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Skeptical OB is a blog written by Dr. Amy and I approve of her message against “home birthing movements”.

I understand the need of home birth in India, not everyone has access to medical care in India that includes a trained Ob/Gyn. The options for a large part of India (Majority of India is a rural rather than urban) is the traditional midwife.

So it makes sense to give her some help to reduce the mortality rate she faces. To give her some training to atleast ensure that childbirth without complications have a higher survival rate. It’s simple things like sterile packs to make a sterile environment and education. India’s perinatal mortality rate in 1999 was 34 per 1000 (infant mortality is from birth to a year and is an indicator of a lot of really basic healthcare and disease prevention schemes. Perinatal mortality rates are an indicator of presence of pre birth and post birth care. That period of 3 months (6 to 9 months and the first month of the baby’s life) is the “big risk period”.

For instance the modified infant  mortality rate in India is 72 out of 1000 live births. However in the peri-natal period nearly 30 babies die. Basically it’s 30 in the last two months of pregnancy and first month of pregnancy and a further 42 after that. A lot of it is down to indian women eating badly due to poverty a lot of it is untrained midwives rather than obstetricians who just aren’t available (when you have a billion people…)

To India the easiest fix was to deal with midwives. In the western world that kind of behaviour is “bloody inexcusable”.

The obstetricians are our “midwives” because they are incredibly well trained and educated. They are no slouches when it comes to “normal deliveries” and definitely trained and qualified enough to deal with the many issues that can occur out of a normal pregnancy plus they are trained in emergencies which do occur and when they do occur are deadly to both.

So read away! It’s heartbreaking to read the stories on Dr. Amy’s site and it’s a rather forgotten piece of woo that we rarely hear about (I certainly didn’t know that there was a home birth movement until this morning). 

Stay Classy – Airplane Edition

Innocent reading material
or Terror Manual?!

Oh my yes!

This is so incredibly daft that I don’t even know who thought this would end anything apart from this.

What sort of self respecting terrorist reads a book?! What sort of self respecting terrorist brings said book on a plane! What sort of person thinks you can fly a modern airplane based on reading about WW I and WW II era fighter planes? What sort of person thought that any of the above is a sane plan? And what sort of person calls the cops for such a retarded reason? Did they ever think that this would end well?

This is so incredibly silly that I cannot even imagine the thought process going through the minds of the people who called it in. Either the airline hires complete morons to crew their flights or someone called in a complaint about someone because they genuinely have fear issues about people with different skin colours and terror.


It’s mindboggling the amount of fear that could cause someone to call something like this in. I wonder what body in the USA spreads fear about flying and swarthy looking people.

Scaremongering for news ratings is a time honoured method of getting people to watch your show, but it isn’t good for you. There should be laws regarding the veracity of news and responsible reporting. Freedom of speech is an excellent thing, but it doesn’t mean you are free to say whatever you want.

And yes, it is racist. Horribly so, I do agree with the man in this article. I am sure no one would have cared were he reading a Jane’s Guide to Aircraft in one hand and a Tom Clancy/Andy McNab book in the other if her were white. Otherwise sales of airline book shops would plummet rapidly across the english speaking world, not to mention book reading rates.

Animal Liberation – “I rattle”

Back to Uni starts soon for a lot of americans, and Camille and Lisa are planning to start on biologists again.

See the problem here is they are getting others to do their dirty work, the university know about her and she can be barred from premises.

No what she is doing is encouraging the harassment of students by hiring other students to do so. It’s not illegal per-se but it is distasteful. She is harassing people for what they do in life and it’s not acceptable. It’s bullying and all bullying is unacceptable.

One of my personal heroes passed away unknown to me this year. Laura Cowell was called out as a poster child for animal research during a campaign for more Cystic Fibrosis research. She was attacked by many animal rights activists for trying to portray people indebted to big pharma.

Unlike others, Laura Cowell and her parents fought back. Laura passed away this year, fighting for a cure for people like herself in the way she could. She showed incredible bravery and strength to fight for the right to live and the rights of people like the very same people being harassed by the Animal Liberation movement. 

To put it into context, Professor Colin Blakemore and his children were threatened with explosives, harassment, assaults, letters edged with razorblades. His wife even attempted suicide, such was the level of harassment. Laura was just 16 when she decided to fight against people who were willing to make someone’s life a living hell. When I was 16 I was more interested in girls and drinking illegally, while she was fighting for a better future. And she won, the british animal liberation movement is a shadow of it’s former self thanks to work such as hers and her parents who fought tirelessly to protect the people who helped make her medications. 
We do research so we can help people like Laura have a real life, we do research so we can understand how to save them and to test out our hypotheses. We may look sadistic but we are no more a sadist than the surgeon who carves into human flesh.

I won’t forget. 

They are at it again!

Ah the usual quacks at Natural News are upto their old denials again.

See the problem is Natural News is a relatively large site so it gets hits quite easily from scared parents who want to find out more about this whole “vaccine bruhaha” so they find the site and quickly are scared into not vaccinating their child.

People assume that their child is ill because of the vaccine assuming that children before vaccination were healthy and hale, not prone to dying from disease. They think Tom Sayer was the norm, not Tiny Tim.

