Rights of the Silent majority – We’re not in Kansas Anymore

The people this will hurt are women and the poor. Abortion is a right for a reason, because it’s the woman’s choice to decide and for most women abortions take place in the first two trimesters.

The reason behind that is that most abortions when personal take place in the first trimester. Every woman knows when her menses is late and seeks medical confirmation of the delay. They are educated enough to know what it means and to seek an abortion. Most of these abortions are chemical, designed to cause premature contractions rather than surgical (the abortions that the fundies love whinging about) but curettage can be used.

In the second trimester, most abortions are medical. Done to terminate damaged foetuses whose lives will not be that great post birth. It’s because we can detect most congenital anomalies at the 18th to 20th week. Having a 20 week ceiling means that you are effectively fucking over people whose babies are born defective. It sounds harsh but lest you forget, you aren’t having to pay and care for these babies. The US government does not provide universal healthcare and thus these children are burdens on their family often bankrupting people. The choice should be there to terminate these.

The 20 week ceiling is retarded. It shows a distinct misunderstanding of biology. You may have a brain, you may have a heart but neither are fully developed. And they lack the lungs needed to live. The medical statistics are clear. At 20 weeks 95% of children die EVEN with life support. Of the 5% that live, 95% have severe mental retardation due to hypoxia and require permanent care. To survive and be normal is a rarity in itself and has to do with early lung development (not miracles). At 24 weeks 95% of foetuses survive because of the presence of the lungs. It’s the difference. The ceiling should be 24 weeks.

The mere 2 week gap means that an ultrasound has to be done exactly on the 18th week to screen for anomalies lest the woman run out of time to go get her abortions. It’s a calculated attempt to deny women’s rights under the guise of healthcare improvements.

Get angry, get mad and start making yourselves heard. The better your abortion and sex education facilities the LOWER your abortion rate. No woman likes to have abortions, no doctor likes to give them. I didn’t like the first abortion I assisted in. I felt “bad”, but it’s a necessity. It’s needed and no woman I know would undergo all that for “fun”.

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