My Imaginary friend can kick your imaginary friend’s arse!

Stay classy christianity

This is just stupid, it’s utilising the position of power and of trust to flog superstitious nonsense. It’s rice conversion, utilising your power as a doctor and the trust you have from that relationship and qualification to flog belief.

Christianity is no superior to say… Scientology in providing succor to patients. Do you know why they work?

Because they have people who pretend to care and listen to your problems. It’s why a lot of scientologists exist, because when they were weak they provided someone with a listening ear.

It doesn’t solve your problems, only you can with the help of people. It is mankind who can help, not gods.

The person with a listening ear, the man who stops to help you, the woman who spends a little time talking to you… these are all people who do these things not out of compulsion but because we are capable of being good. These are human efforts, with human results.

Doctors often have this, the feeling of compassion and human kindred that comes from mortality and fear and the alleviation of suffering. It produces incredible trust. To use that to flog Christianity is deplorable any more so than using that trust to flog snake oil or to try and take advantage of the patient’s feelings to sleep with her (or him).

It may not be a striking offence but he certainly needs an official warning. 

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