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It is under your bed!!!

Apparently the gay agenda is in full swing again.

The american religious right simply does not get it, the gay agenda is the same as the straight agenda. To have sex with people we want to have sex with. There is no difference except in the target market.

Basically the fuss is about a play where the lead portrays a gay chess playing ultra geek who is a pastiche of every bullied student in bizzaro land (because let’s face it, there are rather few chess millionaires than there are ones of the outdoor sport). In a world where we are trying our level best to stamp out bullying, be it based on race, intelligence, social status, awkwardness or who you like. It basically is meant to provide a look into a school if the popularities of activities and cliques were reversed.

It’s alright! It’s very easy to confuse
vampires and gay people.

Instead we are treated to a tale of incredible amount of homophobia from the audience. The play has done it’s job in proving to us how deeply ingrained the problem is. The people who formed the audience were shocked by something so utterly natural as a kiss that many left as if you could be turned gay from watching a kiss or even if you were kissed by another man. And the thing is despite all this the anti-gay brigade simply don’t get what the problem is. This is hatred, if it were a straight kiss there would be no complaint, despite many thousands of gay teenagers trying to come to grips with their sexuality in a similarly awkward way.

The USA’s education system is failing because of the SATS, standardised testing forces teachers to teach towards a test rather than towards and education. Yes, I understand the value of competitive exams but kids across the years don’t require it. Because kids are expected to only read what is necessary it reduces the breadth of knowledge they possess as they aren’t really working to produce education but are working to produce parrots.

A parrot does what it’s taught to do, in this case pass exams and be homophobic. The fault lies not in the parrot but the person who is teaching the parrot these things. There are no moral objections to homosexuality. There are only religious objections and those are usually based out of superstition and a section of the bible that also claims we should throw our children out of the house dressed in sack cloth if they have any pimples and that we should eat locusts but not pork.

If one is happily able to accept a BLT as a choice then one is equally able to accept homosexuality as a choice too without frothing at the mouth. Blaming the homosexuals for the fall of the american school system is just icing on the anti gay cake.

Not to be confused with the Gay Cake which is fabulous!

For once I would like the real issue to be discussed. This play is not a product of the Gay Agenda, which basically consists of being left alone to have sex with other consenting adults without people bringing the law and religion into it.

No dear readers… This is obviously the work of the deeply insidious Chess Agenda!


  1. ttch says

    Well, there is one middle school in Brooklyn where members of the chess team are as revered as athletes: I.S. 318.

    The players are the subject of a recent well-received documentary, Brooklyn Castle. Watch for it at your local independent theater!

  2. rork says

    Maybe more that SATS. Culture. A Indian scientist noted to me that here (Ann Arbor, USA), a dad will tell you if his son had some sporting success last week, whereas where he was from it might be about success at math. Anti-intellectualism is in fashion. I am probably very biased, since from my vantage, it’s clear that all Indian or Indamericans are incredibly smart and educated and have brilliant kids. I’m concerned it’s not a random sample.

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