Big Pharma, the CDC and other public health organizations tell the mainstream media (MSM) what to report about outbreaks and epidemics. So you may have the impression that recent measles outbreaks are occurring because of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination refusals.

According to official public health documents kept from public attention, the opposite is true. Many stricken with measles have had the full array of three MMR vaccinations.

Really? Where does it say that? I seem to have missed out on the whole MMR vaccination doesn’t work. Apparently our immune systems don’t function when it comes down to Measles, Mumps and Rubella antigens unless we actually contract the disease. Apparently it will work with polio, smallpox and other diseases but not these three. And naturally P. F Louis here has proof?


Wrong! Unfortunately he doesn’t once give any actual proof. In his information the one sole piece of actual scientific stats is regarding the single Measles killed vaccine, not the MMR vaccine. The entire source material list reads like a who’s who of quackery including a link back to themselves. Their actual statement includes the “because I say it’s so!” argument.

If you’re old enough, you may remember that measles and mumps were common childhood diseases that came and went. The incidence of death or permanent damage was very small. Once you recovered from measles, you were immunized for life.

Prior to the invention of the measles vaccine the USA had roughly an average of 500,000 cases of measles a year. In that a small handful of cases ended up dying. It wasn’t that bad a disease mainly because the USA had good healthcare available to ensure your child didn’t die.

But that’s the thing, the disease is dire enough to require special medical attention and medical attention costs money.

Not to mention it doesn’t mention the permanent side effects of measles. Mental Retardation and Death. You see a small proportion of measles cases end up in something called Measles Encephalitis which results in you having a good chance becoming mentally retarded or dying as the disease infects your brain. There are no drugs that can reach it and we cannot give the anti-fever medication to children as that is toxic too (Asprin is poisonous to children).

In the USA the mortality rate for measles is 0.3% (remember you are paying for people to treat your child). Out of a 1000 measles cases 3 will die. In a poorer nation the mortality rate is often as high as 28%. AKA out of a 1000 cases 280 will die.

Not so mild now is it?

The rate of measles outbreaks began declining during the 1970s. This may be attributed to increased immunity by those who had measles and recovered, or a decline in the virulence of measles.

But of course, the medical establishment wants you to believe all infectious disease declines are from vaccines. The opposite is usually factual. It has been documented and graphed that measles had diminished greatly before vaccinations were administered.

1.2 million people is the population of Dallas

How interesting? In both cases the rate of infection goes down after the vaccine is introduced. The USA had a mass vaccination program that causes a massive drop in infection so much so that in 20 years after the vaccination program started an estimated 52 million cases were prevented, the rate of mental retardation dropped by nearly 17,400 and 5,200 deaths were prevented.

In 1999 this was applied to the world stage, and between 1999 to 2004 aggressive vaccination has lead to a worldwide drop in mortality to the estimated tune of 1.2 MILLION people.

Apparently we simply keep getting lucky with all those vaccines releasing them just as diseases get incredibly polite and stop killing us. To the anti-vaccine crowd the drop in mortality isn’t due to improvements in healthcare but the loss of virulence. To them the drop in incidence post vaccination is merely coincidental.

A simple test is this, I have taken the MMR vaccine. I have worked in an infectious disease ward with measles sufferers before. Measles has a 90% transmission rate and I didn’t catch it. Neither did any other student in there with me. IF the MMR vaccine was not taken then 9/10 of us would be ill.

The three in one MMR shot was developed during that decade for convenience. Prior to that, there was one vaccination for every disease. But the three in one MMR is inoculated on three separate occasions within a few months, usually before 15 months of age. Preteens and teenagers are often subjected to this risky business as well if they missed the early schedule.

Actually the MMR vaccine is shown to have superior efficiency. During the period of 1992-97, the UK had no cases of Measles, Mumps or Rubella deaths. Japan on the other hand used individual vaccines and had 72 deaths before they swapped to the superior vaccine. The reason is that the MMR has better coverage.

It’s not risky business, less than 0.4% suffer from fever and a rash after the vaccine but atleast they aren’t likely to have their brain fried by a disease that is preventable.

There have been many, and the various public health organizations, including the CDC, are well aware of them. Yet, pediatricians convince and school boards coerce parents into making sure their children get three MMR vaccinations in short succession. Obviously, not enough know of measles breakouts among the vaccinated.

Medical authorities eager to vaccinate maintain it takes a population vaccination rate of 90% to ensure an “immunized” disease will not break out within that community. This high percentage was contrived as necessary for “herd immunity,” which would prevent any outbreak from occurring.

That has been proven false. Basic logic begs the question: Why do so many have to be vaccinated if those who are vaccinated are immune? Could it be that the vaccinated are not really immune. One thing is for certain, vaccinating 90% of all populations creates more revenue.

Every link provided to back this up mentions the single dose KILLED vaccine being used rather than the live (attenuated vaccine). An attenuated virus is superior because it causes a mild infection (hence the 0.4% immune reaction rate) where the body responds properly and has a stronger antigenic quality than a bunch of non infective particles. It’s like learning to fight versus a sparring partner rather than a dummy. The dummy is good but a sparring partner is better.

