Oh Germany! Why?

Of all the people in the world to peddle nonsense, I wouldn’t expect the germans.

From what I have experienced most germans are incredibly well educated, their school systems giving no brook to religious education like the UK does yet nonsense does exist out there.

Of particular note is the organisation’s triple pronged approach to curing of homosexuality (Which they point out is not a disease!)

It requires an approach using homoeopathy and prayer based on the minority view of psychiatrists, the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann and the Catholic Bible.

This is plain irresponsible. Forcing someone to change their sexual preference to something they don’t prefer is tantamount to rape. Gay people are not happy mainly because idiots exist, not because there is something faulty inherently. Just like how 30 years ago black people were not happy in South Africa.

It’s obviously because of his genetics not because of the three guys
who are about to beat him with sticks.

The cure for nothing is shaken water and prayer. Okay maybe diarrhoea if you shake water with some sugar and salt… However diarrhoea and these doctors have a lot in common. 

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