Oh no! They have found our darkest secrets, move forward to phase II my minions! They have forced me to reveal my hand early. But no matter they will fall before me like myotonic goats before a firework display!

On a more serious note? This is pretty much par for the course for Natural News but it shows a deep seated streak of anti-science born out of being luddites. For those who are unaware? Luddites were a social movement of English weavers who banded together to destroy and damage the scientific progress that threatened their careers as weavers. The machine in question was the mechanical loom which could do in minutes what took them days. Without which we wouldn’t have things that we take for granted.

Like wardrobes and multiple changes of clothes. The simple act of me getting home, taking a shower and washing my clothes and buying new boxers once a year would be unthinkable in the period of the luddites. Because they were made redundant by technology and their skills became pointless. Technology gets redundant all the time. From the humble telephone to even something as technologically impressive as the Concord. I agree with Clarkson on this. Concord became obsolete because it was too slow in a world with cheap internet.

Natural News speaks to this primal fear of obsolescence. To the average person science is a vast entity that has exceeded the ability of a common man to understand it. It’s easy to understand “I discovered a new plant/chemical/equation”. It’s hard to draw the line between science fiction and reality when we talk about transhumanism, genetic modification, fundamental particles and nanoparticles. People hear that and think of all the science fiction movies they have seen where humanity is destroyed by our own hubris.

The most important thing to remember about science fiction is that at it’s core it is FICTION. When you forget that, you get Mike Adams. Also when you cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality you are considered delusional and this article is delusion to the max. 

Pictured… Extinction
No. We aren’t destroying the human race. Only a moron would think that. There are 7 BILLION people on the planet. In fact, the problem is that there are so many many humans that we are actually having shortages which will eventually affect us all detrimentally. Modern wealth is due to discrepancy in resource allocation, if we spread it out we will quickly realise that we don’t have enough to give everyone. What we need is a REDUCTION of our population because humans are extremely stable as a population. We live long, have low infant mortalities. In western multicultural societies we are increasing our genetic diversity in a big big way. We are extremely resistant to extinction because we as a species do not need to evolve to survive big changes as we are capable of simply thinking problems through. In short? We are extremely fucking tough. We don’t need claws because we can build guns. We don’t need thick skin because we can build tanks. We don’t need to look scary because we can make fire. We don’t need speed or flight because we are the fastest things on the bloody planet. Our technology has made us incredible.

Humanity is made up of cyborgs in the crudest sense of the word. We are so intrinsically linked to our technology that we as humans cannot be considered without it. Without science we are nothing. And the inability to get this is the driving force behind Mike Adams latest pile of fail. There are 7 billion of us and we aren’t going away anytime soon. It’s just that Mike Adams hates science and he really doesn’t care about honesty. His so called “Honest Look” states

In fact, if you take an honest look at what threatens our civilization and our planet today,it’s always something done in the name of science!

In the name of the moon I will punish you!

Do not judge…

Now that I have gotten my obligatory nerdy reference out of the way, Mike Adams is so fucking clueless that he assumes that without science everything was all beer, burgers and blowjobs. Never mind that prior to electricity, most of us had to use incredibly unclean and dangerous open flames or gas flames in our houses. Never mind that prior to medical science, the most dangerous thing a woman could do was give birth to children and that surviving to the age of 15 was considered an achievement in itself. That prior to the green revolution starvation was so common across the globe that no one gave a damn.

The fact remains that on this planet roughly a billion lives exist due to the work of people like Norman Borlaug. So let’s deconstruct some of his gripes before he gets to the “10 Most Deadly Things in Science”. .

• Toxic pesticides that kill the soils and rivers? “Science!”

That help feed a billion people without which, roughly 1 out of 7 people on this planet will not exist. And that’s actually assuming we fed ourselves to this standard. What would really happen is we in the west would still have food while the poor of the world in Asia and Africa would not and would simply “Starve to Death”.

• Toxic chemical medications that kill humans and pollute downstream waters? “Scientific!”

The infant mortality rate in Nigeria and other parts of Africa is around 120 per 1000. In the west it is around FOUR. That’s thirty times lower. Why? Because of “Toxic Medications”. Because Mike Adams couldn’t understand medicine if we threatened to beat him senseless with Kumar and Clark. Because he is a Health Ranger, not a Doctor. One of these things is a real thing, the other is a made up title. Basically, since medicine sometimes causes adverse reactions we should simply die of diseases.

• The mass poisoning of the population with a toxic combination of industrial waste prod
ucts called “fluoride?” It’s all done for “science!”