Vaccination does not make doctors money. Do you know what makes doctors money? Charging you for life saving medication and treatment when your child has measles. The cost of a single course (all three doses) of MMR is $8 (let’s thrown in paraphenilia costs shall we?). The cost of medical care for a single measles sufferer is around $40 for antibiotics (that prevent that 28% mortality rate), $5 for acetomenophen, And goddamn $100 from your physician. And this is without the instances of mental retardation which will FOREVER be a drain on you. To the tune of a lot higher than $8 a day.

Take a hint, $8 for the entire course is NOTHING compared to the tragedy of seeing someone succumb to something preventable. 

However if we are discussing cold hard money then the skinny is this. Do you think $8 is expensive when compared to how much money you will lose if your kid contracts measles? Your child has to stay off school and requires you at the very least to stay at home. There will be a loss of earnings and an overall economic loss of productivity losing more than $8 in an HOUR let alone a day. 

It’s just an appalling thing to do. It’s a bunch of people with no medical qualification, sprouting nonsense on how amazing it was when we suffered from measles completely forgetting that people still do suffer from measles and people still die distressingly easily from it.

It is a movement of privilege which fails to see the medical effort that goes into ensuring people do not die from measles and assuming that there is none.

There is no big medical conspiracy to take your money, because you know what? Every doctor worth his initials will swear this upon his degree, his stethoscope and his white coat that Medicine is the only field in the world that actively seeks to destroy it’s livelihood. That we don’t like people getting sick.

Ultimately it boils down to this. There are people with no idea about medicine giving medical advice and there are scared people out there who listen to them. Any failings they have aren’t due to their incompetence or lack of knowledge but due to the supposed machinations of doctors and the supposed all powerful medical establishment that does things for no adequately sensible reason. It’s just that ludicrous a concept that the people at Natural News bandy around. 

I apologise for Piers Morgan

I must apologise for Piers Morgan, his attitude is simply daft. I understand a lot of Americans think “all brits are classy” but really behind his classy exterior beats the heart of simple silliness.

The really difficult questions in life such as “How did we get here” cannot be answered by a simple book. The amount of research being put into evolution and it’s evidence is astounding. We got here via evolution.

Abiogenesis? We are researching into that too and there are a variety of theories and experiments that show how we could have began but nothing conclusive.

Cosmologically? The jury is out but it’s rather bankrupt to say that “it’s a god” that did this. The answer is simply “we don’t know”. We are ignorant about this and we need to do some research to find out. It is no sin to say “I don’t know”, infact it is a virtue! Admission that you cannot understand something indicates that you are competent enough to know your limitations and while you may speak on the topic giving your opinions, you are doing so with the knowledge that you are merely stating opinion rather than scientific research. No one knows how the universe was created be it the religious or us atheists and scientists. We can produce models but the very nature of the start of the universe reduces the chance that we will know how it started. Stating that “it was a god” is merely a belief rather than something bound by the empirical knowledge of how things work.

Where do we go when we die? Nowhere, we simply stop. We are a biochemical machine and death is merely the breakdown of it. Piers is falling under the illusion that we have a soul which is simple not true since the very thing that makes me an Avicenna, Penn a magic wielding atheist badass and Piers Morgan a horrid oxygen thief is our brains. If there were some way to transplant Mr. Morgan’s Brain into my body then he would look like me but still be the same horrid oxygen thief. Our brain’s unique neuronal configuration gives us our personalities and our likes and dislikes. These are created through experiences and exposure to new ideas rather than something innate.

When we die we simply stop existing. There is nothing but oblivion, you certainly may be pissed off about it now but chances are you won’t be able to feel it after you are dead. We wish that we lived forever, that we can shed this mortal coil and go on to live another life. But that simply isn’t true.

A simple experiment with the human soul is seen in people with head injuries and alzheimers. These damage sections of the brain resulting in a degeneration of personality indicating that there is a link between the physical structure of the brain and our personality.

In short, I think Penn is actually holding back from insulting him considering his normal take no prisoners approach to dealing with bullshit. 

You are missing the point.

Dawkins calls out the Pope. And apparently Cathy Lynn Grossman didn’t quite get the reason why.

See, The Secular Europe Campaign is planning to march to protest against the current pope mainly because the current one was responsible for covering up various horrific abuses that were endemic to the church rather than punishing the individuals involved. Added to which the Catholic Church itself is responsible for

1. The Spread of HIV and AIDS and Overpopulation in many parts of the world due to the catholic stance on condom usage, not only failing to mention the use of contraception but actively seeking to reduce it’s use through a misinformation campaign that has cost quantifiable numbers of lives.

2.  Promotion of Segregated Education teaching different genders separately and ensuring that women receive an inferior level of education to men.

3. Denial of healthcare and abortions to even the most neediest of women.

4. Opposing GLBT rights including the de-criminalisation of homosexuality

5. Covering up and preventing priests from facing justice for the almost endemic cases of abuse that have arisen from the nature of the church structure. 

6. Altering history by trying to portray themselves as a benevolent force despite all the horrors perpetrated by the church. 

The Catholic Church provides services to “million” not out of the goodness of it’s own heart but out of the willingness to spread it’s faith far and wide. It’s not providing services to Africans and Asians because it wants to help them, but because it wants them to believe in it’s version of God.

