Facebook and I have had a little disagreement.

See… Facebook deleted my page and the page for the blog leaving me completely in the lurch. I lost all my friends and indeed the various readers I had with no recourse to protect this information. In short…

Thanks Jerks. So I have a direct letter to them.


Your culture of transparancy does not protect people. I have repeatedly worked against the likes of Animal Liberation and am an Atheist who works with people who fall between the cracks such as drug users and prostitutes. Using my real name hurts the people I love because the people I criticise are industrial grade dicks who have no qualms about targetting innocent associates to tarnish the name and because those I criticise have a direct control over my future. I can simply be flunked out of University at the whims of those I criticise or because they don’t like the fact that I am not all that Indian or don’t believe in any gods or that I don’t like their corrupt behaviour. I don’t see why I should have to be a target to their nonsense. The best example is Animal Liberation attempted to target a friend of mine (Brian Sapient) whose Atheism United group I am part of and for whom I will be writing in the future.

Now I notice that your lovely little system allows individuals like Camille Marino to ACTIVELY place Death Threats on others (Including attempting to level threats at Brian). So let me get this straight. Me protecting my identity from the likes of her is illegal but her actively threatening people is not?

In addition you have disabled my blog page and removed me from various groups that I worked hard on. Thanks Facebook. Do you guys grasp the problem or not?

Not Everyone In the World Lives In a Place Where No One Judges Them Because of Who or What They Are. I Cannot Make the kind of comments and statements that I do IRL that I do on my blog as Avicenna Last.

You didn’t even give me a warning, you didn’t even give me a chance to set up a page. Do you guys even check what you delete or not?

Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you guys if you cannot grasp the basic reason why people want anonymity online?

Avicenna Last (A PSEUDONYM – You Know… One of those things people write under when they don’t want to use their real name because the association with it can cause issues)

I cannot give them what they want. A passport ID? For a facebook page? I may create a page for the website but I don’t think Avicenna Last will be on Facebook because I cannot post as myself.

For those who wish to follow me on facebook, Avicenna The Last is now up and running, but I am afraid I don’t think I can be as active as I normally am.

Avicenna Last

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