NIO is back

Well the charming Camille Marino is back to her old tricks, this time crowing about harassing an 18 year old woman out of a job. It’s lovely to see a bully actively brag about her achievement of tormenting someone working in science till she quit.

She posted contact information on her website initiating what appears to be a campaign of bullying, harassment and possible threats that forced her to quit. And she is proud of this.

This is no different from intimidation from the mob or from the likes of Osama bin Laden’s ill breed of religious fanatics. Do as we say or we will hurt you.

To any student from the University of Florida reading this, do not accept her offer of money for information, she is merely a bully. I understand the temptation of money but remember that what she is offering is money solely for the harassment of an individual whose education leads to the formation of technology that we do use almost daily. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have proven the efficiency of helmets and safety belts. Without animal experimentation we would not have proven the link between DDT and wildlife destruction. Without animal testing we wouldn’t have proven our medications and drugs.

Don’t fall for Camille’s nonsense. She is a coward, she cannot face down a real scientist because a real scientist with knowledge of the field will choke her arguments in evidence so she skulks and targets students. She doesn’t want to negotiate not because there is nothing to negotiate about, but because she knows that her followers will be lost should she be exposed to logic.

She is a hypocrite, having utilised technology obtained from animal experimentation and is ensuring others do not receive the same sort of education and technology that saved her life.

She is a terrorist, she deals in fear and suffering rather than construction. She targets the very individuals who reduce animal testing, eliciting sympathy from unexplained photographs without showing the actual research and the goals of it. She heavily misrepresents biological research and shows an abject lack of understanding of the field (what with her being a failed law student) equal to any creationist or merchant of woo.

She misrepresents research (We know mice are not a great model for hearts. We have known this for years and I knew about in 2001 while I was still in school. It’s why we use pigs and dogs whose hearts are closer to ours. If there was a way to GM a pig to carry human tissue type we would we end our waiting lists for heart/lung transplantation since a pig and human heart are similar in size and work exactly the same.).

But most of all she is proud of tormenting an 18 year old out of a job. She is a despicable human and her ultimate quote speaks volumes.

“Hitler didn’t exactly exterminate Jews by himself … It takes all the links in the chain to perpetuate the Holocaust,”

I could joke about Camille comparing herself to Hitler, after all Hitler dealt in fear, misrepresentation of science and ideological superiority rather than science, conversation and equality.

However I will make a serious point. Camille has just compared the death of roughly 6 million jewish people, a further 3 million gypsies and undesirables such as the mentally ill, disabled, gays, atheists and political prisoners via bullet, poison and starvation. She has compared one of the most heinous crimes against humanity to the improvements of knowledge of science and medicine.

Does that seem like a person with any sense of perspective?

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