It is official, the Rock Beyond Belief event is going to take place with support from the US military. It’s good to see people finally accept that there are military atheists and that the overt bias towards christianity in the US army has negative consequences.

However, you do see a lot of little niggling things. Rock Beyond Belief is also an open event, anyone is welcome to come. However it is catered solely to an atheist crowd rather than a christian one. I expect what christians consider to be blasphemy to be common in the RBB event list. The chaplain in this doesn’t see an issue with how easily the army let evangelicals throw a party while atheists were forced to literally fight every step of the way to do something as simple as throw a party where one of the smallest belief minorities in the world can get together to feel a little less alone.

There are many people with doubts about their faith, there are many people with no faith. I don’t think atheism is something we prosletyse. It’s hard to, you can only get atheism when you have doubts about your faith. If there are no doubts then nothing we say will change your mind, but there are people with doubts who wish to be free from the bondage of religion and for them we can offer support.

Sitting in a church or a mosque or a temple going through the motions doesn’t really help you, but most people in the world believe that they do. The few that don’t or have doubts are those who make up our ranks. Most people fear of coming out and saying what they are lest they be treated like this. The Fundie Christians will probably be there to irritate and harass people who attend it but who cares, the skeptics who attend will quickly learn that they aren’t alone.

It’s an open event, and yes many atheists are virulently anti faith and with good reason. We aren’t really treated that well by the religious and the religious do have a habit of doing things which are incredibly selfish and poorly thought out. They often conflate personal belief in something to a personal vendetta to ensure something occurs for everyone irrespective of what people think.

“There are no atheists in foxholes, that may be the case, but I see this as less of an argument against atheists and more of one against foxholes.”

I recently had the good luck to run into Sgt. Griffith (The Foxhole Atheist) on the facebooks. He has done so much for atheists in foxholes and indeed atheism as a group that this is a personal victory for him.

A hero is merely someone who does what needs doing when no one else is willing. Be it save a life, take a risk, give someone a hand or give up his own life… It isn’t faith or culture or anything that makes a hero, it’s his humanity. There is no hand of god, there is only love and empathy and all those chemical betrayals of emotion that drive us to do such amazing things.

And isn’t that more impressive than being compelled to do things by an invisible man? There is no difference in bravery between a man or a woman, between straight or gay and especially between faith and atheism. 

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