The Falling Man

No Benevolent God would
let such a situation even occur.

Can you imagine throwing yourself to your death? On 11/9/2001, my father was on the World Trade Centre as a tourist. He had left well before the plane’s struck and was infact in the air so he didn’t realise what had happened but for a few minutes after the planes hit we were worried if it was his plane.

As I watched the news I ran into footage of people leaping to their deaths rather than face the flames.

And this eventually lead me to the photographer who took the footage and his interview. It’s good to remember the human cost of such events, so that we know the price we pay for our existence and our freedom and the price others are willing to force us to pay to remove those freedoms.

The man in question is Jonathan Briley and forever he will be immortalised as the man who fell.

I don’t think he was in god’s hands or that any deity was involved in his death. To me religion gave men the desire to commit murder. There was no god or gods, Only the worst of humanity surrounded by the utter best in all of us. The only angels that day were human ones, who showed valour and honour in doing “the right thing”. And that’s far more important than any god or gods. Belief in God created that horrible day, but it was man who ensured that people lived through it.

Remember those who fought, remember those who died. But don’t tarnish their memories by assigning a God to it. It was humans who made that day what it is and the difference is that such terror was created by the same humanity that showed unbelievable bravery. The only difference in one was the unifying belief in a God while the other side was unified by the idea that human beings should and can be more than just individuals trying to survive.

A hero is someone who tries to improve humanity as a whole even when scared and alone and at risk. People of all walks of life were heroes that day. God didn’t have anything to do with it. 


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