Rights of the Silent Majority – 180

Earlier I spoke of my distaste for the hypothetical game and indeed for Ray Comfort’s take on it.

The problem being that people tend to answer the obvious answer in a hypothetical game, that life seldom is yes or no and more often it is various different shades of grey. And that I promised I would review Ray’s now short movie, 180…

I did it. And it was tedious and faulty to it’s very core.

See two can play at this game. 

This is comedy, they aren’t being serious about americans falling into the stereotype of stupid. The same show ran a joke where they took a big wooden horse around Australia and tried to get people to accept it as a gift (the horse was filled with greek soldiers. They got it into an army base…)

But do you really think Americans are that stupid? That they wouldn’t know where these places were? Or that they editted the responses to look like every american they asked didn’t know?

Likewise Ray probably walked around for hours trying to find someone who didn’t know who the hell was Hitler and what he did. It must have taken him a fair while in fact.

Your hate based tattoos and idiotic hairstyle make you
an excellent commentor on the human condition.
Quick sprout more hatred on the camera!
Next, Ray unleashes the G-Bomb. He Godwin’s the argument torpedoing any credibility faster than a U-Boat in a shipping lane by bringing Hitler into the equation. This is called Playing the Nazi Card. And he does so quite spectacularly, by calling up a neo-nazi with questionable hair choices as a credible example of someone who isn’t christian. The video stops to give this fine individual some time to voice his views on the world which involve how awesome White Man is compared to all the Niggers and Jews. And he proves this through his mohawk and questionable tattoos. This isn’t a man who should be the spokesperson of any movement, even one as odious and twisted with hate as the neo-nazis. This man is not a symbol of hate but an object of ridicule. I understand you are free to tattoo yourself and get a stupid haircut. I mean god knows where my football players would be if not for bad tattoos and even worse haircuts, but they are hired to kick a ball around while this man would only be hired for the sole purpose of proving to kids that individuality doesn’t mean common sense. 

This is the kind of man Hitler would have wanted in a gas chamber. Because atheism and freethought was illegal in German. Many freethinkers found themselves in the same position as the Jews. Staring down the choice of slavery or possible death in the camps. 

Which is rather irritating. Associating people with Hitler isn’t conducive as a serious argument. And what’s more disturbing is his almost gleeful exploitation of this horrid event in human history to push his point across to the stupidest people he could find in the US. The worst crime is forgetting that the very people who perpetrated this crime were christians and theists. That they didn’t do anything wrong by the teachings of their religion, what we found so repulsive about their actions and indeed those of the Japanese was because we embraced humanist principles rather than the superiority principle of faith. That atheists have no reasons to hate jews and that anti-semitism in catholicism was entirely driven by faith.

For his argument to work, Hitler must not be a christian. The world improves by admitting mistakes and changing, not by denial. Denial of Hitler’s origins insults the very act of the holocaust because it changes the reason and fobs off blame onto others who don’t deserve it. Ray Comfort cannot wrap his minds about an evil christian because only muslims, jews, hindus and other religions have arseholes in them. Basically Comfort lies through his lying fucking teeth about the very origins of Hitler and the society that produced such hatred and the role of his own faith in that. For his next trick the effects of the inquisition in South America would be healthcare related and the Spanish Inquisition was more like the Spanish Casual Chat

And lest we forget racism against jews was common in the USA as well with many places outright banning them from entering, consider that the USA spent all it’s time hating on black people at the time often using the bible to defend their racism. It’s not a lone incident in christian history. The atrocities of the USA in the Philippines are rarely mentioned. Because the USA needs to look like heroes and heroes don’t kill a million people for their own greed. Oh it’s okay, they weren’t white and no one cared at the time.

It is then he begins his hypothetical games. These are sick for reasons I have gone into before and because it forgets the role of his faith in this. If you asked a soldier whether he valued human life, he probably would say yes despite his job being to kill other humans. He probably knows the real value of human life, of pain and suffering that has no quantity should the life be lost.

And to compare the holocaust to abortion? The death of actual humans versus undeveloped cells?

There are two responses to this. One is my own “The Nazis Did It” and point out that Hitler was a Pro-Lifer banning abortion and punishing it with the death penalty for “human beings” (bear in mind only aryans were considered human).

And the  second is to point out that roughly 50% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion. As in the body rejects or the egg doesn’t implant properly. The biggest abortionist on the planet according to Ray Comfort’s logic is his own God.

These are far less insulting than to denigrate the actual murder of people with the idea that somehow potential means something from the arbitrary line of conception rather than the period of 24 to 26 weeks which is the cut off due to the viability of the foetus during this period.

It’s simple, Ray wants to reduce the rights of women across the world by spreading misinformation and lies about abortion. He has no idea what goes on and simply wishes for people to live in a biblical world where it’s okay to keep women as glorified pets you can fuck rather than as equals. This is just one of those ways of reducing the rights of women and it’s a stupid way of doing so.

And I really bloody hate hypothetical games. 

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