Damaging a Movement – Tony MacMaster

It is official. Amina Abdallah is not Real. Apparently she is the sock puppet of Tony MacMasters, a man living in Turkey who figured that lying would aid the cause of Syrians.

I can understand posting under a pseudonym (I do myself. Avicenna is the Latin name of Ibn Sina a famous doctor and the place I was born. Google is your friend here… I am indeed an ex-hindu british-asian studying medicine in India). For me Avicenna started off as a method of keeping my real identity safe from animal liberation whose methodology I know involves harassment and threats to family members if they cannot shake you (and me being in India keeps me safe from them but my parents, aunts, uncles and siblings are fair game for their terrorism).

I started posting after I saw Camille Marino’s threats against biologists. I also live in a place where people aren’t so nice to atheists so I prefer the pseudonym. I have used this pseudonym to post on Negotiation is Over and defend animal testing and yes I know they come read my work. (Google Stats is your friend bloggers! They have been visiting a lot for the past week or so.).

But that’s me. I cannot make the causes I fight for – real science, medical rigour, atheism, anti-racism – any more better by making up stories. To me this is like therapy, that I have to pretend in my real life to be a good little hindu and to agree with medically unsound principles and not do what I feel like because the indian medical school system is like that. I follow a structured life that’s nearly 12 hours of travel and work a day and this is my release. I live in the hope that in 3 years I will be done with stupid lectures and my insane schedule and a further 1 for my intern-ship and then I am FREE to go put my real name on the blog and declare once and for all that I am Kaiser Soze (and my real name is probably sillier than Avicenna). I do love writing and if I were to write something similar to Mr. MacMaster then I would class it as a fiction piece but sadly I don’t have his flow.

If I were to say that I spend roughly 3 hours a day travelling to university you would gasp, but that’s the truth (It’s a . If I said that I was being whipped if I did not agree about the Indian stance to natural medicine then I would be lying. Despite one making a better read (the travails of the indomitable Avicenna against the inexorable advance of woo fighting single handedly to protect his patients – in a world gone mad!) only one is the truth. And only the truth is a powerful method of change because his entire message is tarnished by this.

If Tony MacMasters lied then what is the difference between him and the Syrian government? I understand that it was an experiment that got “pharyngulated” and so became viral but hell you could have mentioned that this was fiction while Aminah could have remained a real character online for you to test your theories. You could have recorded the various responses and created an actual blog post on the matter.

Ultimately all he has hurt is the people in Syria who are fighting for freedom.

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