Fear of A Black Planet

Racism in America is not dead. Trayvon Martin’s death is a catalogue of errors and poor thinking. What basically happened is a nice young man was gunned down because of the colour of his skin and the clothes he wore by George Zimmerman. What is being decided is whether George is guilty of any crime or not in doing so due to the sheer silliness of Stand Your Ground legislation that allows you to respond with deadly force using concealed weapons to perceived threats to life.

Had Trayvon Martin been white, the police would have (Probably) handled the case differently. George Zimmerman was a private citizen whose attempt at heroism fell flat on it’s face when he accidentally attacked an innocent bystander.

Trayvon allegedly ran. Trayvon allegedly attacked George. Maybe both. The Details are not clear. What is clear is that black people in the USA have had another Rodney King moment. Where they quickly realise that they aren’t being treated as equal due to their race and the clothes they wear. It’s a stark reminder of the kind of apartheid black people in the USA have had to rise out of. It’s the kind of reality that gave the world the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King and Public Enemy.

And so black people and families try and sit down with their kids to protect them. They have tried to blame something other than racism by blaming hoodies but clothes don’t make the criminal. Otherwise we should arrest people in business suits on sight for the kind of economic shenanigans that lead to our busted economies. Black people are trying to warn their kids that racist pricks will always exist and to not make themselves a target. 

It’s Okay! He is white!
I disagree with that stance but they fear for their children’s lives. They don’t want them to be out fighting the power and get shot over something as silly as a hoodie. They want them to be living a sensible life. They see their kids as the next Trayvon. They hope that the hoodie is the reason Trayvon was shot. Not because he was black. Being black isn’t something you have to apologise for (neither is being white but the ensuing post charts the incredible martyr syndrome from John Derbyshire in his article – The Talk: Non-Black Version)

And John Derbyshire SIMPLY does not get it why they fear that. This young man was not killed because he was wearing a hoodie. He was killed because he was black and wearing a hoodie. If he were Sikh wearing a kurta he may have been shot too for the fear that he may be a terrorist. If he were a muslim he may have been killed in the same way. Why? Because someone attacked him based on the colour of his skin and his outfit rather than his actions. That Trayvon’s Killer may walk based on a law that allows him to confront people on the suspicion of them being criminals and shoot them if he feels he is sufficiently threatened is a terrifying prospect to any person who is constantly in fear of being accused of being a criminal.

That parents are terrified that this could be a trend of attacks on their kids. So he gives his own fallacious and slimily racist “talk” because apparently he took offence to the fact that black people in the USA may be a tad annoyed that the police did not follow routine procedure involved in such a crime which probably wouldn’t have happened if the kid was white.

(1) Among your fellow citizens are forty million who identify as black, and whom I shall refer to as black. The cumbersome (and MLK-noncompliant) term “African-American” seems to be in decline, thank goodness. “Colored” and “Negro” are archaisms. What you must call “the ‘N’ word” is used freely among blacks but is taboo to nonblacks.
No. It can be used by anyone. I use the word Nigger. I know what it means. I don’t HAVE to say the N word. But because I know what it means I don’t CALL anyone it. However if I have to use it for example in an argument like this I will.

Calling Nigger the N word doesn’t change the fact that John Derbyshire cannot grasp why they are coopting it to mean something different to them. And Fuck You John Derbyshire. Coloured was used as a method to oppress anyone of colour. Not just black people. I am ethnically Indian. Do he know why they threw Mohandas Karamchand from a first class train compartment? Coloureds cannot travel in first class compartments. It’s only for white people. It shows appalling lack of historical knowledge if one thinks that “Coloured” is an anachronism and not something that is a word of hate. 

I had hair like him once
And from what it seems like his actual complaint is that people keep trying to find a less insulting term than defining an entire group of people solely by how much melanin they have in their skin.  
 (2) American blacks are descended from West African populations, with some white and aboriginal-American admixture. The overall average of non-African admixture is 20-25 percent. The admixture distribution is nonlinear, though: “It seems that around 10 percent of the African American population is more than half European in ancestry.” (Same link.)
The “Average” doesn’t mean anything. African Americans are not African any more than John Derbyshire is English. They are for all intents and purposes Americans. Their culture is entirely american.

