Modern Slavery

It’s been a long while since I was back home, I am a Mancunian and I do miss it all the time. But things seem to have changed since I left.

This is frankly despicable, it’s not a scheme that encourages labour, it’s a scheme that encourages slavery. You know that thing where you work and you don’t get paid for it? These individuals are working 30 or so hours a week (6 hours for 5 days) and should be  taking home roughly £30 a day rather than £50 for an entire week.

This isn’t a back to work scheme, this isn’t even an internship that encourages people to work for any and all jobs such as small businesses. This is a massive scheme benefiting multi-billion pound enterprises by providing them part time labour under the guise of keeping people working and teaching them the skills they need to be productive members of society.

If the government were honest about this being a system to encourage people to work, this scheme would apply to any business of any size rather than just big retail chains. And ultimately they are working for less than minimum wage.

That in my book is slavery, and it actually hurts the economy since paying these individuals a minimum wage would just mean more money is being ploughed back into the economy since it is very difficult to save on minimum wage and it is much easier to just spend it on things in the hear and now. Like food, clothes and entertainment.

Until then, it’s just a shocking way that the UK is giving big businesses a monetary boost. By all means, give people money for doing a job, but don’t take money away from them for not.

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