It is trying to appear as the benevolent hand of god on earth when it is just another organisation. It would be as if Medicin Sans Frontier showed up with copies of Dianetics or if the Red Cross distributed Korans along with their vaccines. They aren’t doing good for the sake of good, they are often doing it to give themselves some footage with the community with which to leverage their faith onto people. 

It Get’s Better – Let Joe tell you a Story

Ricky loved Madonna made my heart break a little.

We often forget people after they become statistics. In 2007 alone out of roughly 250,000 men who have sex with men (the term Gay Man is not used anymore because it ignores people who experiment and people who are bisexual), roughly 5000 a year die.

But remember those are rough figures. And that those who die are people just like Ricky. Just like you and me. They have dreams like us. They had things they were passionate about be it questionable pop music or writing stupid blogs.

But most of all remember that we could avoid this and we can stop more of these stories. It should be Ricky Loves Madonna, not Loved. And we can do it, we are humans. We touched the fucking moon and killed smallpox. We can kill HIV once and for all.

Support those who fight or fight yourself against it. Wear a red ribbon, give money, support needle exchanges, support gay rights and proper sex education. Teach your boys to take responsibility and use protection. Teach your girls to do the same too since the numbers of straight people getting the disease are on the rise.

And above all remember that statistics merely give you a picture, but the picture is made up of real people. We are all statistics at some point.

Haterade – Can I speak to the Kettle?

Help! We are being attacked by the Straw Man!

Islamophobia is on the rise. At it’s basic? It is an unnatural fear of Islam with hearsay and gossip being believed rather than reality.

See Islam is the new Communism, the new Fascism. The new enemy, but we don’t want to be racist right? After all muslims generally don’t look “european/american”. So people say things like

Islam’s practice and growth affects us all, whether we subscribe to the religion or not. Islam is becoming more and more prevalent in our society and we are constantly being asked to accommodate it at the expense of our values, principles, institutions and way of life. Many far-sighted, well-informed people think our culture is doomed and our country will be turned into an Islamic state if it is left unchecked.

See, what the author means is “why are we even talking to muslims? Why do we let them have mosques and prayer rooms and societies?”. When asked “why do we have a christian society or a jewish one” they respond with the idea that it’s tradition. 

The people who see our culture as doomed and that we (in the west) will become an islamic muslim filled land are honestly deluding themselves or worse, are scare mongering to drum up support for their bigotry.

We don’t hate gays,
we just hate homosexuality!

So the right wing christian publication Canada Free Press draws up a primer with the idea of informing us about the threat of Islam, starting with the admission that they hate the sin not the sinner. I mean, that they hate Islam not muslims, and we know how that works out.  

Islam teaches that it is the one true religion and that all other religions and belief systems are false and not accepted by Allah. Believers are seen as inherently superior to unbelievers. There is no respect or tolerance for people of other faiths or beliefs in Islam, who are thought of as contemptible, unworthy, enemies of Allah and less than human. Islam teaches that it is a sacred duty of believers to convert, subjugate or kill all unbelievers in order to purify the earth, which belongs to Allah alone. It justifies any act which leads to their conversion, subjugation or death. There is no mention of Allah’s love or regard for unbelievers in the Koran. Allah’s hatred for them and cruelty towards them are mentioned over 500 times however.

Islam is an abrahamic religion. All Abrahamic religions say that they are the “one true faith”. Hell christians are so fractitious that each different creed of christianity says that they are the one true faith and all other christians are doing it wrong. Everything that applies to Islam also applies to Christianity. Hell the Jews actually refer to themselves as “the chosen people” as do the christians. It’s not “everyone good is going to go to magic reward land”, its only people “who believe in Deus Ex Machina of Sin”. Abrahamic faith isn’t one of love despite what it’s says, it may have started like that but at it’s core it is born out of hate and fear.

It’s not torture! It’s enhanced interrogation technique!

Islam’s purpose is to have everyone on earth live under Islamic rule and Islamic law, Sharia. The fact that this means destroying all non-Islamic societies and shedding vast amounts of blood is irrelevant. The command comes straight from Allah through Muhammad to the Koran and is non-negotiable, like everything else in the book. All other forms of government are seen as a sin and an insult to Allah and striving to institute Sharia worldwide is an Islamic imperative. Jihad is the individual and communal effort to expand the territory ruled by believers, to spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law throughout the world by whatever means are necessary. Believers have conducted jihad against unbelievers from Islam’s beginning to the present time. Indeed, every single day that goes by is full of examples of believers conducting jihad against unbelievers and carrying out horrific acts in the name of Islam, up to and including mutilation, torture, homicide and mass murder.

The First missionaries were the Catholics who
came to teach the native populace
 that the Protestants were wrong.
Then came the Protestants who came to teach
that the Catholics were wrong.
The only thing the Protestants and Catholics
really agreed about
was that the natives
had been extremely wrong for
the past two thousand years.

Unlike christians who wish for the world to be a secular and balanced world where no one’s religion is raised over the other and faith is kept out of public office? Unlike christians who have never destroyed any societies and cultures shedding vast amounts of blood or destroying local culture in order to spread theirs? Christians don’t have dominon movements or people passing laws solely on the basis of their faith? 
This shows a kind of specific blindness and hypocrisy ignoring crusade, pogrom and inquisitor to portray christianity as a benign force. It may be one now in comparison to Islam but lest we forget we destroyed the hold of the church over our minds in Europe and so have learn the price of being like Islam. America has not and what we see is a political system where how pious you are is more important than your ability and understanding of complex issues. 

