And I will have my own Reason Rally too! With Blackjack and Hookers!

Infact! Forget the blackjack!

Ken Ham’s usual crazy is black and this time trying to match wits with the collected atheist might at Reason Rally. And it’s where he simply doesn’t get it.

The Reason Rally is an atheist convention. Camp Quest are a secular organisation. They don’t run around teaching you that there is no god, it just doesn’t come up in the same way that they don’t need to teach you that there are no fairies. What they seem to do is just be a summer camp/children’s activity coordinator group with no religious overtones. They go hiking but they don’t have bible study.

So showing up to try and piss on that bowl of cheerios is particularly daft. We aren’t forcing children to stamp on  Bibles, Korans and Gitas, we are merely teaching them that there is more to the world than faith in the imaginary and that reality is actually far cooler than the fantasy that Ken Ham could dream up.

The Chronic inability to tell vegetarian
animals from carnivores is my theory on why Christians
were eaten by lions.

By the logic of Ken Ham, my parents (Who are both Hindu) should be thrown into the sea with a fashionably heavy necklace. Why? Because they tried to make me a decent human being by educating me in a variety of things including hinduism. But also on being a decent human being. Irrespective of faith. They probably are disappointed that I don’t believe in god. But they are proud that (In their minds) in spite of me not having any faith I am good.

We fight Ken Ham because he leads children away from the truth. He would rather encourage children to be mindless vapid drones who think Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vegetarian. I mean what does this specifically tell our kids? At it’s best it’s merely creating stupid children by spreading lies. At it’s worst its creating a world of children who will grow up to never do science and to actively fight progress.

We fight Ken Ham because he actively promotes a world view that encourages people to tie millstones around necks and hurl people into the sea. The only thing keeping him from enacting this advice is the rule of law.

We fight Ken Ham because he thinks we are brainwashing children by encouraging them to experiment and learn rather than close their minds to reality and live in a fantasy. That is not to say we don’t encourage fantasy.We do, we just call it “fantasy” and “fiction”. I would love to attend something like this. I would really love to meet people like Ken Ham and do something “for atheism” in real life by debate or by simply attending the Rally and things like TAM. I am sure many others do and this allows their kids to get involved in something that’s fun for them too.

Don’t get angry at Ken Ham. Feel Sorry for him. He is part of the culturally acceptable delusion. 

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