Mixed Race black people got treated as “black” by people. Because when you define an entire race by the colour of their skin then you start defining all people like that. Mixed race people who happened to have a black parent were quickly lumped with “black people” and black people were a lot more accepting of these people than white people were.

The term was not defined by African Americans.

(3) Your own ancestry is mixed north-European and northeast-Asian, but blacks will take you to be white.
You know if people stopped classifying people by their vague understanding of genetics perhaps we can progress as a species. The entire reason we are in this mess is because people like John Derbyshire seem to think race is important.

Maybe black people will see his kid as white. But you know what? People tend to recognise races by the most obvious characteristic. Colour of the Skin is black? Black person! Eyes have the extra fold? Asian! White? White guy!

(4) The default principle in everyday personal encounters is, that as a fellow citizen, with the same rights and obligations as yourself, any individual black is entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to a nonblack citizen. That is basic good manners and good citizenship. In some unusual circumstances, however—e.g., paragraph (10h) below—this default principle should be overridden by considerations of personal safety.
Except as we shall see what John thinks is personal safety is kind of racist. 
(5) As with any population of such a size, there is great variation among blacks in every human trait (except, obviously, the trait of identifying oneself as black). They come fat, thin, tall, short, dumb, smart, introverted, extroverted, honest, crooked, athletic, sedentary, fastidious, sloppy, amiable, and obnoxious. There are black geniuses and black morons. There are black saints and black psychopaths. In a population of forty million, you will find almost any human type. Only at the far, far extremes of certain traits are there absences. There are, for example, no black Fields Medal winners. While this is civilizationally consequential, it will not likely ever be important to you personally. Most people live and die without ever meeting (or wishing to meet) a Fields Medal winner.
I understand that this is a snide attempt to point out that black people don’t win the Fields Medal for a reason that he goes into later.

Euclid and Erastothanes were doing mathematics when most white people were scrabbling around in pre-civilisation tribal societies. Clearly the issue is that mathematics is a heavily entrenched subject and people like David Blackwell have written on the topic.

When David Blackwell was a Professor at MIT he was detained alleged bank robbery. David Blackwell obtained a Mathematics Doctorate aged 22. He quit his first tenure when threatened…

By the KKK. When he was at the IAS he was prevented from attending lectures at Princeton as no “coloureds were allowed”. There are black mathematicians. They just don’t get very much credit because for a long time they were simply not given Fields Medals, or were not allowed to get the best education or were threatened by racist LARPers.

Hangs out in the woods dressed in a home made costume calling himself a Wizard while taking orders from a Dragon… That’s either Live Action Role Play or the KKK
(6) As you go through life, however, you will experience an ever larger number of encounters with black Americans. Assuming your encounters are random—for example, not restricted only to black convicted murderers or to black investment bankers—the Law of Large Numbers will inevitably kick in. You will observe that the means—the averages—of many traits are very different for black and white Americans, as has been confirmed by methodical inquiries in the human sciences.
Oh yes! Black people dance better and can dunk while white people don’t beat their kids! Black people walk like this while white people walk like that! Snake!!!

The differences are almost entirely cultural. Black people until recently formed an economic underclass and nearly every economic underclass in the world possesses a crab bucket mentality. The british underclass of white inner city kids is the same. Posh Bastard is a great insult, even amongst upper middle class kids who slouch around in jeans and hoodies with their hands tucked into the pockets and a surly drawl trying their very best to not be Posh Bastards. The Crab Bucket does not like you having ideas outside your station or trying to break the mould. It’s in every culture.

The traits are entirely nurture based as written in this article and the statistics quoted is appallingly bad.. 
(7) Of most importance to your personal safety are the very different means for antisocial behavior, which you will see reflected in, for instance, school disciplinary measures, political corruption, and criminal convictions.
Unlike all the white bullies, white corrupt politicians and white criminals out there. Socio-economic mobility is also kind of important and if you maintain an entire legion of poor black people artificially through apartheid, then you create a vast group of people who form a underclass. In Europe criminals are often white for this reason since they didn’t have big groups of black people to enslave creating a white lower class. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with their economic stability and opportunity. Lack of opportunity is what characterises this group of people. Crime grows out of poverty and desperation irrespective of your melanin.

