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I suppose it would be extremely hard for a Christian to understand why atheists exist in the same way that we cannot understand how someone would believe in a blatant lie. I suppose it’s even harder for Christians to understand what goes through the minds of Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and even Jews when they reject the (to the Christian at least) truth of the existence of Jesus as the son of Jehovah who was sacrificed in a convoluted plot to rid mankind of the mythical sin that stems from the acquisition of knowledge/the innate sinful nature of mankind. We as atheists all know that, but do Christians understand why we are “Apostate”?
Of course not, to them atheism and indeed apostasy is this horrid problem. It is a combination of a fear that atheists are harder to stamp out these days and that they are losing their protected status in society. So they come up with reasons such as those written by the Reverend Michael Bresciani which draws lines in the sand marking out the true believers and the CINO (Christians in Name Only). It’s a stupid idea and a poorly executed one at that. A CINO argument is basically a statement that any behaviour that is not in line with your beliefs can be dismissed as being the behaviour of a false Christian. So with this argument you can rule out paedophile and rapist priests, Hitler and all the people whose views you don’t like.
It is then you realise why the idea of Christian Persecution exists. CINO rules out Christians who read the wrong bible, who may be of different denominations and whose views you plain disagree with. After all to someone such as Bryan Fischer, only a CINO would want gay people to have equal rights.

I skipped lunch! I totally understand your plight!
So despite Michael’s relatively comfortable lifestyle in the USA, a nation which gives inordinate protection to the Christian faith, you see the idea that somehow he is under threat and that the suffering of Christians in Islamic nations and in China somehow apply to him because they believe in the same fairy tale. This is like suggesting that we understand the horror of starvation because we consume food much like a famine stricken Somali. And Michael naturally utilises this perceived persecution complex to blame the CINOs and indeed secularists with his lovely piece which reads like the angry rant of a 8 year old who just got told that he couldn’t eat more than one chocolate bar.

So let’s start at the bottom and work our way up as these were listed in descending order of importance. 

Untold millions have begun to reject Christianity for its exclusivity. A generation long effort by proponents of the great political correctness movement, and comparative religion courses; have emerged triumphant in the lives of many. In the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations the effects of years of that kind of gobbledygook is apparent. Religious leaders can be seen wearing collars and religious garb with sashes imprinted with the symbols of many different religions. 
They mill freely around the crowds and can hardly offend anyone. No gospel of salvation for the lost and dying of the world, just a lot of syrupy religious hokey pokey. A little something for everyone coupled with a pious remark or prayer and it’s off to the next circle of performers, poets, and aimless squatters. Here is a small picture of what the larger world expects will come out of a one world order.
Taking over the world through
the power of the leg drop, power bomb and suplex.
We start at No. 8 where he assumes that the Hindus and Muslims of the world reject Jesus out of spite rather than that they believe in their own fairy tales in much the same way that Michael rejects the Vedas or the Koran. He regards their faiths as somehow inferior because they don’t require their god to go through a hilarious song and dance about non-existent sin.
Not to mention the difference between Judaism and Christianity is the difference between animal sacrifice (the Scapegoat) and human sacrifice (Jesus).
I as an atheist don’t believe in God because there is no proof of one existing let alone it being a Christian god. And the moment someone says New World Order, I can only really think about Hulk Hogan.

Real Christianity both sees and fully resists the coming one world government that the Bible so clearly predicts will fall under the leadership of the world’s last dictator.(Rev 13:7) I once found myself arguing that Europe would form a united kingdom and would become a single nation; that was almost 40 years ago. I also warned that nations would come together in the last days to seek and find a way to become one world under one seemingly magnanimous world leader. That is obviously a prevailing thought in today’s world and the fulfillment of these prophecies is without doubt, just around the corner. 
Naturally the world interprets the resistance to the great dream of one homogenously engineered world as something worthy of scorn, and one day; something worthy of death. (Rev 20: 4) It is this part of the gospel that the CINO’s and the squeamish would rather not acknowledge. Many are turning away because they cannot bear to think that these days are now upon us. The crowd carries them along with the wail of music, laughter and full emersion in all of the fleshy and contemplative indulgences of the day. The path of least resistance rules: at least for today.

You got to have faith!
In Jesus!
Number 7 reads like the ranting of a crazy person. But it’s religion so it’s very hard to tell the difference. Religion is a culturally acceptable delusion. If the voice in your head is called God then it is perfectly normal but if it’s called Sam then you aren’t considered sane. The prophecies in Revelations read like a bad cheese dream rather than the writings of the sane and lucid.
Of all the movements on earth attempting to create a homogenised and engineered society none have even come close to Christianity. The destruction of local beliefs and cultures, is not the work of secularists but the work of Christians. The missionary and the destruction of indigenous culture goes hand in hand, particularly the usage of technology to amaze poorly educated and naive people to believe in your faith. The history of “rice conversion” is quite well known in Asia particularly in places such as Korea where Christianity was spread under the guise of charity.

