Depths of Sleaze and Depravity and Children’s Literature

Sometimes I read the Huffington Post and a post by the user Jesus Germanotta irked me ever so much. The entire comments section contains such lovely gems as these.

I think this is precisely the problem that Greta Christina talked about . The idea that porn is somehow bad if everyone involved wants to be in it. That somehow anything Miss Grey does from now on is polluted by the fact that she once used to have sex for a living. And that this precludes any other achievements in life.

See Sasha has acted in real movies, ranging from experimental art house movies such as The Girlfriend Experience to the upcoming I Melt with You. She has released an electronica music album. She has released a photography album. But you know what? That never comes up.

Would we see this kind of outrage if Ayn Rand read there? No? Ayn Rand’s philosophy is far more toxic than simple sex or even very complicated sex. Would you require a permission slip if the Pope (A man who has actively helped protect paedophiles) decided to read there? Would you need one if a barely literate american footballer decided to read there? A certain ex-president? Dick Cheney?

Then why the hell does it matter that she did porn? Is she not a human being? If you cut her does she not bleed? If you tickle her does she not laugh? Is sex okay or is it some dirty little secret we hide from kids? Will you be telling these kids that they are a product of some sort of immaculate conception rather than 5 to 30 minutes of exertion and weird noises? Does any of this even matter if someone who has had sex in the past reads a children’s book?

And it shows the utter hypocrisy that we as humans are happy for her to take her pants off on our screens and be objectified but heaven forbid the object of your masturbation deems to be more than a picture on your screen. Everyone one us has had sex, some more than others. We are all a product of sex. Letting kids know that, isn’t wrong and never has been. We all have sex and if anything the catholic church has proven that leaving your kids around people who don’t have sex  tends to end poorly. I think the genuine issue is that society has conditioned us (and yes, I had to have an introspective moment to recognise that even I have the same problem) to regard porn stars as vacuous dummies who hate their job, their objectification and end up as burnt out husks in the evil porn industry. We cannot for the life of us understand women such as Dr. Brooke Magnanti who are smart and either trade/or have traded sex for money. We as a society cannot accept them being normal, or even happy because we are conditioned to treat porn as something shameful and so cannot accept when it stops being fantasy on a screen and starts being a reality. And we especially cannot accept it if it decides to show up and teach our kids to read.


So we accept that it’s not because she had sex, but because she accepted money for having sex. Sasha Grey’s biggest problem is that she had sex for money. She will never be taken seriously because people cannot disengage the idea that she had sex for money from the fact that she is a human being. And I see the semblance to the issue which atheism has in that she as a human being is not being judged for what she is doing but rather for doing something a bit sexy. It’s sad, that the worst issue of pornography is not that the public assumption is one that all pornography is degrading, abusive and exploitative. It’s that the public cannot accept anyone who doesn’t fit into the stereotype. Not even liberals….

She’s quit porn, but has a lot of fans and was part of the sex positive movement including producing some female friendly alt. pornography because *spoilers* women do like porn of their own *spoilers*. So people like to keep in touch with her via the twitters. Compared to other people in the industry she had a good time in it and is smart enough to realise that porn careers are transient and she has used that popularity to springboard herself into other careers including one in Education (which is a degree that she is apparently pursuing).

Oh Sasha! You simply cannot
cope with the depths of sleaze and depravity
that I can foist upon children!

And it is utterly sad that she will be tarred with the brush that somehow she is stupid or talentless and shouldn’t be allowed around children for this. Are we simply going to suggest that everyone who did a job that’s demonised in society be prevented from hanging around kids? Are politicians and lawyers going to be banned from schools? After all one must not tell lies. Are we going to ban soldiers? After all one must not kill. Are we going to ban doctors? Because doctors give out drugs? I was once a telemarketter. Does this mean I am not allowed around kids lest I sell them broadband and arguably access to more pornography than dear Sasha?


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    “Would you need one if a barely literate american footballer decided to read there?”

    Uuummm….American football players are actually quite educated, and quite intelligent. You are portraying a mythical stereotype there. The whole “dumb jock” stereotype. Stop it.

    American football players, in fact, are among the most intelligent, and highly educated athletes on the planet. And they are for good reason: They have a rule in place where a player cannot enter the draft within 4 years after high school. In other words, they have to wait four years after high school graduation in order ot enter the draft. Which means college. (That is why college football is so HUGE here in the States.)

    Because of this rule, kids effectively MUST go to college if they have any aspirations of playing in the NFL at all. If you don;t play college ball, nobody will know of you. And worse, you would be left completely behind skills-wise in the game of football.

    Oh, and don’t believe the other stereotype either: That of the “easy grades” from college professors. You completely offend the integrity of the profession of teaching at the college level. The VAST MAJORITY of college professors have so much more dignity than to give out a bunch of easy grades just because a student-athlete is a football player. It is also way too high of a risk, for literally zero reward for doing so.

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