Ten Years On

Paul Krugman is spot on with his analysis of what happened since 11/9.

The USA learnt a valuable lesson from 11th of September, 2001. It learnt that there were dangerous people the world over who didn’t see eye to eye with it’s policies.

But what it didn’t learn was the reasons for why it was so disliked. The actions of the USA post 11/9 are quite deplorable. The loss of Freedom of it’s own citizens is coupled with the agony of it’s actions. The world is actually less safe as a place courtesy of said actions.

We can blame islamic terror for a lot of things, but what we cannot do is use it as an excuse for our own behaviour. The pain suffered by those who perished that day and the bravery of those who did the human thing was harnessed to harm a lot of people often for profit.

Islamic terrorists and their supporters cannot be pleased or bought of by our actions. They are crazy and rabidly so. Yesterday in London they burnt american flags. It is freedom of speech and action but it’s also a dick move.

To me greater things have been achieved in places like Libya and the Arab Spring than in Iraq. Afghanistan can also be a case of great things done if it were to work out positively. But as a whole, the fear of Islamic terror was used to reduce the freedoms of people across the globe and resulted in Americans themselves losing sight of what real freedom (No, the ability to own a handgun is not freedom, the ability to not be spied on is.) means.

Living in the past won’t help the USA. 11/9 was 10 years ago, and we do need to move on. Otherwise we just relive that day over and over rather than moving on with our lives.

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