Don’t Stop Reporting II

I didn’t really do a blog post celebrating a year of A Million Gods, but today’s events kind of reminded me of when I started.

Today Marie Colvin and Remie Ochlik were killed in Homs as part of the Bashar Al-Assad Government’s offensive on the Syrian people. It is rumoured that they were killed as a deliberate attack on  journalists.

This reminded me of when I wrote about the sexual assault of Lara Logan. It’s almost precisely a year to the day…

I deeply admired Marie Colvin’s work across the world particularly in areas such as Sri Lanka and the work of Remie Ochlik is frankly astounding considering his age. The world is a poorer place for the loss of these people.

I feel that this event shows the level of the brutality of the fighting in Syria and the indiscriminate shelling of civilians. Her final report was about a child dying as no one could treat him. It does make your eyes prick between bath and pre-lunch beers. But we so quickly forget that there is a world of suffering.

The war journalist and photographer brings war to life. We forget that in this day and age of easy publishing the value of a professional observer in the ground has reduced. Their lives are more unsafe than ever since a press pass is no longer the protection it once was. We shouldn’t forget their sacrifice and the best way we can do that is by being aware of the international world rather than the latest celebrity gossip. And by acting on this information. The information to put pressure on the Syrian government is in our hands. The question remains is whether we actually use it to try and create a democratic society in Syria or do we go back to our beers.

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