Down With The Sickness

It’s been a while since I spoke out against Natural News. Mainly because it gets really tedious smacking around the kind of stupid that Natural News posts, but in light of a patient who “didn’t think tetanus was all that dangerous” I feel that Natural News needs a really good smack and lo and behold, they have produced something worthy of being smacked around.

This isn’t from the infamous Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) but from PF Louis, and as usual, Natural News only hires people who are so smart that base human concepts such as truth, evidence and science do not apply to them. We often think that Natural News are the very craziest of the anti-vaccination lobby. But it isn’t. It’s actually an extremely common view primarily because anti-vaccine supporters usually are uneducated in medicine and chemistry and the website encourages the Dunning Kruger effect (A person’s incompetence is so profound that they are incapable of recognising the fact that they are incompetent) by appealing to the idea that doctors and nurses don’t know anything. So with that in mind let’s dig in.

The concept of vaccinating to immunize began in 1796, when British apothecary (pharmacist) Edward Jenner inserted cowpox pus under the skin of an eight year old boy. Jenner based his experiment on an unsubstantiated rumor that anyone who had experienced cowpox would be immune to smallpox.

They are wrong. By a factor of nearly 3000 years. Variolation is mentioned in vedic literature and was commented upon by various visitors to India. The practice is the usage of infective material from a smallpox scab to purposefully infect another person resulting in a smallpox infection of lower virulence and shorter duration and with little to no scarring. The latest accepted date for the practice is at 1500 BC. A full 3000 years prior to Jenner. And Edward Jenner was a physician. He was a Doctor, not an apothecary (It’s like a Health Ranger… Only Real).

This fact is rather amusing since Natural News purveys ayurvedic treatments and traditional chinese medical treatments. Variolation in China was mentioned in around 800 to 1000 AD and was infact brought to europe by Marco Polo and various silk road merchants who took up the practice themselves. Edward Jenner’s actual theory was based on this principle. It amuses me that one of the few things Ayurveda and Chinese medicine got right and Natural News promptly ignore it. The problem was that variolation has a 3% fatality rate. By comparison with modern medicine smallpox has a 30% fatality rate and smallpox was responsible for roughly a million deaths a year in Europe alone.

The rumour was not unsubstantiated. Edward Jenner actively sought out milkmaids who would have had the cowpox and checked as to their health status during smallpox outbreaks. They often were the ones who would treat smallpox sufferers because they would not get the disease. And Edward Jenner was not the first, but he was the one who categorically tested the principle. Benjamin Jesty tested the theory in the 1770s and Peter Plett in 1791. A few years before Dr. Jenner did his famous experiment. The credit goes to Jenner because he published his findings. Dr. Jenner was well aware of the variolation mechanism and infact used the same procedure and actively compared his data to variolation where he dropped the mortality rate even more as cow pox is inherently not as dangerous (There have been some dangerous cases, the modern smallpox vaccine is even safer than that). One of the major pieces of research that drove him to the answer was British Army Medical Corps Statistics.

Smallpox was a massive killer in the army due to the rapid and easy spread of the disease. However when comparing logistic teams, cavalry and infantry, the infantry suffered from more cases of smallpox than the cavalry (horse pox has a semi protective effect too) who had more cases than the logistic teams and artillery crews(Who would have to drive animals to feed the army often on oxen and so would have higher cases of cowpox). These individuals are all exposed to each other and at the time the british cavalier was not a member of royalty (but of middle and upper class) and so had the same diet as the rest of the men. If it was purely diet then the cavaliers would have had the least but it is the artillery and supply who show the least cases and they are usually drawn from the ranks of the poor.

Over the next couple of years, Jenner vaccinated others with cowpox to immunize them against smallpox. Without any actual proof of efficacy and safety, Jenner impressed King George III enough with a bogus immunization guarantee that he was awarded the equivalent of today’s $500,000.

So bogus that Smallpox is Extinct. Apparently a disease so lethal and widespread chose to go extinct coincidentally after vaccinations began. Wish more diseases were as friendly.