The world is fully aware of the church’s apostasy but it is also taking note of its perversions and twists. The Emergent Church and Dominionism are just a couple of the latest side trips into nonsense but there are many more common extravagances that are seen as cause to steer clear of the Christian message. 

Although the bible does declare that God is willing to bestow his own with plenty of this worlds materials for their journey, the excesses found in the over emphasis of that teaching are doing inestimable damage to the gospel. Ministries that pound away at what has come to be known as the prosperity gospel are seen as misguided money mills that should be avoided at all cost. Perception may sometimes overtake reality but in fact nothing takes precedence over the preaching of the gospel.

Number 6 has him complain about all the hypocrisy in prosperity gospel. We are more interested in the hypocrisy of its followers. Of people who speak out against the destruction of marriage, not due to their own actions which often involve rape, paedophilia or cheating on their spouses but because gay people can get married.

Immediately after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, President George W. Bush was heard to say, “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended.” Not all definitions of cowardice are so strong but any endeavor begun in good faith only to be abandoned in short notice is a microcosmic example of cowardice. If the slightest fear turns us around what do we call it when a person starts to walk in a new life with Christ, and then turns back?

Number 5 shows the selective blindness of faith and segues into a terrorism rant. The attack on the 11th of September, 2001 was not done as a strike against Christianity but as a strike against the USA in order to create a new Holy War which would drive up Al-Qaeda recruitment and fulfil Bin Laden’s (who arguably is a MINO or a Muslim in Name Only) desire for Jihad against the Great Satan. If he really wanted to screw over Christians he would have carried out massacres in all the arab countries and staged attacks on the Vatican, but so far his attacks have been on secular nations. Not Christian ones. From the 11/9 attacks, to Madrid to the London bombings, every single one has targeted people who lived in secular nations.
To claim that these were attacks on Christianity is to take persecution to an entirely new level. These were attacks on people for reasons we ill understood. The average American didn’t understand why Bin Laden hated America, and indeed that is part of the problem. The average American’s lack of interest in world affairs allows people like the staff of Fox News to take advantage of them. It allowed a lot of blind flag waving which politicians utilised to drag the USA into two tar pit wars. It allowed the politicians to cover up deaths, to utilise the actions of brave men and women to boost their own ratings and to deny people the reality of the suffering of everyone involved.
These were not attacks on Christianity any more than they were attacks on Tall buildings or Aircraft. This was an attack against an enemy whose ethics stood against the teachings of Wahaabist Islam. You can call these men dicks, douche bags or unbelievable motherfuckers, but frankly one of the few terms that cannot be applied to them is coward. The day we start denigrating our opponents is the day we underestimate them and it is the day we are sorely surprised by their actions. Islamic terrorists value the same ideals that we value in our soldiers, Courage, Obedience, Heroism, and Skill but with the added caveat that they must believe in a twisted version of Islam.

Christianity is assumed to be anti-science and against seeking knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact Christianity encourages all disciplines that aid mankind and promote the well being of our species. To be more specific the secular world despises what they perceive to be Christianity’s narrow mindedness about evolution. Not only does the Bible declare hundreds of times that God alone is responsible for creation but the theory of evolution cannot stand on its own evidence.

Centuries from now Jurassic Park
will be creationist literature.
At number 4 we have this ludicrous defence of creationism as a reason why we hate Christianity. This is true; we are sick and tired of Christians trying to flog bullshit as science. This is particularly evident in the link he provides on his article from the Institute of Creationist Research which claims to be Biblical, Accurate and Certain while sprouting such nonsense such as the claim that Dinosaurs ate Modern Rice, rather than Dinosaurs eating a rice like ancestor. To the creationist the very history of mankind is denied as is the reality that wi
ld rice still exists to this very day.
I will give them that; I don’t want my hypothetical children to learn creationism as fact. I would want them to learn science and reality. To live in the real world and utilise fantasy as a cloak that one can don to enjoy books, videogames and movies. To me fantasy is a sign of creativity, to be able to create worlds and scenarios of your own choosing. Be it the imaginary friend of the child or the escapism of a movie, or a good book. If you have an imaginary friend as an adult however, you are not considered sane you are considered to be quite mad.
But I don’t hate Christians, I hate creationists. I hate the people who try and lever faith into science and then expect science to hold back and give faith the free ride it gets in other aspects of life. I don’t like Hindu creationists, I don’t like Muslim creationist. I am an equal opportunity hater of creationism. It’s just that Christian creationists are a lot more vocal and organised on the internet and we have bigger drives by Christians to force our kids to learn nonsense on an equal footing as science than by Muslims.

True Christianity does not just deal with personal sins but it stands diametrically opposite the social trends of the day namely, abortion and the gay agenda. It sees these two collective trends as sins that mark time as we know it and is a sure declaration that man is heading toward a last days encounter with God. That encounter is called, judgment and is meticulously outlined in the final book of the Bible we call the Revelation. The disregard for the lives of the unborn and the rise in perverted and deviant lifestyles are only two of dozens of signs that promise rather than merely predict the demise of the entire world.