And this forgets that there are christians who also conduct acts of mutilation, torture, homicide and mass murder. They just mainly happen to be black and no one really cares about black people in Africa. 

The missionaries of Africa were a product of colonialism, their mission was the subjugation of people and the method was the destruction of native culture by making people rely on the church rather than their own hands.

Once, Africans had the land and the europeans brought them the bible. Now all the africans have left is the bible and none of the land. Their reliance on faith has left them blinded to their own perils as they suffer horrendously. And still the church does nothing but send more missionaries to spread more ignorance and suffering. Christianity has doomed millions to death as surely as it fired a gun with it’s teachings of abstinence that misfired so horrifically in Africa leaving millions infected with HIV and suffering from AIDS.

Islam permits lying by believers to unbelievers and is in fact the only major religion with a well-developed canon sanctioning this. Lying to unbelievers takes one of two forms in Islam, taqiyya or kitman. Taqiyya is lying or deceiving by saying something which isn’t true and kitman is lying and deceiving by omission, by telling only part of the truth and withholding the rest. Both come from Allah and the Koran and may be used in a wide variety of circumstances, one of them being to gain the trust of unbelievers to make them weaker and more vulnerable prior to defeating them, another being to comply with any of Islam’s myriad imperatives. Taqiyya and kitman have been used extensively throughout Islam’s history to deceive unbelievers and to gloss over Islam’s true nature and intentions and spread the rule of Islam and Islamic law. Our time is no exception. Believers are constantly lying to unbelievers to bring them under Islam’s yoke.

This is not Halal,
But if your life and wellbeing needed it Islam has a
caveat that allows you to take this
to improve the quality of your life.
Because apparently they had an ounce of common sense.

Islam does allow you to lie under a very specific circumstance. See, Islam is actually pretty sensible and does understand the simple concept of duress. See in the Shi’a faith of islam, the rule of Taqiyaa allows you to “lie” about your faith (yes, ONLY your faith) or commit acts of blasphemy and acts illegal to Islam if under compulsion, persecution and direct threat. It also applies if you do so to save someone else’s life.

So Muslims in the past have used this law to save their lives if they needed Insulin prior to humalin (The insulin is bovine and porcine and not Halal). Or if you threaten to kill a puppy if they don’t eat a ham sandwich. Or if their lives are in serious risk. Kitman is “lying by omission” which is “not telling the whole truth”. AKA there is an army over there is the truth but not mentioning the ambush waiting for them is what is called “lying by omission”.

AKA it’s a law filled with common sense. It accepts that not everone is cut out to be a badass martyr and it allows people who just want to get on with their lives an option to keep themselves safe.

Islam and violence cannot be separated. They are virtually one and the same and always have been. Violence is at the heart of the religion and violent men and acts are revered and venerated. 

That’s because Islam is based of the old testament. Just like a certain other historically violent religion. 

The first door to door proselytisers
were a lot more annoying.
On the plus side etiquette allowed you
to shoot them with a crossbow.

Christians and Jews are held in particularly low regard in Islam… They had to pay a poll tax called the Jizya to affirm their inferior status and indigenous Christians and Jews had to pay a land tax called the Kharadj as well… They were also discriminated against in many other legal ways, all of which were designed to punish, humiliate and degrade them and keep them in their place. Even in the best of times their existence was extremely precarious and they could be forced to convert or killed for real or imagined transgressions on a moment’s notice. Hatred, revulsion and discrimination towards Christians and Jews has always been an intrinsic part of Islam and remains so to the present day. Christians and Jews continue to be constantly vilified, discriminated against and victimized by Islam, often violently. Attacks of all sorts are very common throughout the world. This is all the will of Allah as expressed to Muhammad and is entrenched in the Koran.

Indeed, Christians never did that. Instead you had a simple choice. 

Convert… or Die. 

Don’t forget the atrocities of your own, lest they be repeated.  

Misogyny and maltreatment of women are fundamental precepts and defining characteristics of Islam. Under Islam women are treated as chattels, marginalized, dehumanized, objectified, mistreated, beaten, raped, disfigured, persecuted, dominated and killed as a matter of course. This is all perfectly legitimate and is sanctified by Allah’s revelations, the Koran, Muhammad’s behavior and Islamic law. It is endemic in Islamic societies now and has been since Islam first came into existence. Women have no real rights under Islam at all, including the most basic ones of all, the right to life and the right to personal safety and security. Among other things, Islam teaches that a woman is worth less than a man, women are required to cover themselves, women are not allowed to be alone with a man who is not a relative, husbands are allowed to beat their wives, the testimony of a woman in court is worth half of a mans, women cannot travel by themselves, adulterers are to be put to death, a woman must have four male witnesses to prove rape and her testimony is not accepted and on and on in the same vein. In Islam women are under the charge of men and totally controlled and completely subservient to them, be they husbands, fathers, sons, relatives or others. This has been the case from day one.

