You are missing the point.

Dawkins calls out the Pope. And apparently Cathy Lynn Grossman didn’t quite get the reason why.

See, The Secular Europe Campaign is planning to march to protest against the current pope mainly because the current one was responsible for covering up various horrific abuses that were endemic to the church rather than punishing the individuals involved. Added to which the Catholic Church itself is responsible for

1. The Spread of HIV and AIDS and Overpopulation in many parts of the world due to the catholic stance on condom usage, not only failing to mention the use of contraception but actively seeking to reduce it’s use through a misinformation campaign that has cost quantifiable numbers of lives.

2.  Promotion of Segregated Education teaching different genders separately and ensuring that women receive an inferior level of education to men.

3. Denial of healthcare and abortions to even the most neediest of women.

4. Opposing GLBT rights including the de-criminalisation of homosexuality

5. Covering up and preventing priests from facing justice for the almost endemic cases of abuse that have arisen from the nature of the church structure. 

6. Altering history by trying to portray themselves as a benevolent force despite all the horrors perpetrated by the church. 

The Catholic Church provides services to “million” not out of the goodness of it’s own heart but out of the willingness to spread it’s faith far and wide. It’s not providing services to Africans and Asians because it wants to help them, but because it wants them to believe in it’s version of God.

It is trying to appear as the benevolent hand of god on earth when it is just another organisation. It would be as if Medicin Sans Frontier showed up with copies of Dianetics or if the Red Cross distributed Korans along with their vaccines. They aren’t doing good for the sake of good, they are often doing it to give themselves some footage with the community with which to leverage their faith onto people. 

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