Animal Liberation – “I rattle”

Back to Uni starts soon for a lot of americans, and Camille and Lisa are planning to start on biologists again.

See the problem here is they are getting others to do their dirty work, the university know about her and she can be barred from premises.

No what she is doing is encouraging the harassment of students by hiring other students to do so. It’s not illegal per-se but it is distasteful. She is harassing people for what they do in life and it’s not acceptable. It’s bullying and all bullying is unacceptable.

One of my personal heroes passed away unknown to me this year. Laura Cowell was called out as a poster child for animal research during a campaign for more Cystic Fibrosis research. She was attacked by many animal rights activists for trying to portray people indebted to big pharma.

Unlike others, Laura Cowell and her parents fought back. Laura passed away this year, fighting for a cure for people like herself in the way she could. She showed incredible bravery and strength to fight for the right to live and the rights of people like the very same people being harassed by the Animal Liberation movement. 

To put it into context, Professor Colin Blakemore and his children were threatened with explosives, harassment, assaults, letters edged with razorblades. His wife even attempted suicide, such was the level of harassment. Laura was just 16 when she decided to fight against people who were willing to make someone’s life a living hell. When I was 16 I was more interested in girls and drinking illegally, while she was fighting for a better future. And she won, the british animal liberation movement is a shadow of it’s former self thanks to work such as hers and her parents who fought tirelessly to protect the people who helped make her medications. 
We do research so we can help people like Laura have a real life, we do research so we can understand how to save them and to test out our hypotheses. We may look sadistic but we are no more a sadist than the surgeon who carves into human flesh.

I won’t forget. 


  1. FriskyMouseTrot says

    Keep rattling! It's music to my ears! I commend Laura for her courage and will always be grateful for everything that she did.

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