Fluoride in water is the single most cost effective dental treatment in the world. It is responsible for the reduction of cavities in every single western population. Maybe Mike Adams is sponsored by Big Dentistry.

• Nuclear bombs that have already decimated civilian populations? “Science!”

The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were tragedies. They were a demonstration of a brutal show of force designed to demoralise and crush an enemy that was prepared to sell itself dearly for no reason. Mike Adams is a fucking moron because he has not read history.

Japan fought tooth and nail across Asia and the Pacific Islands. Each being won in bloody contest that sent thousands of young men on both sides to their deaths. The japanese occupied lands suffered from the most horrific enslavement ever. The Japanese were WORSE than the Nazis. They killed more people in more horrific and inventive ways than the Nazis did. They destroyed societies. They raped and pillaged and slaughtered. And the worst of all? They excused their actions by their code of honour. And their code of honour caused them to fight to the death on the Islands and Asia because of their faith in the living god of the emperor.

The only option was for Japan was defeat. We had two choices. We either invaded the mainland of Japan and fought a war where every single man, woman and child was prepared to fight and die in the name of the emperor or we dropped the atomic bomb. The atomic bomb saved more lives than it killed. It saved tens of thousands of soldiers who would have had to fight in Japan. It saved Japan from a war that would have further brutalised it’s population. The estimated casualties for an invasion of Japan were in the million man mark for the allies with estimated deaths of japanese reaching close to 10 million.

All those lives were saved by the Destroyer of Worlds and his bomb.

Mammograms and other medical imaging devices that actually cause cancer? “Scientific!”

Mammograms detect cancer. They don’t cause it. If you don’t detect cancer it still will kill you. It’s just that a routine yearly scan mixed in with self palpation can detect a lot of breast cancer and saves a lot of lives. It can cause cancer but for the most part it is detective in nature. There is a massive improvement in treatment and care for breast cancer with nearly 70 to 80% of women SURVIVING breast cancer.

Other “Medical Imaging Devices” that can cause cancer are X-Rays and CT Scans. I don’t know about Mike, but we actually don’t expose people to that many X-Rays/CT Scans.

Chemotherapy poisons, “preventive” mastectomies, cancer radiation treatments? It’s all “scientific” of course.

Yes. Go back and see that magic 80% of women surviving breast cancer. For every woman who dies there are FOUR who live. Because of poison, mutilation and radiation. The problem with Mike is he wants a cancer cure that is like the treatment for worm infestation. Just one tablet and POOF no more cancer! In Mike’s world there would be no real treatment for cancer and people would just “Die” and he would simply claim they didn’t take his vitamins regularly or something equally inane and tragically dickish.

The mass mercury poisoning of children through dental amalgams? They call it “science-based dentistry!”

1980s called. They want their pseudoscience back. Dental amalgams haven’t poisoned children.

Real science is the quest for understanding, not the quest for profit

Which is why Mike Adams has a shop linked to his blog where they flog supplements you don’t need for rather large amounts of money.

And knowledge without the ability to apply it is pointless. If we never applied any of our understanding we would have no human civilisation. Mike Adams thinks we should all be amateur scientists. Why?

Because in his world his abject lack of qualifications is killer. In a world where anyone can be called a scientist the Health Ranger is a real qualification.

Let’s see what Mike is so scared about with his 10 things that can kill the entire human civilisation off. If you believe in science fiction and fear mongering.

#1) Nuclear power (Fukushima in particular)

Coal kills way more people every year than nuclear power. If we totalled the total deaths to each (yes even if we include The Bomb) then more people have died due to coal than nuclear power. Same for Oil. Fukushima as a crisis has stopped and it only produced a tenth of the radiation of Chernobyl. No one died in Fukushima… By contrast? The Cosmo Oil Company in Chiba Prefecture was also hit and caused the deaths of 6 people. By Adams logic we should stop using petrol.

And what does Mike Adams suggest we use? Dams? Related to Geography. Wind? Related to Geography, require vast lands, not suitable for use everywhere, unreliable, expensive. Solar? Same. If only we could generate electricity from bullshit and hot air then we could be free from fossil fuels just based on Mike Adams.

That doesn’t me we cannot try to use them as much as possible but it doesn’t mean nuclear power is going to go away anytime soon.

#2) GMOs (self-replicating genetic pollution)

Food as a weapon though GMOs? The biggest cause of starvation and farmer suicides in the world is…

Western Civilisation. You see, we are really REALLY good at making food. We suffered for it too. We decimated the countryside population and forced people into cities. Roughly 5% of our population feeds the remainder. In developing nations? Roughly 70% does that. Now here is the problem.

