You must be a Philanthropist

I don’t really know much about Geraldo Riviera but what he is doing here is blaming the victim because he wore an outfit that encouraged a grown man to believe that he was committing a crime and proceed to run him down and shoot a 17 year old child.

If a woman is raped and we blame her outfit we are considered (quite rightly) to be sexist and victim blaming. If Geraldo was mugged while wearing that suit of his would we consider him a philanthropist?

The Hoodie is not responsible for Trayvon’s death. I can name a fair few things responsible for his death. Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, Concealed Carry, Guns, Stupidity, Racism, Ageism and George Zimmerman’s frankly insane ideas. All of these are responsible for his death in varying amounts. Blaming the hoodie is like banning your daughter from dating anyone wearing a polo shirt as normal attire.

To come out and claim that the choice of clothes he wore lead to his death is trying to cover up a greater problem.

Trayvon was killed because he was black and young. Because public perception of black men is lousy in american media. Shows like Cops while amusing encourage the perception that all black men are gangsters, thugs and criminals.

Because young kids will always scare the older generation. At some point they will stop being teenagers and start being “punk ass kids”. Some of the oldest literature in the world is a complaint about “kids these days”.

Mod gang violence would not occur if it were not for pinstriped suits.

To blame hoodies for this is to fail to realise the deeper rot that caused this.

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