The Ninth Commandment

It amazes me how easily some christians breaks the commandments while claiming to be good. I have no qualms about someone who isn’t a “holier than thou” christian not following the more stupid rules of christianity. I have no issues with them. They realise that their faith isn’t perfect and adapt it to fit the reality of modern life.

There are plenty of catholic women who use actual birth control rather than wishful thinking and there are plenty of catholics who think the church’s behaviour is reprehensible. And then we have the American Life League whose lying bullshit is so noxious that one can scarcely believe that they can actually claim to uphold the ninth commandment.

A few points?

  • Abortion is not Killing. Life is not viable in any significant way till around the 24th week. Claiming it is life is completely true while also being completely dishonest since it is discussing potential life. By this logic life never really starts and stops but is a continuation. The idea is that conception is this mystical act which imbues a zygote with a soul which is a laughable concept since there is no soul (It’s an illusion. The soul is wishful thinking that our brain’s thought pattern will survive the destruction of the brain.) The sperm and egg are both alive. By this argument abortion may be murder, but ejaculation is genocide.
  • Mountains of birth control sounds like a good thing. One notices that the Catholic church encourages it’s members to not use birth control but doesn’t actually feed the children born from the lack of birth control. The ability to decide when and where we have children enables us to provide the best situations for our children. The game is quality not quantity and sensible people understand that. 
  • Obsession with Sex is planned parenthoods job. Their entire job is to encourage people to have safer sex, use contraception when avoiding pregnancy and finally to provide abortions if all that advice falls on deaf ears. A fairly health attitude to sex. While the Catholic church is just as obsessed with sex. Only with an unhealthy attitude of celibacy, masochistic beliefs, unsafe sexual practice and plain stupidity. The rules of catholicism with regards to female health are drawn up by a bunch of celibate men, many of whom are virgins whose qualifications are not based on science and medicine but in the idea that somehow belief in an imaginary friend entitles you to discuss biology, sociology and genitalia that you are unfamiliar with. 
  • Plenty of catholics use sex toys and have wide and varied sex lives. Sex isn’t bad. Of course a bunch of celibate people are going to think it’s bad. They aren’t having sex. They don’t know how good it is and indeed how to be safe and following their advice is a terrible plan. 
  • Vagina Macaroons sound pretty awesome
  • The things that play a central role in planned parenthood’s community activities just sounds retarded. One can easily say that alcohol, biscuits and crushing guilt feature heavily in catholic activity but that isn’t strictly true. The silliness is a means to an end, which is the discussion of safe sex.
  • For a group of people whose clergy have become synonymous with paedophilia, these catholics are awfully daft at accusing planned parenthood of perversion. What’s truly shocking is the double standards we apply to priests many of whom have escaped prosecution or been handed light sentences. Perverse? Sex is fun. Teaching kids to be safe and have respect for themselves is what sex education should be about. Because teaching them that about evil vaginas and penises just is a lie.
  • Planned Parenthood may get government money to teach “unrestrained sex” but the catholic church pays no taxes.
  • Only morons would think science and pornography are interchangeable. Oh baby, your fallopian tubes make my vas deferens spasm. Enough vocalisation, let us engage in coitus.
  • I don’t think sex is that addictive. Sure it’s nice, but I don’t get sick if I don’t have any sex. 
  • Masturbation is not a gateway to sex. By their logic eating is a gateway to obesity so you should NEVER EAT.
  • It’s Perfectly Normal is about puberty and the changes that occur. It teaches that the hormonal feelings are perfectly normal. The changes are perfectly natural. And the desire to masturbate and explore sexuality is perfectly natural in the context of a respectful relationship. Obviously the church wouldn’t like this. How can they make people feel guilty of unnatural desires if people figure out that those unnatural desires are actually pretty natural.
  • Cartoon people having sex is funny. Not sexy.
  • Anatomical drawings are informative, even if they are cartoons. Not sexy. Do you know what kills most people’s masturbation? Seeing cutaway sections of penis. 
  • If a dirty old man showed these things to a kid in a church, he won’t be arrested either. There is a massive difference between paedophilia and sex education. A dirty old man wants to fuck the kids. Planned parenthood prepares kids for these kinds of situations by teaching them respect. 
