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Jun 30 2011

I say! That’s simply not cricket!

Oh my! Well obviously I cannot read this article. It’s behind a pay wall and frankly I get enough insults at my lack of faith without having to pay to read it. But Rabbi Shmuley Boteach obviously doesn’t like us very much. All I can say is that the UK is moving on up in …

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Jun 28 2011


The only killing this man ever didwas at the box office. Dear Michelle Bachmann Oh Michelle Bachmann, in you the rest of the world sees everything that is wrong with america. You are irrevocably damaged by your religious stance and let it poison your actions. Rather than tempering the writings of biblical times using your …

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Jun 26 2011

Muggle’s Guide to Medical School

The secret is out I suppose. I am sadly in the Harry Potter camp in this one. Down to unfashionable glasses, bad hair and forehead scar. 

Jun 25 2011

Rights of the Silent majority – Death by a Thousand Cuts

It’s a well known fact that the best form of healthcare is preventative. In medicine there exists the idea of community medicine (an actual field in India) which consists of number crunching and ideas such as immunisation, contraception use, registry of drugs and education. The majority of diseases are preventable by things we take for …

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Jun 22 2011

Victims of Disease

Animal Aid are a british based animal liberation organisation calling for the reduction of people giving money to charities such as Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimers Society due to the fact that these charities are big proponents of animal testing.  I used to work for Cancer Research as a volunteer. I used to sort …

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Jun 21 2011

The Real Man

Greta Christina’s article Wealth, Handsome, Strong, Packing Endless Hard-Ons has enthralled me. I will admit I am unhappy with the way I look. I am of the belief that since I am incapable of getting the things that I like to eat (Bacon, Steak, Pizza, Cheese Cake) and that I have been on a diet to get …

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Jun 19 2011

Is it the work of a madman or the religious?

Accused murderer uses Old Testament to defend killing a gay man The murderer is probably insane and has a whole bunch of issues. But would he have killed this man if he were not religious? 

Jun 19 2011

GAVI and me

There are some causes worth fighting for and recently Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation had a conference to drum up funding for vaccination schemes across Africa where vaccine uptakes are low. It doesn’t matter if you give money or give time or merely spread the word to those who can give money. Please donate. Vaccination is …

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Jun 15 2011

It Gets Better – Dear Arch Bishop Dolan

I did send a response to the Archbishop of New York about his stance on marriage,  However as his comments are moderated, I assume that my post will be deleted. So I shall post it here as a letter, hopefully someone will read it and it may reach him.Dear Archbishop DolanI disagree. Your nation was founded …

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Jun 13 2011

Damaging a Movement – Tony MacMaster

It is official. Amina Abdallah is not Real. Apparently she is the sock puppet of Tony MacMasters, a man living in Turkey who figured that lying would aid the cause of Syrians. I can understand posting under a pseudonym (I do myself. Avicenna is the Latin name of Ibn Sina a famous doctor and the place I was …

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