Atheism United and Me

Come February, I will be moving the blog to a new server at the new Atheism United project as part of the initial set of bloggers. At the moment we are fundraising for a new server to host all our cool stuff that is in the works, and for that we are accepting donations.

If you look to the left you can see the chip in widget through which you can help us out.

A special thanks to any reader who helps us out and to all my readers who view the site.

I am also gearing up towards my finals, so will probably not post all that heavily until they are done. I shall still probably have a few posts in my downtime but they will be sparse.

If you wish to show your support and be part of the new community please join us on facebook. And don’t worry, we have even been pharyngulated so you know we can do something impressive. And yes we are still looking for new bloggers who want to write for us. 

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