The only killing this man ever did
was at the box office.

Dear Michelle Bachmann

Oh Michelle Bachmann, in you the rest of the world sees everything that is wrong with america. You are irrevocably damaged by your religious stance and let it poison your actions. Rather than tempering the writings of biblical times using your powerful brain you chose to blindly follow and thus be prone to both horrific mistakes and some of the most diabolically backwards cultural mores.

Your stance on evolution is not laughable considering you wish to run for the highest office of a nation. It’s terrifying that you can ignore science and wish to force people to ignore it too. Particularly young children who don’t know any better. You are no less wonderous because you are an ape than if you were made out of processed ribs.

Gay people are people and have been getting married for ages. What they want and what the rest of us sane people want is for them to have equal rights as heterosexual marriage so they can be as miserable as the rest of us! They should go on our registers and gain the same rights. If it were a religious reason straight marriage is accepted into the state register then all you have managed to do is rule out straight marriage as a legit thing. Because your constitution specifically states that it will not support any specific religious view and if marriage is a specific view then it should not be given special compensations.

Because clowns weren’t bloody terrifying
without one having to be a serial killer.

Your ignorance of the world is not something to be proud of. I don’t know anything about Liberia, but if I have to discuss it, I will go read about some of the issues involved. Not trust to my incompetent lackeys.

And it shows. It really does. For instance in this case you have confused a horrific serial killing clown who raped and killed close to 30 teenagers with a famous actor. Not an acceptable mistake to make. Sure your proponents have stated that Barrack Obama got a Medal of Honour recipient’s name mixed up but that happens. He did quickly apologise for it. I mean, who here hasn’t made a mistake with a name? However when that name is infamous then you really have to check your sources. This smacks of 20 seconds with google rather than a concerted effort to check sources. Infact, I bet that you just typed in John Wayne into google and since Gacy is the famous one it would have contextually provided you with the serial killer’s wikipedia page first if you were in his town. One is an actor the other is the real life version of the Joker.

There are other books, read them and open your mind. Not everything is in the bible. It’s just another book for you to learn the good things from, not the bad. The problem with a lack of competence is that sometimes you don’t even realise how genuinely incompetent you really are.

Your’s sincerely


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