We are so good at what we do that we can produce food for so cheap that in the international market, we DROP the price of food. Particularly when you calculate food subsidies we in the west use to ensure that we have a strategic reserve of food. Now our choices are “Give up a strategic reserve of food” (Yeah! Because that is a GREAT plan) or “Give food for free to third world nations” (Great Plan! What do those 70% of people do instead now that you have destroyed their livelihood?) or “Produce a sustainable change where we industrialis
e third world nations” (Great plan, only thing is we don’t have the resources.). The answer is not easy because no one wants to admit that the problem is that Developing and Least Developed Nations cannot maintain such a skewed demography and no one wants to tell them the brutal truth of that. That millions of people who have been farming for generations are going to have to stop.

It’s not Monsanto. It’s us. And it’s not something WE can change, but it is something we can help others in the world change to.

Also every type 1 diabetic on Insulin owes their life to a GMO. Mike Adams would rather treat you with herbs and wishful thinking rather than actual medicine. No. GMOs are fine, it’s just that Mike Adams doesn’t know what they are. Less Jurassic Park and more Bacteria that makes insulin.

#3) Nanotechnology (self-replicating microscopic machines)

No. Nanotechnology is anything that’s molecular level of size and small. Not all nanotechnology is “machine based”. And he is flogging the grey goo scenario as a possible way the world could end. By his logic the world could end through a homeopath producing Water 9 therefore we should ban homeopathy.

#4) Bioweapons (self-replicating microscopic weapons)

No one in modern history has ever used a bioweapon. No one is stupid enough to use a weapon that affects you just as easily as it affects your opponent. And no one is stupid enough to use a weapon which can be stopped through something as simple as medicine. Nice try Mike but Zombie Apocalypse/Disease Scenarios are just stupid in a world where we understand Germ Theory.

I think this fear is most damning. Because it shows that Mike definitely does not understand how pathogens function.

#5) Atmospheric experiments (HAARP and high-altitude spraying)

Cool Acronym. Sinister right… like the active form of HAARP should be HAARM. HAARP stands for High Altitude Auroral Research Program. It analyses the Ionosphere doing experiments which may help in improving communication.

I blame The Core. I think Mike Adams (again) forgets the difference between reality and science fiction. Poking the Ionosphere will not change the magnetic poles of the earth because that is generated by the spinning of the molten core fo the earth in a solid crust that has a lot of iron. The magnetic poles flip due to the orientation of the core. Flipping the magnetic poles may affect some electronics but it really does bugger all to us since we do not function by magnetism.

And chemtrails? Really?

#6) Artificial Intelligence (AI, when coupled with killer drone hardware)

The Combat Drone? The combat drone is a low cost platform for a camera that provides some level of anti-tank support in the field. It’s PRIMARY use is intelligence gathering and battlefield awareness.

Knowing where your enemies are and conveying that information to soldiers on the ground is more important than mindlessly unleashing missiles and bullets. Wars are won on information systems. Without information your giant war machine is just a series of parts to be destroyed piece meal. And the unmanned drone is currently the acme of real time combat information gathering.

It incidentally fires hellfire missiles. It’s no different from driving a helicopter out there but at a much lower cost and with lower risk to the combatants since the drone is very small while the helicopter is very big. I don’t see Mike Adams claiming that rotory winged aircraft are going to spell our doom despite the fact that the helicopter is basically the combat drone’s more badass and heavily armed brother.

All drones have human operators and there is no plan to make the drone fire with no human input due to the fact that computers are notoriously incapable of thinking on their feet which is a disadvantage in a combat situation where human judgement is required.

#7) Particle accelerator physics experiments (Large Hadron Collider)

The people at the LHC are trying to find out new things and discover how the world functions. Mike Adams sees it as dangerous because Mike thrives on idiocy and every thing science does is roll back the veil of plausible idiocy where Mike and his ilk can hide. We aren’t playing god so much as throwing back the curtain. And indeed what’s behind the curtain is a sad human being pretending to be something he isn’t. Well that’s what Adams sees. We don’t CARE, we see far more useful and impressive things that come about from this experiment.

The LHC is trying to produce the fundemental  particles that compose matter. To see how small we can get. To prove what we are made out of. Mike believes in the nonsensical argument that we could generate a massive point mass and somehow create a blackhole from a collision.

