I apologise for Piers Morgan

I must apologise for Piers Morgan, his attitude is simply daft. I understand a lot of Americans think “all brits are classy” but really behind his classy exterior beats the heart of simple silliness.

The really difficult questions in life such as “How did we get here” cannot be answered by a simple book. The amount of research being put into evolution and it’s evidence is astounding. We got here via evolution.

Abiogenesis? We are researching into that too and there are a variety of theories and experiments that show how we could have began but nothing conclusive.

Cosmologically? The jury is out but it’s rather bankrupt to say that “it’s a god” that did this. The answer is simply “we don’t know”. We are ignorant about this and we need to do some research to find out. It is no sin to say “I don’t know”, infact it is a virtue! Admission that you cannot understand something indicates that you are competent enough to know your limitations and while you may speak on the topic giving your opinions, you are doing so with the knowledge that you are merely stating opinion rather than scientific research. No one knows how the universe was created be it the religious or us atheists and scientists. We can produce models but the very nature of the start of the universe reduces the chance that we will know how it started. Stating that “it was a god” is merely a belief rather than something bound by the empirical knowledge of how things work.

Where do we go when we die? Nowhere, we simply stop. We are a biochemical machine and death is merely the breakdown of it. Piers is falling under the illusion that we have a soul which is simple not true since the very thing that makes me an Avicenna, Penn a magic wielding atheist badass and Piers Morgan a horrid oxygen thief is our brains. If there were some way to transplant Mr. Morgan’s Brain into my body then he would look like me but still be the same horrid oxygen thief. Our brain’s unique neuronal configuration gives us our personalities and our likes and dislikes. These are created through experiences and exposure to new ideas rather than something innate.

When we die we simply stop existing. There is nothing but oblivion, you certainly may be pissed off about it now but chances are you won’t be able to feel it after you are dead. We wish that we lived forever, that we can shed this mortal coil and go on to live another life. But that simply isn’t true.

A simple experiment with the human soul is seen in people with head injuries and alzheimers. These damage sections of the brain resulting in a degeneration of personality indicating that there is a link between the physical structure of the brain and our personality.

In short, I think Penn is actually holding back from insulting him considering his normal take no prisoners approach to dealing with bullshit. 

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