Damn! I should have called myself the Hindunator instead!

The Hindunator – Now with all the guns, and all the pomade!

Curses! Is it too late to call myself the Hindunator instead of Avicenna?

Gideon from the blog House of Gideon has called me out in his post. I shall respond to him in dual (here and there). My posts here will carry images to add some colour to the proceedings. 

In fact, mainline “Christianity” is naught but a derivative of a pagan construct, which most of the unwashed assume is at the head of what they deem as typical Christianity and that the so-called “protestant” denominations, ultimately, owe their allegiance to it. If, in fact, Catholicism was, indeed, the representative entity of Christ’s church on Earth, this would be true. Most of what entails Protestantism, today, comes from Catholicism, particularly where the various sacraments, holidays, and day of worship are concerned. These are modeled after pagan rites and deities which are what the people of ancient Rome worshiped, the Catholic Church being the direct progeny of pagan Rome. All religions, including that of the blogger whom I am critiquing, here, are bastardizations of the first and greatest faith system, the one instituted by God before the fall of man, itself falling victim to various and specious alternate interpretations by Satan and evil men. Only the Bible has faithfully recorded this transference, all other sources inadvertently or have conveniently neglected to mention this in their writings.

Nothing to do with that terrible

It is certainly a human construct in that all religions are constructed by human beings. I however have no religion to criticise. I am an ex-hindu, an atheist. The website says so too. And hey, I am not the one saying “All the Christians are wrong! I know this through my studies of a single bible and not through my grasp of history”.

All of christianity is based out of the Council of Nicea under Emperor Constantine, which included writings from “roman christians” who were influenced by their prior faiths. All the bibles in the world are based out of the Vulgate which was the first bible. Prior to that there were none. This is recorded history.

There was no “fall”. If there was then we would have died out considering the sheer level of inbreeding required post fall that we would have no genetic diversity what so ever. There is no such thing as perfect DNA since we live in a system of evolution. Even without evolutionary pressure then we would have had the genetic variation of two individuals and probably died out as an entire species. Also there was no flood because that would have actually reduced genetic variation to practically nothing again. These are allegories not fact. You aren’t supposed to take them seriously because that’s bloody stupid. 

In response to the “Hindunator” on his claims of Hinduism being older than Christianity, yes, it is older, given the popular interpretation of Christianity, above. However, the faith I follow… the REALreligion of Christ… is the oldest and first, all others being cheap knock-offs of the grand original! You will always be able to ascertain it’s uniqueness and superiority over all other religions by the fact that the Bible religion is the ONLY faith that promises salvation by works NOT attributable to men! All others emphasize what it is that man must do to expiate himself, to justify himself and please whatever contrived deity is involved. Christianity… the true version, not the self-justifying works of Catholicism and the myriad of eastern religions, demands that God’s (Christ’s) authority, ALONE, be recognized as the only redeeming force available. You will not find any other faith with this specific tenet.

The Hindunator shows of his skills
accompanied by his cylon crew…

How is christianity the oldest religion when it is based out of the teachings of Judaism which is younger than Hinduism? Time travel? And the works doctrine is a far more superior doctrine since it requires you to be good. Your theology specifically indicates that there are serial killers in heaven because they “found jesus” while their non christian victims are not. And this is without me even breaking Godwin’s law.

And you fail to understand Karma and Dharma and other faiths. And man doesn’t need to do anything to please a mythical entity. Show me one empirical, repeatable piece of proof for your god. The bible is not proof of your god as then you have just validated every other book of religious belief since they use the same logic. You are pretty much saying “My way is best because I say so! Aren’t I clever?”. It’s like me writing a book that justifies me as the world’s best dancer and when people say that I am terrible I show them that same book as proof that I am
the world’s greatest dance machine! 

The first written evidence of deviation from God’s original plan of self-LESS expiation, comes from the example in Genesis, where Cain went against God’s established rule of offering flesh (signifying the body of His Son) as the only acceptable sacrifice. This, of course, does not condone or promote cannibalism, as some stupid infidels have asserted, it was meant as a teaching aid meant to reinforce the fact that God, Himself, in the form of His Son, would in future pay the penalty for sin which they could not and still remain alive. Only God had the power to lay down His life and take it up again. This effectively skirted Satan’s accusations that the law couldn’t be kept. You see the fallen angel’s spirit in so many infidels, today. They claim God’s law is foolish and non-existent, yet it is the sole originator of all moral values in our society.

How is rejecting a sacrifice of grain a teaching aid to a convoluted set of plans that aren’t even required that culminates in the death of God’s son to absolve mankind of a non crime? That’s bloody idiotic. In order for me to forgive someone, I just have to do that. I don’t have to kill my only son. That’s the weakest part of christian theology considering your god is supposed to be omnipotent and has to dance through this ritual?

Morality predates religion. There were moral societies before christianity. See it’s actually an evolutionary advantage to be moral. Societies with moral behaviour tended to destroy ones that didn’t have any rules. Don’t murder, steal or lie actually make sense. Societies with basic rules such as that are more cohesive and are able to destroy and defeat groups of individuals who steal from each other and kill each other simply because the society without rules is more divided and easier to defeat as they cannot work together.

We can actually see the beginnings of morality by simply observing children at play as they make rules up to facilitate play. The more inclusive the rules the bigger the game. Eventually those games turned into sport with complex rules so as to encourage fair play and inclusiveness of the game to all. If life and death were in the equation, then these rules would be morality.

