I say! That’s simply not cricket!

Oh my!

Well obviously I cannot read this article. It’s behind a pay wall and frankly I get enough insults at my lack of faith without having to pay to read it. But Rabbi Shmuley Boteach obviously doesn’t like us very much.

All I can say is that the UK is moving on up in my estimation. Annoying crazy fundies? We must be doing something right! We don’t have parades of nonsensical people defining marriage solely as the christian format. We like our gays, and we are genuinely sorry as to how we treated such heroes such as Alan Turing. We are finally achieving something. Enlightenment.

See the UK’s history is mired in religious intolerance. We murdered everyone at the drop of a hat. Pagans, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus… The whole lot were persecuted in one way or another. And it shows, we simply don’t want to do this anymore. You don’t need religion to be good, you don’t need religion to be just or kind. These are human ideals. We in europe live in the shadow of WW2 and Hitler. While in the USA they bandy around such nonsense as “Hitler was an atheist”, we have people who lived under the rule of that man. To us religion isn’t the way forward. It’s a way to the past that we wish to avoid. That enlightenment post WW2 has come with the rejection of faith and the understanding of the equality of all mankind.

That Liberté, égalité et fraternité can only be achieved at the hands of humanity as whole. 

Not at the hands of religion. Does the good Rabbi honestly believe that we and his orthodox jews are equals or brothers? Not when he has declared the rest of us the cause of the world’s ills when all we do is believe in humanity rather than mythical deities. As for freedom? One can argue that religion merely makes you forget that you are in a cage. 

No what religion does do to you, is turn you into a dick. Rabbi Boteach, I submit that you sir, are a dick. A cock. You are a parasite on society, actively encouraging superstition to the masses of your flock, perpetrating millennia old superstitions and actively encouraging a dislike of a group of people solely because they refuse to kowtow to your version of a sky fairy.

And if you knew anything about the UK, is that we do have our own god. It’s temples hold thousands come rain or shine. It’s worshippers sing songs with all their heart. Even the youngest child to the oldest man follow it. It’s magic has fed the poor, it’s magic has given us it’s priests who are just as parasitic as you are. It’s magic has wowed billions and standing in it’s church and seeing it’s miracles is like a revelation. We have fought wars over it, small wars but we have learnt the error of such ways and reformed ourselves to be kinder and more peaceful. In front of it’s magic you feel dumb and slow as anyone can partake, but only few reach the very heights of it. Oh and it even has its messiahs. 

Note. I am a City Fan…

He’s the messiah, but just looks
like a very naughty boy.

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