Victims of Disease

Animal Aid are a british based animal liberation organisation calling for the reduction of people giving money to charities such as Cancer Research UKBritish Heart FoundationParkinson’s UK and the Alzheimers Society due to the fact that these charities are big proponents of animal testing. 
I used to work for Cancer Research as a volunteer. I used to sort books out in a tiny store with a lovely old lady who used to make me biscuits to eat while I worked in the back room with the manager.

My mother fights cancer on two fronts. She is a survivor of breast cancer. She is also a surgeon who specialises in breast cancer removals and reconstruction.

I have requested (their PDF doesn’t open up in India for some reason or the other) that they e-mail me a copy of their leaflet Victims of Charity. In it is apparently a no holds barred assault on my vaunted medical science.

I shall purvey it and have a breakdown for you readers (All 20 of you!) when I am done with my exam for this week.

My wonder is if their arguments are going to be any different from the ludicrous garbage that sprouted from Camille Marino and her friends on Negotiation is Over.


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    come on, I'm sure you have more examples and it'll be more ranty, ergo fun to read :D

    I sent you this pdf using email you provided when commenting on my blog

    love those excerpts
    'it is widely recognised that cancer is largely preventable – lifestyle and environmental factors being responsible for more than 90 per cent of new cases', then later on risk factors listed, but no infections mentioned, hmmmm, only pollution, radiation and sun, and lifestyle factors like diet and smoking.
    and later 'Despite his success, attention since the 1990s has turned increasingly from epidemiology towards the molecular approach to cancer, using biotechnology'. do I detect a hint of regret in this sentence? seems to me that epidemiology will not give us the cure.

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