Thus, Jenner was the first medical professional to administer diseased matter as medication to a healthy person and receive a substantial financial award. He was also the first to constantly denounce vaccination detractors successfully. He was protecting both his ego and large public purse.

Yes, because people at the time genuinely believed that they may turn into cows and that smallpox was divine retribution for human sin and that this vaccine would ANGER God because it was averting suffering.

Oh and the vaccine protected the Royal Family of Spain ensuring it’s distribution in the Philippines (by I kid you not… A human chain of orphans), Macao, China and America. The vaccine was seen as utterly remarkable due to massive effect it had on mortality. Where once 30% of people died to a single disease now only 0.1 to 0.2% died. The act of sending the vaccine over to the colonies was regarded at the time as one of the greatest acts of human philanthropy. 

Many health professionals throughout the 19th Century knew that there had been several cases of smallpox among those with cowpox histories. Jenner’s premise was flawed.

All of those health professionals are dead wrong… and also dead. This is the 21st century and we know a lot more than them. In the 19th century they though 40 Km an hour was the limit of human velocity and women required medical masturbation to cure their hysteria… This is the 21st century where come the 10th of May I shall willingly encase myself in a metal tube with a hundred or so other people and hurtle myself through the skies on naught by physics and burning of dead monsters so as to take a holiday back in the UK. (Any Manchester Readers want to buy me a drink or atleast give me company when I buy my own drinks? Speak now!). The mere thought of doing that would have Jenner’s Naysayers in equal disbelief.

Jenner’s premise was that “People who get cowpox don’t seem to get smallpox” and his premise was right. We understand the mechanism. Antigens from cowpox are shared with smallpox so the smallpox infection is resisted by the antibodies to cowpox. This is basic science…

This was actually the beginning of a tradition that is carried on by today’s vaccinators. Come up with a bogus solution to prevent a disease, make a bundle of cash, and shut down reasonable arguments from those who know immunization by vaccination doesn’t work safely
or effectively.

A single dose of the MMR costs $3 (Around £2). The medication  to control the fever and thereby increase the chance of survival of a measles case is $12. I am no mathematician but I am sure $12 is bigger than $3. And this is without the pure social effect of the disease which is 2 weeks off school. Or the economic effect which is the loss of earnings of one parent over 2 weeks or usage of paid holidays in order to care for the child at the very least. Added to which there is the chance your child may need hospitalisation in a ward which may cost a few hundred dollars a day not to mention the doctor’s appointment for diagnosis which is another few hundred dollars. Oh and if your child gets encephalitis (a 1 in 120 chance) there is the costs of ICU care at around $1000 to $5000 a day. If your child survives without any sequelae then that’s fine. Measles can cause deafness (Hearing Aids. The mighty cochlear implant will not help) or mental retardation (the economic and social cost is enormous and can be in the millions over a lifetime). Finally there is the cost of a funeral since measles can kill.

The solution is not bogus. The body’s specific immune system is slow but powerful and specific. It functions by antigen recognition and complementary antibody production. A vaccine is a non virulent antigen which educates the body into producing antibodies so when the real pathogen shows up the body can easily fight it off.

There have been multiple tests in various groups of people across the world and the results are clear beyond any shadow of a doubt to any sane human. Vaccines work. The reasonable arguments come from the likes of Natural News who didn’t know Jenner was a physician and that Variolation was a practice in chinese and indian traditional medicine and outdates vaccination by 3000 years.

England’s incidents of smallpox after vaccination rose steadily from five percent in the beginning to 95% by 1895. There was even a serious epidemic around 1872, one year after smallpox vaccinations were decreed mandatory in the UK. The mortality rate among smallpox victims also shot up five fold around that time.

The problem when Natural News actually tries to use real dates is we can go and check up on them. And this is an argument bandied everywhere from to every other anti-vaccine site that tries to play medical science.

The problem is most people who are anti-vax are AMERICAN or AUSTRALIAN. British law is rather alien to them. You may as well talk about the road to Mandalay. There are many vaccine acts in the UK. The first made variolation illegal and made vaccination FREE OF CHARGE (Yeah! FREE! That’s how we make profit!). They are discussing the act that made smallpox vaccination compulsary. I checked two other pro-vax sites and they all agree… That the UK made vaccination mandatory before this outbreak.

