Don’t be a Dick

Morrissey says some tasteless things.

97 dead human beings do not equate to all the dead animals in KFC and McDonalds. I am sorry, but quite honestly this is one of the most tasteless things a human being could say. Oh yes, I am familiar with the flip flopping of Bill O’Reilley regarding the christianity of Anders Behring Breivik (the Norway Gunman) and the snide references by Glenn Beck about the similarity of a youth camp to Nazis and Hitler Youth while being completely oblivious to Tea Party youth camps. 

I am familiar with these fine upstanding individuals and their incredibly rigorous reporting of news and their honour, integrity and intelligence. What I don’t understand is why Morrissey should chose to join them in their frankly tasteless braying. 

Bill has to understand that every religion has crazy nutjobs and stating that he couldn’t be a true christian is failing to realise that there are some bloody tasteless parts of the bible that this man believed in. This is a christian terrorist, in much the same way that Osama Bin Laden was a islamic one. 

Glenn Beck is just a vile human being. He is an embarrassment to humankind and simply does not get basic human empathy choosing to push a political view at a time when people are devastated by death in a country that regards itself as peaceful.

Ultimately these two people did these things just because they share the same viewpoint as Mr. Anders and have routinely espoused similar views.

Morrissey elevates himself to the pantheon of arseholery solely due to not understanding human grief and suffering. He is in the Glenn Beck category of being an utter vile human being solely because he didn’t care about human life and the grief of people suffering a horrific attack. Instead he chose to push a political view about McDonalds and KFC and vegetarian/veganism.

It would have been fine if he retracted the statement or atleast showed some remorse. He didn’t. Morrissey does not live in a murderous world, he lives in an awesome one of money and privilege and fame. I understand that there are downsides to fame but frankly its a much better life than most of us get. A murderous world is Afghanistan not Manchester despite what the papers say. 


  1. Jordan Wyatt says

    Hi Avicenna,

    I'm a friendly Vegan atheist who can be found in Invercargill, New Zealand, near bottom of the world :-)

    I disagree greatly with many of your recent blogposts about Animal Rights. I agree with promoting Veganism as a moral baseline, that its as easy to be Vegan as not, and that its the least other animals deserve, not to be seen as "things", as an "it", but respected as our friends.

    I'm lucky enough to know some Chickens, I call them my Chicken Friends to show my Non Vegan friends how I feel about them, that I dont want them to be seen as "my things", even though the law indeed states they are currently chattel property.

    Promoting one issue when you could be mentioning another does not make you "…an utter vile human being solely…", such a waste that we are right now talking about a blog post rather than volunteering to fight in an overseas war! We can, all of us, work on multiple goals at the same time.

    I wouldnt personally say "the man who went nuts and killed lots of people is just as bad as YOU, because you think its ok to kill lots of animals for your shits and giggles". I do agree that my life means as much to me as yours does to you, that my Chicken Friends like being alive, spending time with each other, enjoying each day. I dont think my life is worth any more than that of another persons, or that my life is in any way inherently "worth more" than another animals. To think otherwise almost requires some kind of "divine fiat" to declare as such, and lo, how convenient when Human beings invent religions which "just happen" to place *us* on top ;-)

    I would like to recommend some Animal Rights websites, blogs and shows to you, if you are interested in visiting them.

    My own are the Invercargill Vegan Society,

    My show "Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals"

    Also Veganacious,

    and Dr Roger Yates "On Human-Nonhuman Relations"

    Lastly is Professor Gary Franciones "Abolitionist Approach",

    Thank you for your time.

  2. says

    Well it's a silly moral base line as well. Do you really think all those animals are kept alive naturally for us? Us stopping eating meat means the death of those animals since releasing them into the wild would damage the environment.

    Vegans have a problem, they don't realise that we aren't meant to eat a pure vegan diet. We are omnivores, eating a pure vegan diet is bad for your health. No one is saying eat a pure vegan/non vegetarian diet. People are saying "eat a balanced diet".

    And if you think chicken are people then you are quite mistaken. They are animals, they exist in their current form SOLELY because we have shaped them to via selective breeding. All our domesticated animals exist solely due to thousands of years of breeding. They couldn't survive without us anymore than we could.

    Morrissey actively compared human life to that of an animal. I don't see animal liberation activists jump in front of combine harvesters or stand in front of the paths of crop dusters. I have not seen one animal liberation activists protest against the poisoning of rats that ensure our cities are free from disease. Because that would be incredibly incredibly stupid. If a child and a chicken were drowning.

    Camille is just scary. She utilises medical technology tested on animals to survive then promptly wishes to deny such advances to others by force.

    Ultimately, its a choice. It's not a moral one, in the same way that lions eat deer, we eat cows. It's a fact of life that we need to eat other animals, our entire evolution is based out of that principle. You don't need a giant brain to outsmart lettuce. It's just that we are smart enough to ensure our animals live a generally happy life and are slaughtered in a relatively humane way. We do this by encouraging proper eating habits and encouraging proper care of animals.

    It's fine to be a vegan, its your choice. However to deny other people their choice is incredibly stupid.

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