From this first deviation; Cain offering vegetable produce in place of the required blood-sacrifice, man has sought to do things on his own terms, eventually negating God from life’s equation through the satanic philosophy of evolution. All of the other religions sprang up around the premise that man could justify himself, offering something of himself to ‘appease’ the wrath of his manufactured deities. Paganism has evolved into a subtler but no less destructive version of self-justification, disguised as ‘science’ that absurdly teaches the same old pagan theory that natural forces are responsible for our origins and sustenance. Now, men worship lower animals as their progenitors, and/or other lower biological processes sustained by God, themselves, having or having formerly possessed some overt intelligence to ‘evolve’ later and more advanced versions of themselves, seemingly not satisfied with having attained a workable level of practicality in existence. The whole construct would be laughable, were it not so destructive.

No. All other religions are due to the extended mistake of assuming that there is an entity out there who control our environment and doing certain rituals allows us to produce favourable controls to our environment. It is a product of human ignorance and a lack of understanding. It is a product of fear. 

Paganism has nothing to do with science, science is a product of understanding the natural processes by which the universe functions and providing human beings with the ability to utilise this understanding to produce achievable human progress. Natural forces are responsible for origins and sustenance. Your entire life is directly dependant on the nuclear fusion of the sun’s hydrogen atoms which powers life on earth via photosynthesis. Without that you would die within days of starvation.

And evolution is fact. In each cell there is a DNA code which is the mechanism of inheritance that has been demonstrated empirically. Alterations to the frequency of variations in the genetic code and mutations and recombinations and expressions of the DNA code in different ways are responsible for our complexity. Not magic. You are an ape. A hominid (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) of the great apes with our distant relatives the orangutan, chimpanzee, bonobo and gorilla. There were other hominids but they all went extinct over time. It’s fact in the same way that gravity is a fact. 

The only way to true happiness and fulfillment is not through endless and successive evolutionary transformations, (or lives, as Hinduism teaches… see the connection between it and evolutionary ‘science’?) it is through God, rather, His Son. Christ, incarnate, was and is the God of the Old Testament, it was He Who wrote the law on Mt, Sinai and gave it to Moses to give the world. It was God, Himself, that offered His life for man. Satan, man’s accuser, has done nothing but lead man astray with his specious teachings and promises of self-fulfilled, so-called enlightenment. Like his promise to Eve, his first dupe, of supplying her with forbidden wisdom; likewise, today, men strive to know the mind of God, failing miserably. Christ and His law, alone, stand firm while the best-laid plans of man come to naught.

Hinduism does not see true happiness in endless lives. It sees it in transcendence from this existence. Evolution doesn’t care about happiness, it cares about survival. It’s actually not that nice. Remember for the lion to live the deer must die, for the deer to live the lion must starve.

And happiness and fulfilment is not through your god. That is false happiness. Happiness is whatever you wish it to be. Fulfilment occurs not when you reach some heaven but when you achieve the small happiness that makes up human existence. You stand on the shoulders of small things achieved.

It’s a tragedy, only christians and fools think that acquisition of knowledge is mankind’s original sin. Without knowledge and wisdom you are no different from a chimpanzee. That is the difference between man and animal. Not divinity. The simple drive to achieve k
nowledge and utilise it to improve ourselves.

Fucking biology! How does it work?

Stands firm? I beg to disagree. I can do most of “christ’s miracles” with my technology. I have raised the dead (CPR), brought sight to the blind (glasses) and cured lepers (Dapsone). The green revolution feeds a billion people on this planet today, and I am talking to you using tame lightning on a device made out of sand, metal and the bodies of million year old monsters. The best laid plans of men are frankly titanic compared to your tiny god. The best laid plans of mice are titanic compared to your god.

Yes, your god is small. In scale and scope. We live on a single planet in a huge universe. And you are worried about some heaven when we wish to touch the stars themselves. There is more wonder in a single cell than in your entire bible. You just don’t realise it because you haven’t opened your mind. The only difference between us and the animals is the one thing you refused to use. Your capacity to accumulate knowledge and apply it. There are greater things on earth than in your philosophy.

The world’s population, for the most part, have rejected Christ and the life He brings. Yet, a small minority will overcome and accept, representative of the power of God’s Spirit in the lives of those willing to crucify darling self, such as He did, 2000 years ago. The infidel lives only for himself and those he deems worthy to be around him. He goes to an Godless grave, the same hopeless scenario that he espouses in his heretical worship of nature through evolutionary teaching. Irony incomprehensible!

I may or may not be dressed like Darth Vader.

Hahah! This is where we see the difference. Willing to crucify yourself? Okay. Prove it. I don’t like people who make grandiose claims. I am an atheist and a skeptic. If you say you are willing to crucify yourself then do so.

I go to a Jedi Funeral, not a grave. And to me the grave is the end of all things. Life is it’s own reward, it’s not a race to be run, it’s a walk to be enjoyed. And we do live for others. I learn to save lives for a living. I give people the gift of time to do as they see fit. Anything from a few seconds for a lover to say goodbye to a full life to someone who may have died. I have more value than anything I could gain from believing in any faith.

No magic belief can match upto the feeling you get when you see what you can do with your own human hands and the effective use of knowledge and human ingenuity is what achieved everything we have today. You are so fascinated with the bible that you haven’t realised how far man has rose.

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