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So I am done with exams (finally!) and can get back to regular posts and the like. And this seems like a good time to discuss the whole abortion issue that has raised it’s ugly head.

See the problem with abortion is that it’s not a good thing. None of us like abortions, even the doctors who do them. An abortion isn’t celebrated with balloons and ice cream and get well cards. It’s a tragic but necessary procedure. The final throw of a dice to deal with a pregnancy. Not one person says “I LOVE ABORTION”. Instead it’s a serious decision made when people cannot care for a child at all.

Oh it’s easy to say “Spend 9 months being pregnant then give it up for adoption!”. To which our response is “sure”. First find a way to adopt every single bloody child from the already full to the brim adoption system and foster care system. There are always more children than people willing to adopt. And while new born babies are easier to adopt, you are placing pressure on a system which is already full to the brim.

Abortions happen whether you like it or not. The difference between a Medical Termination of Pregnancy and some yahoo with a coat hanger is that it’s safer (by a lot) to get it done by someone who knows how all your bits function. It’s also less traumatic since some abortion methods are the equivalent of being punched in the stomach or having bits jabbed into your cervix and uterus which can cause infections or even shock and death. (Trigger Warning)

A non medical abortion is a terrifying incident. If the likes of Mitt Romney have their way this poor girl who was so terrified into harming herself in such a horrific way would be prosecuted for murder. Do you think it’s right or fair?

It’s insane that we can even discuss the banning of abortion as a legal alternative. Will the Republicans fork out money to care for these children? Not bloody likely! Quantity of life is not quality of life unless you think that somehow more people = better which simply makes you dumb. It shows a complete lack of grasp of any reality in the republican and indeed the various Christian denominations which rally against abortion.

The truth remains that it matters if you ban abortion. It’s not that abortion rates drop but it’s that abortion safety drops. Abortion rates drop with the adoption of responsible sex education and placing the onus on both genders to keep safe. Pro-life education however is a big fan of abstinence only education. And these are things that americans who are pro-life do know about.

Many pro-life organisations in the USA do missionary work in the Philippines. I have wrote about them before and I feel it’s only fitting for us to revisit the topic. If only to see what a world would be like where pro-lifers have their way. It’s a terrifyingly graphic article with graphic videos produced by Likhaan. It may not be suitable for all.

But I do feel it’s worth seeing what the reality on the ground is in a country with no choice. The reality on the ground in places like the USA was before the legalisation of abortion. 

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