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May 15 2011

Tales from the Crypt of Idiocy – Stay Classy Ron Paul!

Lest we forget, sometimes people have to be pushed before they accept things that are good and filled with common sense. If people didn’t push civil rights legislation black people would be far worse of than they are today. If we didn’t legislate for seatbelts people wouldn’t use them and die stupidly because they are …

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May 14 2011

It’s Time to Try Defying Gravity

This analogy only works if gravity were a social construct and therefore artificial rather than due to physical phenomenon. Redefining gravity has occurred in recent history what with the idea of Newtonian Gravity being replaced by Einsteinian Gravity. Also… Oww… This video is so stupid my hrain burts… (I do want to find out what …

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May 11 2011

Tales From the Crypt of Idiocy – God Without

Considering the sheer amount of measles outbreaks, I was wondering when the homeopaths and naysayers would begin a counter drive against science. Harmless! Except for mental retardation and death! Never fear! Natural News’s very own “health ranger” Mike Adams is on the case with his new documentary of two parts called “God Within”. Slick little presentations like …

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May 09 2011

Abstinence and Pro-life raises it’s ugly head

Nadine Dorries MP has recently attempted to sneak abstinence only education into the UK via the back door. Last wednesday she put forward a 10 minute bill to teach 13 to 15 year old girls (and girls only!) the value of abstinence. The bill is meant to provide “additional sex education [that] must include information and …

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May 07 2011

We are all Born This Way

I have a confession to make, I actually like Glee. There I said it! As a straight man, I find glee quite fun. It’s a silly little show about music and school life. It’s like a bit more realistic version of High School Musical mainly because I can sing along and have a laugh doing …

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May 05 2011

It gets better

It does get better, no matter what you are being bullied about. I will admit that I bullied other kids in school and I am not proud of what I did. Kids are stupid, I was stupid but that’s because kids are kids. It does get better. Some of us do grow up.

May 02 2011

Death of a figurehead

Well it’s official. Osama Bin Laden is dead, and much as I am glad that he is dead, I wish he had been tried for crimes and shown how our justice worked rather than gunned down like this but you can’t get what you want. But what have we achieved? Osama Bin Laden may be …

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