It Gets Better – Marriage and You

The UK has legalised civil partnerships in which the GLBT can acquire the same rights as marriage without it being called as that. The UK is planning to vote on whether civil partnerships as a term is removed and all these partnerships are considered as marriages. On the basis that if both are exactly the same, then why not simply call them the same things. 

Needless to say, people are annoyed about this. With both the Church of England and Catholics up in arms about “defending marriage”, I feel the need to perhaps defend it in my own way. From bigots who actually demean the meaning of marriage as purely a cold calculating breeding contract. So I want to run a little project.

I want to collect what marriage means to different people. Not a textbook definition, but what it means to you the reader. Anyone can enter. There is no age limit, no gender, no sexuality, and I will put up your views. Because marriage means something different to every one of us.

So please spread the word. Please send in your own views by email to
If you want me to print your name, age, website, sexuality alongside your view please specify it. Title it with Gay Marriage Views or something that I can recognise and I will post them on here. 

Because I don’t think marriage should be kept from those who want to partake in it. I don’t think separate and equal is an acceptable stance to take. In short? I want the UK to legalise and improve marriage so that it is available to all. And the way I want to do it is by collecting the various meanings that marriage has. If anyone tries to define what marriage means as a  formalisation of a relationship solely to generate children and stability, then you can show them all the meanings that marriage really has to people across the globe and what drives people to get or indeed not get married.

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