-equality and I am a Liberal”. You’re saying “I fit the stereotype… and I’m proud of that”. I genuinely don’t see the issue.

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