Not that black people are natural super villains.

(8) These differences are magnified by the hostility many blacks feel toward whites. Thus, while black-on-black behavior is more antisocial in the average than is white-on-white behavior, average black-on-white behavior is a degree more antisocial yet.

No… Black people don’t hate white people. Maybe the older ones do but that’s because people treated them like animals and like they weren’t even human. All that hatred didn’t disappear when they got equal rights (on Paper Atleast).

And good grief! Is he seriously discussing black people like they were aliens?

(9) A small cohort of blacks—in my experience, around five percent—is ferociously hostile to whites and will go to great lengths to inconvenience or harm us. A much larger cohort of blacks—around half—will go along passively if the five percent take leadership in some event. They will do this out of racial solidarity, the natural willingness of most human beings to be led, and a vague feeling that whites have it coming.
No they are not. A youtube video means nothing about an entire group of people and frankly I can go pull out idiotic garbage from the Stormfront that makes white people look like a bunch of uneducated hate fuelled morons. It doesn’t mean anything apart from “Bastards Come In All Colours”.

(10) Thus, while always attentive to the particular qualities of individuals, on the many occasions where you have nothing to guide you but knowledge of those mean differences, use statistical common sense:

What Hollywood thinks Statistics can do
Oh! In which case black people should really stay the fuck away from white people because they are all genocidal monsters who have no qualms about shooting up people of colour…

Oh wait… Categorising people by the actions of statistics is just setting yourself up for consistent disappointment. This isn’t Gun kata where statistical probability lets you dodge bullets but the real world where people are made up of individuals. And individuals behave differently. The statistics quoted by John are criminally bad.

It is the application of statistics to a variety of biased sources comparing things that cannot be compared including mythical entities such as “aggression thresholds per race” which is extremely elegant stupidity.  

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

Heaven forbid you hang out with the darkies right! You may catch jungle fever from all their boogie woogie. You shouldn’t eat Chinese food either because it will make you all slitty eyed. And stay away from the brown people because everyone knows they are all dirty terrorists.

And never attend any charity event involving the NAACP…

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.
Stay out of bad neighbourhoods. The colour of it doesn’t matter. If you walk around Moss Side in Manchester it’s not black people who are going to mug you. It’s white people.
(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).
Oh tell me John! How do you know which days are black people more likely to be at amusement parks? Judging by the general ignorance and industrial grade racism I am guessing it’s “When there is a fried chicken and watermelon festival”.
(10d) Do not attend events likely to draw a lot of blacks.
Because when black people achieve critical mass they cause rap battles to break out and Public Enemy show up.
(10e) If you are at some public event at which the number of blacks suddenly swells, leave as quickly as possible.
But do so surreptitiously! We wouldn’t want people to think we were racists!
(10f) Do not settle in a district or municipality run by black politicians.
But say it’s because of the poor schools because you wouldn’t want people to think you are a racist.
(10g) Before voting for a black politician, scrutinize his/her character much more carefully than you would a white.
You should check his Birth Certificate because he may be one of those secret British Kenyan Muslims I keep hearing about who will bring down your nation for the Mahdi… Queen Elizabeth the II who is just Osama Bin Laden in disguise.
(10h) Do not act the Good Samaritan to blacks in apparent distress, e.g., on the highway.
You had better things to do and you are sure that someone will come along to help them out. People may think you are a decent human being and that’s just not cricket.

(10i) If accosted by a strange black in the street, smile and say something polite but keep moving.
Black people are like Reverse Tyrannosaurus Rexes. They cannot sense moving objects. Also they are better at dunking but worse at biting the spines out of a triceratops.
(11) The mean intelligence of blacks is much lower than for whites. The least intelligent ten percent of whites have IQs below 81; forty percent of blacks have IQs that low. Only one black in six is more intelligent than the average white; five whites out of six are more intelligent than the average black. These differences show in every test of general cognitive ability that anyone, of any race or nationality, has yet been able to devise. They are reflected in countless everyday situations. “Life is an IQ test.”
IQ is a product of education. And IQ varies depending on situation. Even MENSA who pick members on the basis of IQ admit that and are rather sheepish about it. And IQ doesn’t really mean anything in real life. There are plenty of high IQ individuals who really don’t have the skills to survive in the real world and plenty of low IQ individuals who do. IQ is not the be all and end all of anything.

