Merry Christmas

You know? You can celebrate holidays by doing your own thing right? I never really celebrated christmas becaus I was a Hindu (Duh! Why don’t you guys have a day where you get drunk and throw paint at each other? Why don’t you guys have a festival solely devoted to money? Why don’t you guys have a festival every other week?)

You can celebrate a holiday in way that means something to you. Infact that’s what people do for christmas. Mine goes and volunteers because we never really had a religious obligation. I used to work for the samaritans. Before that, my aunt and me would cook dinner and we would all spend time together. Because the time you spend with loved ones is more important than any god. You don’t need there to be a god to enjoy a holiday.

And that’s something Bill O’Reilley would never ever understand because he thinks that belief in a specific entity allows or prevents you to enjoy a specific day in the year.

To him the meaning of christmas is kowtowing to a mythical being. Not family, not friends, not the people you love. That somehow people are missing out from the spirit of christmas by staying at home with friends and family rather than going to a church. He probably assumes that there is something fundamentally wrong with anyone who doesn’t pray to his format of god on that day. And that is one thing I adore about Hindus in India. Holi is for everyone. Pongal is for everyone. Diwali is for everyone. The party doesn’t stop if you are a christian, or if you are a muslim. The prayer to Lakshmi is incidental to people lighting fireworks and spending time with family and friends which is far more important. My muslim neighbours know I am not very religious but still send around biriyani and sweets on Eid because that’s what being inclusive means.

Tim Tebow is mocked because he mixes faith and his sport a bit too much. While most players are fine with making the sign of the cross as they run onto the pitch or (there are fair few muslim players in football) reciting a short prayer in their heads. Tim Tebow disrupts the game with his worship and so draws ridicule. It also implies that God is more interested in Sport than say… feeding poor people (Then again since mankind made god in his image, Bill probably thinks god hates poor people).

And Jesus was not born into poverty. Jesus was born to a bloody carpenter. A job which at the time would have made Jesus middle class. The entire story boils down to “Mary had contractions while on holiday”.

I wouldn’t class Jesus as the most influential human being on earth. It’s rather insulting to real human beings whose influence changed the way we live our lives. Diamler Benz invented the Motor Car, more people rely on one than on Jesus. Fritz Haber invented artificial fertiliser, guess how many people across the world live due to his invention? The world is a sadder place with the loss of Steve Jobs but we have to remember the world works via Windows not OSX and thus Bill Gates would be more important than Jesus. I would also bring up Gandhi and Nehru whose work inspired billions across the world to freedom from Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela and Vaclav Havel. Others? Nicholas Tesla? Edison? Newton? Alexis Carrel? Alexander Fleming? Mary Curie? The Rolling Stones? The Beatles? Pele? Maradona? Zidane? Sachin Tendulkar? The man who first saw fire? The man who first saw the wheel? The man who brewed beer? And these are just the good examples! Not every influential person was good. Hitler? Stalin? Mao? George W Bush Jr? Ghenghis Khan?

So no, I can name people more influential than Jesus or Shiva or Allah or any god out there. Because that’s the difference between normal people and Bill. We can see the good in people and we can appreciate the good parts of humanity and revile the bad parts of humanity. We don’t ignore the achievements of real people. And that we as humans need to realise that there were countless people behind these names who worked to achieve their influence on the world. That the reason for for the season is not just axial tilt but also the things that humanity has to offer. 


  1. Viperx77 says

    I like your post but I think you need to drop the focus on Bill O'Rielly. He is not worth the network traffic it took to download this post.

  2. guest says

    Nice. On this note, have you heard Tim Minchin's song, "White Wine in the Sun" ?
    It has a similar message.

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