This is a problem in all abrahamic faith which is inherently misogynistic (If you couldn’t tell). Christianity only accepts women in powerful places now because of WW2 where we HAD to accept women in our factories to maintain production and our destruction of the grasp of the church over normal life thus preventing priests from telling us how hard we should beat our wives.

The same rule that applies to Islam also applied to christianity. It’s just that if you tried it we would take you and put you in jail. The same rule applies to muslims in our nations. The laws of the land always apply.

Islam commands that those who insult Allah, Muhammad or Islam itself should be killed. So should those who desecrate the Koran or commit other acts of blasphemy. Mocking, satirizing, questioning or criticizing are all considered acts of blasphemy.

Yes and Christianity doesn’t? Let’s just remember that the people who stated that they don’t wish for the 9/11 monument to be a solely christian thing received thousands of death threats within a few hours including people offering to kill them.

Believers consider lands which were once possessed by Islam to be Islamic forever, 

Isn’t that the very basis of Israel and the Jewish State?

That’s Islam in brief. So how does it manifest itself in today’s world? The answer is violently, viciously and totally uncompromisingly, the same way it has since its birth. Every day all over the world believers are murdering, maiming, torturing, beating, raping and otherwise horribly treating men, women and children of all ages in its name. Every day all over the world Islam is trying to force unbelievers to submit to its imperatives, to make everyone live under Islamic law. Every day all over the world Islam is attacking freedom, democracy, secularism and pluralism. Every day all over the world Islam is trying to wipe out freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and everything else that is requisite in free, non Islamic societies. Every day all over the world Islam is committing terrorist acts, often including mass murder. Islam is a violent, destructive, intolerant, supremacist, expansionist, religion and mindset and it proves the point every day wherever it is found, including wherever it is you happen to live. None of this is occurring, or has ever occurred for that matter, because anyone misinterprets or misunderstands it either. That is what Islam is and has always been, pure and simple.

Islam is no different to Christianity pre-renaissance. The power of free thought broke the hold of the church over Europe. War and death and waste of WW I and II further made people wary of the promises of their clergy. Christianity is neutered and declawed but it still has it’s deadly proponents, the various religious right of europe form the ranks of the Neo Nazi movement. The american right seeks to reduce the rights of Homosexuals and Women. In africa the actions of such groups as the LRA are infamous.

Christianity has always been a brutish violent religion too historically, as have every major religion out there. However they change and tarring all religion with the same brush just makes discourse difficult. And it alienates moderate muslims who don’t like the way their fundies behave. However if you lump them all into the same basket then you are just drumming up hate.

This article is one of hate, it encourages you to fear muslims. Nothing they say is the truth, they just want to dominate you, they just want to steal your daughters and your bacon sandwiches. The article forgets that all Abrahamic Faith shares core principles and the core pr
inciples of Islam are almost the same as christianity. 

Islam has very real problems. There is no intellectual discourse. There is a penchance for violence. There is a penchance for demagoguery and a lot of islamic culture isn’t interested in producing well educated balanced individuals lest they break the shackles of faith. In the west the majority of it’s followers are poor and poorly educated. It is an extremely misogynist faith since unlike Judaism and Christianity there hasn’t been a real feminist movement for it’s followers. No one is willing to speak out and make changes and there is no forum for the voice of moderate Islam while the fundies shout the loudest. Without a mechanism of change the moderates will disappear eventually leaving us with just fundies to deal with.

Articles like this don’t help. They don’t inform and all they do is spread lies and hate and scare people.

Just remember the largest growing faith maybe Islam but that’s only because there is a movement rising faster than Islam. Secularism… And secularism doesn’t like religious stuff in places of power. Be it a solely christian monument to those who perished on 9/11, to the actions of the pope, to the teaching of science in class rooms and yes… to the encouragement of the replacement of our secular law with those from any religious text be it the bible or the koran.

All this talk about Porn has me thinking about Religion

You can have all these things without belief in a magical being. The Creator? Which one? Brahma doesn’t need respect, it’s Vishnu that does? Maybe you should respect Allah?

A simple adage is this. Treat religion as you would your penis. Ladies, take five minutes to understand the ramifications of having one (For starters you get paid better and people will assume that you are in charge of all decisions.)

1. Don’t whip it out in public, it’s bad form
2. Don’t compare it with others with the idea of showing off how big it is.
3. Don’t listen to it, all the advice it gives is bad.
4. Keep it out of children, the dead, the dying and the unwilling.
5. Don’t use it to dominate those who don’t have one.

When in doubt always ask the question. If I replace the word penis instead of religion, does it offend or hurt anyone? 

Pornography and You

Ah pornography! It’s hard to discuss pornography without looking like a gigantic pervert or a frothing at the mouth lunatic.

So you can rest assured with this admission. I watch pornography. I think that it is a natural part of life and it is healthy if seen in the right context. Yes I understand that most pornography caters to a male power fantasy rather than reality and yes I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy like most sane people all over the world.

Yes, the mere admission that I watch pornography will probably have a lot of people glance disgustingly at my hands but here is the thing. Many people do watch porn, even if they don’t admit it. We are awfully coy about it. Watching porn is only a perversion because we are being coy rather than because we are being sensible. 

