Ten Answers to Ten Terrible Questions

In the red corner we have itsnobody and his ten questions. Apparently we atheists are the lowest of the low, the most vile and the most hated human beings on the planet, which is kind of amusing. I thought that kind of hatred was reserved for racists such as the KKK and the Nazis but no. The lack of belief in a god or gods makes us baddies.

Oh you atheists with your power armour, skulls
and chain axes…

If these arguments were any more of a strawman, they would need to find a girl from Kansas, her dog, a lion and a tin man in an epic quest to find a wizard.

#10 – Do you take pleasure in telling lies or are you just so gullible that you believe any anti-religious lie you hear?

I in particular have tried to keep my life free of lies. And in particular anti-religious ones. However one doesn’t require to lie to find faults with religion. It does rot the mind as depicted in these lovely arguments. It’s not a lie that christians harass gay people across the USA leading to the deaths of children who commit suicide. It isn’t a lie that christians in Africa are responsible for the spread of HIV due to the stance against people who spread condoms and proper sex education. It isn’t a lie that pro-lifers actively threaten doctors and regularly attempt to reduce the rights of women. It isn’t a lie that Islam has a massive problem with terrorism. It isn’t a lie that Judaism has a massive problem with Israel and racism and indeed sexism. It isn’t a lie the Sikhism has a large problem with an insular culture that doesn’t do well with any criticism. It isn’t a lie that Hinduism has issues with caste and violence against muslims. These aren’t lies. And it isn’t a lie that there is no proof of a god. So far not one proof provided by a theist has been able to stand on it’s own merit.

#9 – Are you only capable of mimicking and copying arguments you heard from Dawkins and other atheists?

Not really. Many of us have our own arguments. And the atheist movement is pretty vast. Eventually you are going to come back to the same arguments. Are you only capable of mimicking and copying arguments from the bible or the koran or the vedas? It’s basically the same argument.

#8 – What’s the reason that you continue to use racist atheists as viable sources, celebrate racist atheist biologists and racist/atheist countries?

There are racists of all faiths. Why should atheism be any different? There are plenty of people of colour in atheism. I am one of them and atheism has in general been relatively free of the nonsense of racism that plagues faith. And we routinely criticise racists.

#7 – Do you have any independent mind of your own or ability to question what other atheists say or think?

More so than the average person of faith. Many of us have insanely different ideas. There are some incredibly stupid atheists who believe in some things that aren’t very good like Libertarianism. There are plenty of Men’s Rights Activists and Sexists who are atheists. There are plenty of atheists who believe in quackery (Homeopaths, Alternative Medicine and the like) and there are plenty of atheists who have made threats against scientists. The thing is? They cannot use atheism as an excuse for their stupidity. They are stupid because they actively believe in demonstrably stupid things.

#6 – Why do you consider any criticism of atheists, atheistic arguments, or atheistic beliefs as “trolling” but not consider condemning, ridiculing, or making fun of religion as “trolling”?

We do not. We encourage discourse. It’s just that your discourse is based on a series of rather grandiose and illogical assumptions about how the world works. Basically? The religious people believe in Magic. The active ability to break the laws of physics at whim.

#5 – Why have you intentionally remained silent in opposition to racism but not silent in opposition to Intelligent Design, Creationism, and many other things?

I am unaware of any magical attempt to be silent about racism. In fact a lot of racists are religious since we don’t have any driving force to be “racist”. I must not have got the “be silent about racism memo”.

#4 – Why do you value high IQ as being worth more than contributions?

We do not. IQ is merely problem solving ability and wildly varies over the course of a day and indeed under conditions. If I sat next to you playing very loud meta
l your IQ would actively drop if tested. Relax, it would work if I read the bible to you in a sufficiently obnoxious way. 

Basically… Listening to these guys while doing an IQ test
makes you do worse. Particularly if it’s a live concert.

#3 – Why do you discourage belief without evidence, intuition, and originality?

We actually require evidence which is why we don’t believe. There is no empirical evidence for the belief in a god. Not one. Everything is “I interpret this natural process as divine”. And “I choose to ignore your reality and substitute my own”. Intuition is often wrong. And most people in the world believe in some god or the other. Atheists are pretty “original” in that regard. Also just because you are original doesn’t exactly make you right or useful.

#2 – Why are you an anti-science fanatic who strongly opposes free and open criticism, scrutiny, and questioning?

No. I welcome free and open criticism, scrutiny and questioning. The problem is what the author wants to do is put God Did It as a viable answer to evolution. Which is unacceptable since there is no proof whatsoever. Empirical proof, not biblical proof. Because biblical proof also says that we all descended from one hell of an incestuous event around 4000 years ago courtesy of Noah and that’s fucking idiotic. 

#1 – Who do you hate more, Jews or Muslims?

Neither. The jewish faith has it’s own fanatics (see the Israel Dominionists and the Hawk Factions) and Muslims have their own fanatics. We just don’t think religion is a healthy idea since it involves not only making up imaginary friends and talking to them but also doing what they tell you to do.

It boils down to thinking that we as humans do not need a bogeyman to keep us in line or a tooth fairy to reward us.

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