Happy Birthday

Today is Ajmal Kasab’s birthday, for those who don’t know who he is, he is one of the terrorists of the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He is the lone survivor of that infamous event and is currently in jail for his crimes awaiting the death sentence. I don’t believe in the death sentence, particularly in this case it will make him a martyr.

In order to celebrate it, terrorists (because there is no other word for their action) have attacked Mumbai again. This time killing 13 and wounding 81.

It’s a senseless waste of life. It’s bad enough for most people without having to worry about whether they will die next.

It’s a tale of woe. India and Pakistan’s peace talks broke down over this, as Pakistan was slowly forced to admit that Kasab was a Pakistani national. Mounting evidence for Pakistan’s involvement in the support of terrorism began to raise it’s ugly head (particularly considering Osama was found there). India was set to resume talks in a couple of weeks. This will not help that. Terrorism has hurt Pakistan’s position and the value of it’s word.

There is no way to fight this unless we work together. Muslims need to understand that their faith has a problem in that it encourages this sort of behaviour. Everyone needs to work to deal with it. Otherwise it just turns people against them which encourages further attacks and a spiralling atmosphere of distrust and divisiveness. If the occurs then the bad guys have won.


  1. oink says

    IT always strikes me as hipocritical when Christians attempt to take a moral high ground over other religions for acts such as this. History is full of Christian extremists and it would serve them well to remember that they are where they are today because of this.

    However, I think that it is important to recognise, remember and acknowledge that extremism is definatley not something that is limited to the Muslim faith, and indeed many would argue that all religion is a form of extremism…

  2. says

    The Mumbai riots were one of the reasons for my atheism. Hindus got a bit crazy and killed a whole bunch of muslims. It's the event referred to in Slumdog Millionaire.

    I am sure the lovely people in the RSS and Shiv Sena would show up after this and start banging on the anti muslim drum.

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