But some people think otherwise, providing a list pointing out all that is wrong with me. Not only am I doomed to hairy palms and blindness but also to eternal damnation.

Good madam! Your burkha
has shrunk! As have my trousers!

It’s enough to put one of one’s stroke.

1)  Pornography feeds lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh, which are never satisfied.  It leaves the viewer craving more and more in order to achieve the same “sexual high.”  It easily enslaves people to their own cravings and opens the door to other forms of evil, like anger, abuse, violence, hatred, lying, envy, compulsiveness and selfishness.   The power behind porn is revealed when the porn addict tries to stop their habit – it is virtually impossible without help. 

Pornography does feed the lust of the eyes and body, the very point of pornography is to achieve an orgasm and masturbation. Yes, yes, it’s really icky and really gross but we are living beings and we do reproduce by firing body fluids into each other. Most of us are here due to the exchange of body fluids. It’s fun, it’s why people have sex. If sex was terrible we wouldn’t have so much of it.

Pornography as a thing can only be blamed for two things. Unreasonable expectations and a bit of a mess. It’s not responsible for anger, abuse, violence, envy and selfishness. The lying is due to social acceptance. If you live in a place where porn is normal then “are you watching porn” will be responded with “yes” rather than “don’t come in! I am working on a project!”

I like sex, I just am not having any at this point. I haven’t had any for nearly 3 years, I have not many other options bar pornography. Many people are in this state, not everyone is having sex at this point. Some of us cannot and porn is a healthy way of releasing that stress. I don’t have to watch pornography everyday and neither do most people, but some people do get addicted. Some people get addicted to Jesus but you don’t see us demeaning them either. 

I have been a really,
Really, REALLY Bad girl!

2)  Pornography sexualizes the viewer’s mindset.   It warps and perverts their perspective such that sex is unnaturally elevated in their thoughts.   Porn’s images are stamped into viewer’s  brain with the aid of hormones released during sexual arousal.  Even if a person decides to stop looking at porn, the past images can remain for years or even a lifetime.

Only temporarily and yes, for the time period of viewing porn your perspective is warped and that sex is on your mind. It’s called concentration. In the same way that you concentrate on a movie or a book, you concentrate on porn.

And yes you can remember porn, in the same way you can remember a bible verse or a nice cake. And the biological basis of pornography indicates that it’s natural to watch porn. Think of it this way, if God made you then why do you get pleasure from looking at naked people and sex? Could it be that deriving pleasure from sex is a natural thing?

3)  Pornography promotes destructive practices and can lead to progressive addiction.  For example, porn sites routinely link viewers to depictions of every type of sexual perversion imaginable, such as child porn, homosexuality, bestiality, necrophilia (sexual interest in corpses), masochism (pleasure from abuse or suffering), rape and sadism (gratification from inflicting physical or mental pain on others).  The viewer’s exposure to such themes naturally increases the likelihood that they may attempt to act out what they’ve viewed.  This can lead to sexual crimes, a la the late Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway (The Green River Killer).

Strange. The ones I go on just seem to have straight/gay/trans pornography. Maybe S&M but that’s not my cup of tea but that too is natural but now is neither the time and place to show off my understanding of S&M theory.

Most of those things are illegal. Sex with a minor is punishable by super jail time, bestiality is animal abuse, necrophilia is just unhygienic and rape is really illegal.

The idea that mere exposure to pornography will cause you to become a murderer is faulty. By that logic being american may turn you into a killer (Both are American). Most serial killers come from traumatic childhoods which cause them to turn into serial killers. One can point out that Ted Bundy was pathologically abused as a child by a heavily religious step father and his father’s abusive nature to women could have imprinted on Bundy. Because I don’t feel like raping and killing anyone right now and really haven’t ever felt like doing so. Not even when watching pornography.

4)  Pornography intensifies an individual’s drive to serve oneself, rather than serve others.  For example, masturbation, which typically accompanies looking at pornography reinforces a self-centered sexual orientation (i.e. lust), which can detract from a person’s ability to give and receive love.

What are you? A virgin? Masturbation! Wanking! A handy shandy! Playing with your Self! Spanking the Monkey! Bashing the Bishop!

Yes it is self gratification and it is generally done when “you are alone” rather than when you are with someone else. And have you ever considered that women may like porn too and that porn as part of a the act of having sex can be a healthy thing? It’s not just men who watch porn.

Ted! Stop looking at porn!
There are patients!

5)  Pornography addiction can lead to debt.  The convenience of credit card transactions on the internet encourages covert spending without limit.  Additionally, pornographers flood common internet areas with enticing banner ads (“teasers”) and spam email, which bait potential viewers with free porn.  Once lured by the free porn to the site, the viewers must then pay to see more.   Porn can also cause huge financial losses for employers with employees who waste company time searching for porn, downloading, viewing and covering their tracks on company computers.   Employees who get caught accessing porn and are subsequently get fired will experience potentially significant losses, most likely leading to debt.  

Read My Lips. There is free porn out there. There is a LOT of free porn out there. You would have to be stupid to pay for it when it is so free. And how is it causing huge financial losses unless you are actually not working to surf and masturbate at work? And you have to be really simple to spend money covering your tracks like that. If you aren’t allowed to use your company computer for porn then don’t, buy your own personal device. There are cheap models out there.

