Catholic Humanism is another term for evangelism

Austin Iverleigh’s Op-Ed piece deems humanism (which by nature is secular and universal) an inferior concept to something he calls Catholic Humanism, and quotes the pope on various challenges being made to the secular world.

See humanism is an approach to philosophy that espouses human centric ideology. Catholicism by it’s very nature requires faith in a completely magical entity. And the organised Catholic Church is under heavy attack across the western world from a combination of secular principles which simply don’t allow some of the things that the church took for granted just a few years ago and because of the very nature of the Church’s own problems. Basically, it has lost credibility, and has resorted to attacks on secularism rather than cleaning up it’s own problems.

“I appeal in particular to you, the lay faithful,” he said, “to put the case for the promotion of faith’s wisdom and vision in the public forum”

The catholic vision involves everyone being a catholic. The entire point of secularism is that no religion gets a free ride. Not catholicism, not scientology and not the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The Pope is “old school” and he probably is kind of puzzled why we don’t really want to listen to a bunch of celibate men in dresses hanging around in incredibly expensive houses telling us that the only god to follow is one who lived and died by carpentry and that this somehow pertains to real life decisions involving science, healthcare and economy.

It was not just that the myth of the British nation-state as Protestant had died: after all, here was the entire British political establishment sitting waiting patiently to be addressed by the Successor of St Peter.

The Pope however does not look like he could kill
a man with nothing more than a nod
and a syringe filled with polonium.

The greatest achievement of Great Britain is it’s secularism. It’s grown in strength from not being a religious state where faith is important. Just look at good olde catholic Ireland? You can blame England for a lot of it’s woes, but post independance the giant counterweight to progress and indeed freedom was not England but good old Roman Catholicism.. From contraception, to abortion to the simple right of two people who don’t love each other anymore to live separately.

And it’s called politeness. The pope is unfortunately a world leader with a lot of clout so he gets treated like one. Vladimir Putin get’s that kind of treatment too which doesn’t mean the UK suddenly wishes to replace steak and kidney pies with borscht.

The riots, coming in the wake of scandals in banking, journalism and politics, have led to call for a way of “re-moralising” society with values and virtues. What we are living through is, in essence, a crisis of the liberal project. Britain’s liberalism has long shown itself capable of managing and reconciling different interests. 

I am sure people weren’t rioting because the tabloid paper the News of the World were implicated in phone tapping which they had used in the past. They were basically torn a new one by actual proper solid journalism rather than hacking phones into private conversations. Someone basically asked around, gathered proof and dropped them into hot water while they were just publishing information gained from illegally tapping phones. They just happen to be owned by a giant news corporation. Political Scandals and Banking Problems were caused by people who for the most part routinely flaunt their christianity as if belief in magic somehow makes you a good person. Infact the current crisis has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the idea of conservatism which is linked to mainly christian people who assumed that no one would do anything this idiotically villainous (like artificially driving house prices up, like selling securities, like being really greedy) or worse were planning to do something this idiotically villainous to make a quick profit at the cost of others. It’s hard to tell, Americans do have a problem with belligerence, it’s easy to sum up. It’s no malicious, it’s just the incapability of understanding that our actions have effects beyond the immediate. We all are guilty of it, but americans due to their relatively privileged position are especially guilty of it because they often don’t realise what a simple action such as wanting cheap food can do to the world’s economy. Or indeed what a simple pleasure like water skiing can do in the wrong place…

I can’t get no satisfaction!

The morals people are sick off are the Church’s. Not only are Churches exempt from taxation but they also had enough political clout to cover up and protect paedophiles to protect their own image. The people who screwed the economy up were devout christians, the people who reduced banking oversight were people who proudly admitted that they go to church as if it means anythi
ng. The people who dragged us to war spoke lies to get us to go while claiming to be christians. How dissociated from reality do you have to be to think that the Riots are a failing of morals rather than people getting pissed off the lack of oversight in a system and how some people (including a certain Catholic Church) were getting a free ride when they didn’t really need it.

Catholic social teaching, and the attempts to produce an economics centred around the needs of humans, rather than of money, look like the only thought-through alternatives to unbridled market capitalism – and certainly the only ones which have a chance of widespread popular support.

Socialism right? The principle that the government provides a safety net and services considered essential and universal? The problem with catholic socialism is that you have to be a catholic to enjoy it. A lot of the complaints that the catholic church has regarding loss of religious freedom is the loss of religious freedom to evangelise.

It’s simple. The calls for frugality come from an organisation that is worth an estimated 400 billion dollars a year. We simply don’t know because the Church for the most part has tax exempt status and so no one polices earnings, but all those fancy cars and silly hats don’t come cheap and neither does the power to cover up paedophilia scandals. The church wants you to be good and obedient and not get angry and break things (I don’t like people breaking things but even I can see the point of sometimes doing it.) and most of all not question where all the rich people got their money from lest we realise that the church is itself quite rich.

It also wants a leg up in a world where it has been deemed irrelevant to humanity by humanism itself. It wants to be taken seriously when the scientists discuss stem cell research. It wants people to not give gay people rights and it wants people to not put up such a fuss when people ban abortions. And that’s what catholic humanism means.

It’s just Catholic Evangelism after someone hired a spin doctor.


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    Misinformed. So misinformed… where to start …maybe the ignorant remarks about Ireland.

    It would be naive to assume any religion is a means to a utopian society but the author is worryingly close to implying a region-less society would be.

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