Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 25 2012

No Honour

I am British. I am also Asian. To my american readers, a british asian is what you would call “Indians”. In the UK it’s a catch all for Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans who settled in the UK. I actually find it such a misnomer since it treats “Asian” as a single culture when …

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May 18 2012


Stand Back! We are going to try Science! No… Not these guys. These guys are pretty good!No. No we are dealing with Natural News not the mix of engineering and physics and hard science not to mention statistics that goes into the actual Mythbusters. Instead we have something that can only charitably described as fiction. …

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May 09 2012

I’m not Racist! I have White Friends!

Sam Harris yet again raises the spectre of Racial Profiling. It’s okay though! Although I don’t think I look like a jihadi, or like a man pretending not to be one, I do not mean to suggest that a person like me should be exempt from scrutiny. But other travelers fit the profile far less …

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May 07 2012


Oh no! They have found our darkest secrets, move forward to phase II my minions! They have forced me to reveal my hand early. But no matter they will fall before me like myotonic goats before a firework display! On a more serious note? This is pretty much par for the course for Natural News …

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May 06 2012

Jagganath Chaterjee – 40 Reasons to Not Vaccinate?

Sometimes while poking around the anti-vaccine lobby you find something so insane that not even Natural News would touch it. And I have found something that’s madness incarnate. In this corner I present to you Jagganath Chatterjee, whose mindbogglingly daft 40 Reasons to Not Vaccinate your child attempts to bring the anti-vaccine movement to India. …

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