6)  By viewing and/or purchasing porn, viewers are supporting the porn industry and facilitating its growth.  By viewing porn, the viewer is also contributing to the sexual exploitation of whoever or whatever is in the images he or she is viewing.

Whatever? Again I must ask why do all anti-porn people end up stating that they are familiar with porn where the object of affections could only be described by the term “whatever”. In context, the person being exploited is the viewer. See the modern porn industry has changed a lot, digital distribution has placed a lot of power in the hands of the actors rather than the people trying to exploit them. There are a lot of people who do pornography for different reasons. Some actually do like the work. It is basically a fantasy world filled with beautiful women and rather ugly men.

See the entire point of pornography was to provide a fantasy where the man could be replaced in the scene by you. Nowadays with the rise of “feminism” in porn you do see a lot more sex positive scenes where both the men and women are attractive and the context is one of love more so than dominance.

Women masturbate!
This is an outrage!!!

7)  Looking at porn can damage the viewer’s family relationships, not to mention increasing the chance of his or her spouse and children finding the material.  Porn may also inspire the viewer to explore incest, which is a common porn theme.  Other things porn may inspire in the viewer (which could in turn affect the family) include sexual frustration, lying, abuse, affairs, debt, violent behavior and irrational thinking.

Most of the women I date know I watch porn. Hint, most of the women you see probably like masturbation too and have their own “man candy” to oggle over. It’s not unhealthy to find things sexually attractive no matter what a really old book says. And one can equally state that the bible is more accepting of Incest than Pornography is.

No what I find more amusing is the attitude of most religious people in thinking that violence is more acceptable than sex. A gun is more destructive than all the legit porn in the world yet we throw a hissy fit over pornography while leaving guns lying around night stands. We must have our priorities seriously screwed up when we as a people glorify sex (Be it Cheerleaders or our Page 3 girls or our Bollywood heroines) but heaven forbid someone actually enjoy it. Well sexual frustration sells, and there is no place more frustrated than India where sex isn’t spoken of openly resulting in a generation of children who have no clue and don’t know what to do when confronted with images such as a gyrating heroine flashing come to bed eyes. It’s confusing enough when you know what to do, let alone when there is no one to give you any advice apart from a bunch of people who are in the same boat as you or worse, have never had any experience of the same problem.

Cards, Tokens and Glass bottles are also the cause
of my addiction!

8) Looking at porn at work could damage the viewer’s reputation, decrease his or her  productivity and lead to job loss.  It could also inspire unhealthy and/or inappropriate relationships with co-workers.

Who here looks at porn at work? That seems to be a very stupid thing to do. If you cannot keep it in your pants for 12 or so hours then you have a problem and porn isn’t it.

9)  Looking at porn can damage the viewer’s current or future marriage sex life.  Porn viewers may find that it’s difficult to enjoy true intimacy with their spouse when they’re fantasizing about somebody else!  Additionally, porn builds an unrealistic perception of sexual relations.  Porn sex is a portrayal or an act made for the viewer’s enjoyment.  It takes what God intended as a private expression of love between a husband and wife and prostitutes it for entertainment.  When a person has been looking at sexual pictures of other people for entertainment, he or she will have a downgraded value of sex.  This in turn will detract from  their appreciation and value of sex with their spouse.

Sure, or it can make it better. Unrealistic? Maybe you just aren’t that good at it. Sex is pretty awesome really and it’s actually hard to downgrade it if you enjoy it. It’s not being downgraded, its just that many people have completely silly expectations about it.

13)  Looking at porn helps you start to believe the lies it promotes.  Example lies include:

  • Sexual freedom = happiness
  • Perverted sex (homosexual sex, incest, BDSM, etc) is more enjoyable than “normal” heterosexual sex
  • There are no consequences to sexual promiscuity
  • Sexual expression is a right, not a God-given or God-defined gift
  • You can live a healthy life with the porn images floating around in your mind
  • Porn doesn’t harm anyone
  • Sex is something to be done primarily for self gratification
  • The porn stars are the happiest people on earth
  • Adults can view porn without any lasting side effects
  • Porn will help your sex life
  • Porn is just a harmless thing that everybody looks at

These are just a series of strawmen being thrown up to confuddle and bemuse people who are torn between pornography and your nonsense. Sexual freedom is just freedom to be free and to see sex as pleasure rather than a horrible business of duty. The sexual revolution was the idea that sex can be fun rather than just for procreation.

Homsexuality doesn’t matter if it’s a choice or not. If you don’t like Gay Sex then you don’t have Gay Sex. It’s the same with BDSM. One of the first rules of BDSM is that the people involved want to be involved. The actual control of BDSM lies in the masochist not the sadist (The Safety Word).

No one says porn stars are the happiest people on earth, they are just people. The people like you make them unhappy. The corrrect response to “I am a porn star” is “really? That’s pretty interesting” not to foam at the mouth and declare them as sinners and then harass them.

Ultimately, the people are trying to portray any usage of porn as a problem. Not just the addicts but the people who use it in the context of normalcy. By their definition even once is enough to damn you to a life of depraved lust like Gollum only the ring is more “internet pornography and wanking” than a magical object that will get you what you want.