I am sorry! The woman isn’t wearing a veil
and the man is not in a tuxedo. This marriage
is null and void. 
Number 3 has him portray Christianity as a bastion of morality against abortion and homosexuality while completely forgetting its protection of rapists, paedophiles, racists, wife beaters and child abusers.  
It’s a telling argument because of its anti-progressive nature, it doesn’t matter that homosexuality doesn’t harm anyone and that marriage as a concept has been damaged more by the actions of people like Britney Spears and the celeb du jour. In fact gay marriage is pretty much the epitome of marriage ideal, that you as a human being chose to spend your life with someone else and they agree with you. You hope that this commitment will last and it’s a promise of that hope that you undergo a ceremony of your choosing, be it the spectacle of an Indian wedding or the sombre austerity of the western ideal or the more ludicrous of weddings. Each of these things mean something different to different people and arguing that the state not accept a marriage because it doesn’t conform to a judeo-christian ideal means that my marriage as an atheist and indeed as someone who comes from a Hindu cultural background is not acceptable in their world view since it won’t fit the logic behind an abrahamic marriage.
Yes, if you apply the CINO principle then obviously no one likes Christians since only real Christians are anti-feminist homophobes.  Any Christian who accepts that abortion is a necessary part of female health and indeed recognises that abortion for most people is not taken lightly and is done with massive consideration of the issues involved is not a true Christian. Any Christian who accepts that homosexuals aren’t child bumming bogeymen but are people just like us isn’t a true Christian.

Christianity is resisted and in many ways hated because it is part of what has come to be known as the Judeo/Christian heritage. Put simply, that means that Christianity is always a friend to Israel. Beyond that is the knowledge that God has never given up on his chosen people and will very soon redeem them and raise them to prominence in the world. As anti-Semitism grows so will anti-Christian sentiments grow; it is inevitable

Number 2 involves Israel as some sort of hated international figure for no reason apart from its unwillingness to accept Palestine as a genuine nation which would prevent it from building settlements and indeed force it to stop utilising the holocaust as an excuse for its treatment of Palestine.
Being the chosen of God doesn’t give you free right to behave like arseholes. And the Christian right’s habit of supporting Israel no matter their behaviour is not encouraging.
Palestine’s support for fundamentalists is not acceptable, that’s for sure. But one has to realise that the fundamentalists have such support because of Israel’s behaviour, because Israel validates their actions. The Palestinians live in an apartheid society. To them Hamaas and the PLO were not terrorists but freedom fighters. The moderates were pushed to the side because Israel showed no actual progress in dealing with the problem instead pushing settlements and displacing Palestinians until they snapped.

The indisputable number one reason real Christianity is despised is because it declares that man’s greatest problem is sin. We have for centuries seen the problems of man as a lack of knowledge, economics, race problems, politics and dozens more. The Bible recognizes none of these things as the root problem of man. Rather the scriptures declares that the fallen condition of man drives us all to a propensity to sin that ultimately causes the problems of all mankind. Wars, economic disparities, race problems and all else is a result of man’s willingness to sin and live out lives of sin without recognizing that they are sinners.

Number 1 deals with the ludicrous hoops that one has to dance through over sin as if the whole complicated song and dance is something we actually care about.
My issue with biblical ideas of sin is that it is designed to make everyone feel guilty all the time and scare people into belief through fear of punishment. Half the stuff mentioned in the bible are natural thoughts and half the stuff not mentioned as sins are degrading. The first sin in the bible is the acquisition of knowledge.  It’s telling that the deadliest thing to all Abrahamic faith is knowledge.
That and this is perhaps my Hindu upbringing shining through as Hindus revere knowledge as something vital, going so far as to place teachers above God and actually praying over books. During the Saraswathi festival, I still give my grandmother a book so that she can bless it despite not believing in it because it makes her happy.
Compare this to the biblical take on rape or the biblical take on genocide and you realise that biblical morality is far behind the achievements of ours.
I too am like a Vampire in that I sparkle in the sunlight.
I also have a killer tan.
The reason atheists despise Christianity is that it is bullshit. There is no proof of a god existing let alone the Christian flavour of that god. We don’t like any faith because we see it as a force that blinds its believers from reality, promotes bigotry and harms progress. We don’t like the fact that the simple ability to read poetry to an imaginary friend means that we have to call Michael a “Reverend” rather than “A fucking nutcase” and indeed this applies to all priests. We don’t like the fact that the simple belief in an imaginary friend means that Priests get a free ride for molesting children. We don’t like the fact that we have to tolerate stuff we know is weapon’s grade nonsense because it’s culturally acceptable to believe in imaginary things.  We don’t like the fact that religious people get to decide what we should teach in our schools, what we should wear and what marriage means to us.
And most of all we don’t like the fact that a deeply held religious conviction is a perfectly acceptable reason to be a complete arsehole to people

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