By Goddamn Time Travel. The Compulsary Vaccination modification to the Vaccine Law was made in 1873 in response to the 1871 to 1872 epidemic in the UK. A quick look at the death toll shows that in London alone 10,000 people died in this epidemic and roughly 35000 people died in the entire United Kingdom. By contrast? In the 1901 epidemic there were under 10,000 deaths in the entire UK. And at the period there was staunch opposition to the vaccination and the vaccination rate was far from 95% as many religious leaders believed that vaccination was unnaturally subverting the will of god and excommunicated any church members who were vaccinated.

Despite intelligent protests with obvious facts and figures disproving efficacy, and proving harm from toxic materials and viruses contained in vaccines that endanger natural immunity, the inoculation for immunization premise has been maintained.

So let’s get this straight
  1. Dr. Edward Jenner was a Doctor not a Apothecary or Pharmacologist
  2. Vaccination is a concept born out of Variolation which is the same practice only with a different organism. Vaccination refers to the Vaccinia organism while Variolation to the Variola (causative agent of smallpox). The term for a Measles Vaccine is technically Morbilliation. The principle is what we are discussing and the principle is actually part of traditional eastern medicine and dates back to between 5000 to 3000 years ago. 
  3. Vaccination doesn’t work, it’s just that Smallpox is very very polite and doesn’t want to infect us anymore.
  4. Compulsary Vaccination in 1973 caused a outbreak in smallpox in 1971.
  5. Vaccinations were so bad that the death toll post compulsary vaccination in an outbreak went from between 30,000 to 35,000 deaths to under 10,000. 
  6. Coverage of Vaccination was 95% despite the fact that there was a much stronger anti-vaccine lobby back then. Even the most proud estimates of the period estimate a vaccination rate of 50 to 60%. 

Clearly these intelligent protests with obvious facts and figures disproving efficiency and proving harm from toxins and viruses are of similar nature to this article which is a tapestry of misinformation and bullshit meant to.

Atleast it doesn’t do what the other anti-vax try to do by claiming that Smallpox has been reclassified to Eczema.

Protecting the industry against truth by attacking reasonable dissenters viciously has resulted in vaccine industry revenue of $17 billion annually today. This doesn’t include revenue from doctors’ visits for vaccinations and resulting ill health from them.

The pharmaceutical industry as a whole makes 500 billion dollars a year. If it wasn’t for the $17 billion of “Vaccine Profit” they would be making a lot lot more.

The vaccinators’ tactics of suppressing scientific data from concerned professionals has become more mafia like. Sincere medical professionals who register health concerns over vaccines are severely punished and slandered by the medical mafia owned mainstream media.

We own the media now? This news to me. And I don’t think you know what the Mafia does. For starters the Mafia breaks your legs if you talk shit about them and clearly Louis still can walk. And “Sincere Medical Professionals” includes Andrew “I Shilled for Anti-Vax and Fudged Research for Half a Million Quid” Wakefield and a variety of quacks who probably couldn’t explain how pathogens spread, how disease occurs and how immune systems function. 

A 2012 study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the San Rafael, CaliforniaKaiser Permanente Medical Center concluded that whooping cough occurs more among vaccinated children than children not vaccinated.

Dr. David Witt’s paper did not conclude that. It concluded that those who didn’t recieve the DPT booster shot at 3 years were more likely to fall ill despite being vaccinated at birth. 80% of cases came from groups that didn’t have a booster vaccine in 3 years. None of these cases came from the recently vaccinated. Let’s do some basic mathematics to demonstrate why Louis is so wrong shall we?

In a 1000 children, 3 will be unvaccinated in the USA. (Partially vaccinated children in the USA come under vaccinated categories even though they made up the bulk of the 80% of the cases as the study pointed out. Le
t’s accept them anyways. This is a crude example and still holds true).

