Immaculate Contraception

Apparently I simply missed out on the whole Sandra Fluke deal and am astounded that this is even up for debate. Rush Limbaugh’s insults are just an endemic problem with right wingers and their inability to understand basic human decency. And the internets have responded with both MRAs and conservatives coming out of their way to attack her.

Firstly? She is a private figure asked to testify about the value of contraception in her life. The assault on her by Rush are slander.

Secondly? Just quoting republican talking points doesn’t make it true.

The issue is that the woman’s boss can decide what healthcare she receives as part of her insurance based on his belief in an imaginary being. The issue is that catholic providers don’t want to give women contraception because apparently in Catholic Land contraception doesn’t work (because a bunch of celibate men whose only qualifications are celibacy and belief in an imaginary entity should be in charge of women’s healthcare).

The idea is that insurance companies should ATLEAST follow a basic standard of healthcare. This isn’t socialism so much as basic fucking sense. The inability to provide a basic standard of healthcare is what is the problem. The four pillars of being a doctor are “Medicine”, “Surgery”, “Social/Preventative Medicine” and “Obstetrics and Gynaecology”. Note how this is about how an insurance company doesn’t have to cover obstetrics and gynaecology not based on the customer’s choice but based on the employer’s belief in what effectively is an imaginary friend.

It’s simple. This is a culturally acceptable belief. If your boss was a Christian Science worshipper and believed in prayer would you accept prayer over medical aid as your health plan? If your boss was a scientologist, would you accept one of their sessions over time with a psychiatrist for your depression? If your boss was a Jehovah’s Witness would they be allowed to not cover any surgical procedure involving a blood transfusion or organ transplant?

Then why is it acceptable that Catholics insurers are allowed to simply not adhere to a pillar of medical care?


  1. says

    I find it really quite appalling that they are proclaiming it a freedom of religion thing. You know what goes against freedom of religion? making me follow yours when I'm not a part of it.
    We all subsidise things we don't agree with in our taxes or insurance, so why should contraceptives be any different? An individual's ability to live their life freely is of far greater importance than a religious organisation's allocation of funds. I can't believe this conversation even exists.

  2. Linn209 says

    It's amazing to me that it's always men that make the judgements for womens' healthcare. And we know how that turns out.
    If men were the sex that had offspring there would be an abortion clinic on every corner, with semi-clad nurses in every recovery room.

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