It Get’s Better – Let Joe tell you a Story

Ricky loved Madonna made my heart break a little.

We often forget people after they become statistics. In 2007 alone out of roughly 250,000 men who have sex with men (the term Gay Man is not used anymore because it ignores people who experiment and people who are bisexual), roughly 5000 a year die.

But remember those are rough figures. And that those who die are people just like Ricky. Just like you and me. They have dreams like us. They had things they were passionate about be it questionable pop music or writing stupid blogs.

But most of all remember that we could avoid this and we can stop more of these stories. It should be Ricky Loves Madonna, not Loved. And we can do it, we are humans. We touched the fucking moon and killed smallpox. We can kill HIV once and for all.

Support those who fight or fight yourself against it. Wear a red ribbon, give money, support needle exchanges, support gay rights and proper sex education. Teach your boys to take responsibility and use protection. Teach your girls to do the same too since the numbers of straight people getting the disease are on the rise.

And above all remember that statistics merely give you a picture, but the picture is made up of real people. We are all statistics at some point.

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