#8) Pollinator disruption chemicals (synthetic pesticides that destroy honey bee colonies)

Unlike those natural pesticides that don’t kill bees? We actually don’t spray around bees. The issue with bees seems to be parasitical and most pesticides are specifically used in ways to be less deadly to bees. The pesticide in question is Imidacloprid which causes a drop in resistance to a fungal pathogen. It’s actually banned in Europe but the major causative effect IS the fungus.

#9) Nuclear weapons

Unlikely to be used due to MAD. No one is stupid enough to use one. Also the Cold War wants it’s fears back. 

 #10) Weaponized vaccines (live cross-species viral material being injected into human targets)

You know? Guns are cheaper and more effective. Also I can kill people who are a few feet away from me. I mean this is just Industrial Grade Bollocks. Vaccines create immunity and prevent disease. We know this. Mike is just lying at this point in order to flog Vitamin D supplements which are a lot more expensive than vaccines. And I don’t think Mike Adams understands how condoms and contraceptive pills works if he thinks you need to inject it via vaccines. Mike labours under the assumption that well vaccinated societies have low birth rates not due to the liberation of women and feminist ideology, the availability of birth control and emphasis on quality of life rather than quantity for our children. He attributes the low birth rate to “Vaccines” because immune reactions cause your sperm and eggs to stop functioning in the world
of Mike Adams.

The “science” practiced today is a science of domination and control. It is almost never carried out for humanitarian purposes to benefit humankind.

Except for that Green Revolution which singlehandedly feeds a billion people. And that smallpox extermination. And the polio extermination. And the usage of Retrovirals in Africa. And that Internet. Not to mention seatbelts, car efficiency and alternate energy sources….

As a result of such trends, “science” has come to mean corruption, dishonesty, greed and death. “Scientists” — the people who practice such science — aredeath engineerswhose innovations may deliver hyped-up short-term benefits, but they often ultimately lead to long-term death and destruction. Roundup herbicide, for example, kills crop soils and encourages the development of pesticide-resistant “superweeds.” In the terrain of human biology, much the same ramification of death and destruction is happening with the widespread abuse of antibiotics and the alarming rise of MRSA and other “superbugs.”

I am a Death Engineer. If Mike Adams is the Health Ranger then I am the Goddamn Death Engineer.

For all you know this is what I look like while I am engineering.

If we erred on the side of caution we would never have done ANYTHING. And we understand caution far more than Mike Adams. Mainly because we actually understand risks while Mike Adams will not do anything unless 100% sure. Therefore Mike Adams probably doesn’t wear a seatbelt because in  car crash there is a small chance that the seatbelt may kill you and because it doesn’t stop 100% of fatalities.
There is a chance if you play with fire you will burn yourself. There is a chance you will hurt yourself with a pointed stick. If we thought like Mike Adams we would have never gotten to where we are with our technology.
In the name of science, humanity has developed remarkable technologies. But as a species, humankind operates as infants in terms of wisdom and maturity. We are worse than children with flamethrowers –we are children with nukes!
The difference between me and Mike is this. Mike fears everything. We didn’t know that we would unleash MRSA when we started using antibiotics. If we did, we would have used antibiotics in cocktails that would have prevented the formation of MRSA. Mike? Mike would have let the countless people across the globe who owe their lives to antibiotics die. Why?

Because Mike Is a Dick. What do you call a person who lives in a technological wonderland who actively seeks to claim that people living in third world conditions live in some sort of fucking utopia and that we should live like them. What do you call someone who actively seeks to undermine people who are trying to improve the conditions that these people live in? You call them dicks.

He denigrates scientists as nerds because he has watched the Big Bang theory and assumes we are all borderline autistic (Due to all those vaccines) and are incapable of behaving like anything but a stereotype. To him the “Biology Nerd” who rappels down cliffs for samples is unknown. To him a “Chemistry Nerd” who goes clubbing is unknown. To him “Physics Nerds” at a pub for a football match are an unknown. Why?

Because he cannot tell the difference between reality and fiction. In fiction any scientist is a nerd possibly with glasses who is either weak physically or a sociopath. However the joke is on him. Reality does not have a Mike Adams bias.

But I digress! Where was I. Oh yes… 

Va-ccin-ate! Va-ccin-ate!


  1. Ronixis says

    Hello. I’ve been reading through the archives and generally enjoying your blog so far. However, here you seem to be saying “borderline autistic” as if this is a bad thing. If that was your intention, then I have to object.

  2. says

    Ronixis, the treatment of scientists and doctors by the anti-vaccine movement includes the liberal use of autism as an insult. If you spend any time arguing against the anti-vax you will be called autistic as an insult or as a way of explaining why you want to argue.

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