It Gets Better – I have appealed to your humanity, now I appeal to your greed.

Andrew Sullivan  writes for Newsweek about his marriage. His GAY marriage.

We forget that gay people just want love and that they have the same feelings as us. I have loved and still love someone in my life that I would do these things for without even questioning. I know I would do these things for the people I loved and for those I still love.

All they want is a stupid piece of paper that recognises their marriage in the eyes of the law. We don’t lose anything. Infact, the USA has lost so much denying them this simple piece of freedom.

How many hours and how many dollars were wasted by idiots trying to deny gay marriage? How many hours of debate? How much disruption caused by both sides of the argument with their protests? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper simply to give them the rights?

How much time could have been spent doing “anything else” than argue over what two people do in the privacy of their own homes and the personal feelings of what constitutes grossness. It doesn’t matter if someone chooses to love and indeed have consensual sex with the same gender or is compelled by their genetics, their upbringing, the effect of androgens or the effects of the gay agenda. It does not matter one bit. What matters is that people assume that love between two people is unacceptable because they cannot see the attraction.

To put it into perspective, I am not that attractive. The last woman I loved (and still do love. She is sadly out of my physical reach and thus it remains unrequited though we do stay in contact) is incredibly pretty. I would be incredibly hurt if people wandered around telling her that her feelings for me (should she have any) are unnatural because I lost a fight to the ugly stick, It  hurt every time someone brought up the fact that “I was no good for her solely because they couldn’t see the attraction”. It didn’t matter about who I was, it mattered as to what I looked like.

And I figure it’s the same when people think that gay people cannot feel the same kind of love that we do. Just because we don’t see the attraction, doesn’t mean a gay man cannot.

And so I appeal not to your sense of humanity, but to your sense of greed. Save money, let gay people marry. It won’t solve the economy but it will solve the traffic disruption at the very least!

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