  • I don’t think I was told anything stimulating and intimate about sex in Sex Education. How sexually repressed do you have to be to find sex education titillating?
  • A lot of their argument consists of “ZOMG PENIS! VAGINA! DRAWINGS! Good grief? I have dissected human vaginas and penises and even helped in sectioning cadavers for educational cross sections. Trust me, it’s not sexy to see anatomical drawings of the damn things. At no point have I masturbated to Netter’s Anatomy.I am sure someone somewhere has but different strokes for different folk. I prefer my ladies real and alive and without cross sections. 
  • Oh no! Planned Parenthood are telling the truth about mastrubation! Now catholics cannot say that it makes you go blind or that masturbation can cause your cock to fall off. 
  • Orgasms are pretty sweet (if you hadn’t had one? Look forward to it). Anal Sex isn’t for everyone, take precautions and you will be fine. Oral sex is amazing. Just thought I should state the obvious. Good grief, this video paints a dire picture of catholic sex. 
  • All sexual orientations between consenting adults are perfectly acceptable. The ALL’s guilt tripping nonsense is responsible for the culture of bullying and hatred towards homosexual teenagers that results in their higher than average suicide rate. It can only get better when we completely marginalise people like these from modern society and make them irrelevant to normal discourse.
  • Encouraging the use of condoms and dental dams reduces pregnancy and the spread of STDs. Abstinence doesn’t work. It really doesn’t because sex is hardwired into human beings. It’s why catholic priests fuck up so easily. It’s because the most unnatural thing on earth is denying sex on purpose solely because you believe that it gives you magic powers to talk to some magic being. 
  • Being gay is precisely like being left handed. I didn’t have the best childhood upbringing as a left hander. I was routinely treated by other indians as broken and people did try and correct my hand usage. You are born left handed, the catholics once beat the fuck out of you if you were left handed. Today it’s
    the gays. The word Sinister comes from “left handedness”. Incidentally if you want a fun fact of trivia the opposite of Sinister is Dexter. 
  • Oh noes! The kids will have to meet gays. Seriously? Have you seen what the average 13 year old watches on TV? Have you seen a Rihanna video? The Pussy Cat Dollz? Christina Aguillera? How is this any different from that? 
  • 1/4 girls has an STD. That is true. The majority being HPV. Nearly 90% of STD cases are due to HPV. Not all STDs are alike. 
  • Planned Parenthood throws sexy parties? That seems unlikely. 
  • This man’s definition of sexy scares and terrifies me. Raise your hands if you think penis tentacled monsters are sexy. Raise your hands if you think condom balloon kama sutra is funny. 
  • Showing people dressed up as genitalia during a demonstration about sex rights is pretty retarded. It’s planned parenthood supporters making a stand. Planned Parenthood probably don’t dress up as penises and vaginas for normal work. If they did it would be highly amusing but also highly inappropriate.
  • It doesn’t matter what a woman wears, no means no. Neither Burkha nor Bikini are permission for rape of any sort. 
  • This fisting kit blatantly says “how to make a dental dam” on it. And straight people like fisting too. It is estimated that more straight men enjoy receiving anal sex than gay men. And if that is the case? No glove! No love! 
  • Japanese culture has a penis festival? They sound pretty awesome.
  • Planned Parenthood gives out free contraception. I don’t know about you but “get the kids addicted to sex so we have to give out more contraception” doesn’t seem like a solid business strategy. Remind me again, in order to run a business are we supposed to make money or put it into condoms that we give out for free?
  • Birth control in the form of condoms reduces STD tests and Abortions
These are roughly all the lies. I lost count, I really did. Do any real people believe in this nonsense or is this group a parody? I cannot tell.

But just to be on the safe side, fund Planned Parenthood. At the best, your money will go to guaranteeing your children and your daughters in particular receive healthcare and education about sex  that is untainted by people whose qualifications are belief in magic. At the very worst you will piss off the ALL.


  1. says

    No, the author is right: It’s “paedophillia.” That’s the PROPER spelling, directly from the Latin source into English. Although, it could be spelled “pedophillia” as well.

    What you are basically saying is: “Please learn to spell it’s color not colour.” Sort of shows your ignorance, especially when you are so sure of yourself, while denigrating another, even though the other actually IS correct.

    Although, to be honest, sometimes his grammar is not very well done.

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