Stay Classy – Airplane Edition

Innocent reading material
or Terror Manual?!

Oh my yes!

This is so incredibly daft that I don’t even know who thought this would end anything apart from this.

What sort of self respecting terrorist reads a book?! What sort of self respecting terrorist brings said book on a plane! What sort of person thinks you can fly a modern airplane based on reading about WW I and WW II era fighter planes? What sort of person thought that any of the above is a sane plan? And what sort of person calls the cops for such a retarded reason? Did they ever think that this would end well?

This is so incredibly silly that I cannot even imagine the thought process going through the minds of the people who called it in. Either the airline hires complete morons to crew their flights or someone called in a complaint about someone because they genuinely have fear issues about people with different skin colours and terror.


It’s mindboggling the amount of fear that could cause someone to call something like this in. I wonder what body in the USA spreads fear about flying and swarthy looking people.

Scaremongering for news ratings is a time honoured method of getting people to watch your show, but it isn’t good for you. There should be laws regarding the veracity of news and responsible reporting. Freedom of speech is an excellent thing, but it doesn’t mean you are free to say whatever you want.

And yes, it is racist. Horribly so, I do agree with the man in this article. I am sure no one would have cared were he reading a Jane’s Guide to Aircraft in one hand and a Tom Clancy/Andy McNab book in the other if her were white. Otherwise sales of airline book shops would plummet rapidly across the english speaking world, not to mention book reading rates.

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