IQ is a product of nurture. My kids will be intelligent rugby players because I see the value of education and sport. I will do things to encourage both. Parents who don’t see the value of education do not encourage education in their children (same applies to sport).

And the link doesn’t make sense. The majority of reasons why people foreclose on mortagaes are health related costs and under the Bush administration there were drives to hand out mortgages to poor people (of whom, a lot are black due to the fact that Apartheid ended in the 70s and the USA had no actual uplift schemes to equal the centuries of caucasian dominance) and they foreclosed because people were encouraged to buy property they could not afford. White people who were better off didn’t foreclose as much per capita because they have more money.  

(12) There is a magnifying effect here, too, caused by affirmative action. In a pure meritocracy there would be very low proportions of blacks in cognitively demanding jobs. Because of affirmative action, the proportions are higher. In government work, they are very high. Thus, in those encounters with strangers that involve cognitive engagement, ceteris paribus the black stranger will be less intelligent than the white. In such encounters, therefore—for example, at a government office—you will, on average, be dealt with more competently by a white than by a black. If that hostility-based magnifying effect (paragraph 8) is also in play, you will be dealt with more politely, too. “The DMV lady“ is a statistical truth, not a myth.
The USA is not a pure meritocracy. It is a capitalist society. Money is what speaks. Socialism is a dirty word to the point that if we pointed out that compulsory education for children, weekends off and anti-child labour laws were socialist ideas, I am pretty sure Americans would send children up chimneys on Sundays as chimney sweeps.

Affirmative action is mainly to improve hiring practices because if we left it upto the John Derbyshires of the world they would never hire black people because “they clearly have inferior IQs”.  

(13) In that pool of forty million, there are nonetheless many intelligent and well-socialized blacks. (I’ll use IWSB as an ad hoc abbreviation.) You should consciously seek opportunities to make friends with IWSBs. In addition to the ordinary pleasures of friendship, you will gain an amulet against potentially career-destroying accusations of prejudice.
No… No you won’t. Starting any sentence with “I am no racist, but..” and “I have friends from this ethnicity/race, I cannot possibly be a racist” is just vile. It’s utilising black people (and indeed any other group of people) as a shield. You may as well say “I cannot possibly be a racist! I love Indian/Mexican/Chinese food!”. We can tell when people are being fake and wanting to hang out with us because they are more interested in the colour of our skin than who we are. We aren’t goddamn pokemon.
Oh… Never mind
(14) Be aware, however, that there is an issue of supply and demand here. Demand comes from organizations and businesses keen to display racial propriety by employing IWSBs, especially in positions at the interface with the general public—corporate sales reps, TV news presenters, press officers for government agencies, etc.—with corresponding depletion in less visible positions. There is also strong private demand from middle- and upper-class whites for personal bonds with IWSBs, for reasons given in the previous paragraph and also (next paragraph) as status markers.
I refuse to believe that white people are as odious as this motherfucker. This is a man who thinks people hire people of colour because we are “nice to look at” or “we stop the accusation of racist” rather than “because we do our job well”. It’s bad enough that he is a racist without him trying to drag down other people with him.

I think we have conclusively proven how racist this man is. I will however leave you with this one… 
(15) Unfortunately the demand is greater than the supply, so IWSBs are something of a luxury good, like antique furniture or corporate jets: boasted of by upper-class whites and wealthy organizations, coveted by the less prosperous. To be an IWSB in present-day US society is a height of felicity rarely before attained by any group of human beings in history. Try to curb your envy: it will be taken as prejudice (see paragraph 13).
Oh yes! Go on! Compare black people to inanimate objects to be possessed by rich white people. That goes down so well with absolutely no historical baggage whatsoever. Maybe he would like to black up and sing “Dat Old Man River” for an encore to demonstrate his subtle grasp of racism.

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