Blinded by Bullshit

Blinded by Science author Matthew Silverstone offers his Scientific Proof that Homeopathy Works.

Blinded by Science just seems to be a terrible book. It’s filled with utter nonsense about water memory, vibrations and magnetism (which apparently causes Diabetes, not the failure of insulin production) misrepresenting information produced by the apparently “unrecognised” Sir J. C. Bose (Apparently getting a knighthood means non-recognition).

A most telling statements are

I have to admit to having no previous knowledge of bees, the only fact I can remember from my childhood is the one I think we all know, about them not being able to fly as their body is too big and heavy for their wing size – aerodynamically they defy science, (which does not say much for the experts on aerodynamics). I profess to not taking much interest in bees before now, but was forced to when I read a few years ago about the declining numbers of bees and the effect this would have on nature. But like most people, I have just relied on the scientists to come up with an answer that would solve this predicament. Sadly, however, comparatively little is being done. The most depressing part is that I managed to find a solution to the problem without having received any funding, a solution that would cost virtually nothing to put in place and could possibly eradicate entirely the disappearance of bees!

Colony Collapse Syndrome is linked to a variety of things including inbreeding and parasite infestations. And we do know how a bee flies aerodynamically, it is the same as our helicopters.

A lot is actually being done, Africanised Bees are actually an attempt to create a increased vigour hives for honey. They are actually considered dangerous because they have huge ranges and high aggression which is a bad combination in farming bees but perfectly fine in wild bees.

There appears to be only one cause – diet. But have the Chinese and Indian diets changed that much? Is it not possible this diabetic catastrophe has as much to do with access to new technology as it does to the food they eat. In my very limited experience with travelling to the Far East, I would have said their diet has barely changed over the last century; most of the population still eat a traditional diet. Very few of them eat Western style food with its added salt and sugar content. This is particularly true with the rural community in China who survive on an income as little as $2 a day and who have no access to Western style foods. These people are suffering from diabetes at a greater rate than their urban counterparts. Unless there is evidence their diet has changed significantly, this can’t be the exclusive reason why there is such an epidemic in new cases of diabetes. There has to be another factor. One scientific paper does show there is another cause of diabetes, one which has been brought upon us all inadvertently, so called “dirty electricity”. Magda Havas produces overwhelming evidence there should be a new shift in the way we look at diabetes.

Chinese and Indian diets have changed a lot in quantity. Like all cultures that were exclusively pre-green revolution agricultural the entire diet was based around a lack of staples. So “binging” was encouraged, you ate as much as you liked because chance are you only had the ability to eat that much for a few months every year. The fat you put on then would see you through the lean months.

However the green revolution has killed famine in large parts of the world. We aren’t reliant on variations of environment to create boom/bust agricultural yields. However the attitude of “hogging” is still there.

The average indian eats till he is full. Restaurants pride themselves on portion size rather than quality and most indians pack away food at rates considered alarming by western standards considering how small most Indians are (in the UK my 5 ft 11 frame would be considered as average. In India I am on the large end of the size spectrum, even being considered as “tall” and “of good height” which amuses me to no extent). The added problem of vegetarianism in India means that people prefer to pack away carbohydrates rather than eat balanced diets. The amount of rice consumed by an average indian particularly rural ones during a meal would probably equal to the entire daily consumption of rice of us in the west. The reason behind that is that starvation mentality which still exists in a lot of people since it is only one generation removed and a lot of the “starvers” still exist. It is basically my generation that grew up learning about balanced diets and putting up the effort to keep healthy. My cousins are stuck fighting against physiques trained to treat all you can eat as a challenge.

It has nothing to do with electricity and everything to do with a culture of starvation suddenly losing the starvation pressure.

It is this bullshit merchant’s theory that water doesn’t have a memory, but instead is vibrationally attuned to remember molecules. I assume the smacking of phials against leather table tops is what causes it.

This is so insanely stupid that we can disprove it using the simple fact that humans are made up of water. We are mainly water and primarily “bags of liquid” rather than a solid life form. Most of the properties we take for granted are due to our liquid physiology. Yet by the logic of this man the simple act of walking should initiate a catastrophic meltdown due to the vibrations caused by our movement.

A simple experiment mentioned is that “if you treated a cup of water with a specific vibrational frequency the water would change itself to that specific vibration and it would stay like that forever. It would only change if it came across a different vibration.”.

Get a glass of water, and smack it against the side of the table. You have imparted on it a vibrational frequency. Note how the vibration of the water actually changes as the waves reverberate of the walls of the vessel. Also note how the vibration dies out as the energy in the water is expended and lost to the greater surroundings. Notice how the exact same principle applies to most liquids such as a cup of tea (or coffee if you are that way inclined). I would suggest you do this with a beer but there is a good chance you may break the glass and waste a beer and people in the pub would look at you funny.

This is why you should educate your children in science. The sheer idiocy of this person is astounding and he fails basic science. Yet the lovely people at Natural News think he is smart enough to teach medicine. This man knows nothing about science. He is not qualified to watch the discovery channel let alone talk about medicine. He assumes that chemical reactions occur by vibrations rather than by the interaction of molecules which alone shows incredibly stupid he is. We cannot sugar coat the facts any longer. Matthew Silverstone is an idiot, not because he is ignorant but because he understands that he is ignorant and has decided to set out to increase the net ignorance in the world rather than try to better himself and his understanding of the world.

I know very little about Economics, a degree which Matthew holds. I can just about understand most theory to the level where I would be considered an informed lay person. I cannot hold forth on the mathematics and do understand that most of my understand of economics is built out of drunken conversations with friends, hating on Ayn Rand and the twin pillars of Freakonomics and Paul Krugman. But you don’t see me give you econ
omic advice because I know very well that I have no goddamn clue about economic theory bar “this is my opinion” which is not how science works. Your opinions don’t mean anything if not backed up with information and experimentation. My understanding of medicine is that molecules interact directly with the body creating the internal environment which is normally in homeostasis. Disease is usually the alteration of this homeostasis and most drugs are there to revert the balance to the norm by acting like forces on a see saw. For instance antibiotics work by removing the bacterial load which causes the effects of disease thus allowing the natural function of the body to revert to the norm. Or a diuretic ensures that water is excreted allowing the body to reduce it’s blood pressure. Water itself has no inherent effect without the drugs inside it.

Yes there exists a placebo and a nocebo effect but these have more to do with the cultural expectation of medicine rather than the memory of water.

This man is just a failure of our education system in the UK. This man is a product of the same education system that produced me and I for one am embarrassed that this level of bullshit can be produced by anyone who has sat the same exam as me.

And the very very worst bit of the whole thing? Is that more than 1200 people consider Matthew Silverstone as a paragon of scientific thought rather than a moron. 

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