Therefore the population of unvaccinated children is 0.3%. Yet they make up 20% of cases seen.
The massive number of vaccinated people means that majority of the cases will be from the vaccinated section and a more important value is not the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated patients but the RATE of infection in both demographics. This simple observation indicates that the rate is rather more hefty in the unvaccinated. If we actively break down into complete vaccination, partial and unvaccinated we will see a rise from complete to partial to unvaccinated in rate of cases.

In 2010, a mumps outbreak occurred among 1000 children in upper New Jersey and lower New York. Almost 80% of them had been vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps & rubella) vaccine.

Throughout the 1980s, official agencies reported several outbreaks of measles occurring among children who had been vaccinated in various locations including an Illinois junior high and high school, a Massachusetts high school, a region in France, and a rural area near Helisinki, Finland.

Both USA schools had well over 90% vaccinated against measles. The vaccinators claim a 90% vaccination rate among any specific populationguarantees herd immunity for that population. This bogus claim serves to create more revenue while blaming non-vaccinators for endangering humanity.

1. Vaccination is not 100% effective. Nothing in the world is 100% effective. I don’t see anti-vax claiming that seatbelts aren’t 100% effective so we shouldn’t wear them. The Measles aspect of MMR is 75 to 95% effective. So many people who were vaccinated can get the disease. It’s just harder to spread it around and so fewer people get the disease if they are vaccinated. Oh and nearly half the people who were infected came from the hassidic and orthodox jewish community have extremely low vaccination rates. Infact nearly all of them came from a single youth camp where the outbreak began and cut through the hassidic and orthodox communities due to the extremely crappy vaccinations levels.

2. The 1980 single vaccine proved to require booster doses as the vaccine’s efficacy was not total. Previously measles was so rife that exposure was constant and consistent so a single infection was sufficient to provide immunity since it kept getting topped up by exposure. The vaccine reduced the environmental viral load to the point where immunity could wane.

3. Measles has a 95% infection rate. The outbreaks were did not meet that criteria in the schools indicating that even a partial resistance provides protection..

Meanwhile, despite the fact that only five percent of vaccine adverse events get reported to the “voluntary” FDA’s vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), there are many serious adverse events recorded and many more that seep through the cracks to vaccine concerned internet sites.

Only 5%? It’s weird how many people in anti-vax seem to get vaccine related effects while those in India do not despite the usage of cheaper vaccines with more side effects. It amazes me that vaccines with reported side effect rates of 5 per million somehow produce 1 in 20 when anti-vax take reports. It also amazes me how many weird adverse effects are recorded with regards to vaccination. My personal favourite is epilepsy as a side effect to vaccination (Epilepsy rates go down in the vaccinated due to decreased chances of encephalitis and meningitis)

Thank goodness for the few MDs and others who dare speak out despite the danger it potentially puts them in. It’s up to us to learn from them and just say no to vaccinations.

Yes… It’s why tonight I shall dress up as a giant snake man in order to hunt down the most dangerous prey of all… Dr. Mercola

They are shilling for anti-vax. It amazes me that I am fully capable of buying (at profit to the manufacturer) medical grade multivitamins (often at doses much higher than those sold by these charlatans) for a rupee a tablet. I can buy 500 tablets for Rs. 500 (Less than £10) while these pillars of medical ethics sell their vitamins for £7 to (I kid you not) £60 for multivitamins.

Oh and that’s not the tip of the bullshit iceberg.

There is nothing wrong in making a profit. We all try and make one in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. There is however something intensely grotesque about flogging pills that probably you could make a profit on at $10 and flogging them at exorbitant rates while making people assume that human beings cannot survive without things that sound like they just fell out of a Marks and Spencers advert and probably cost as much as that.


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    The New York-New Jersey mumps outbreak was centered in the Orthodox Jewish community. I seem to remember reading that the reason for the higher percentage of boys becoming ill was behaviorial: the boys, studying in yeshevas, spend hours in very close contact (shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee).

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    I heard it was due to a kid's camp. I suppose orthodox jewish kids would probably sit and study in such a manner.

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