Age of Kali: Fear of a Blogged Planet

Our plans are myriad and excessively complex!

The internet is a schizophrenic piece of technology. It is a true soapbox for any and all to air their ills, their dreams and their ideas. It is a world where one minute I can learn about how to make a motor out of a battery, a button magnet and copper wire and the next learn about how we live in a shadowy conspiracy world where Lizard Men rule us all and only keep us around so that their excessively complex Xanatos Gambit can pay off so they can capture the macguffin that they deeply desire(And no, I can tell the difference between a World Of Darkness scenario and a crazy man’s ranting).

I solve arguments with the lightsaber of skepticism!
For every P. Z. Myers there is a Ken Ham, for every Paul Krugman there is a Ron Paul supporter, for every den of atheist inequity and vice there exists an equally wretched hive of religious scum and villiany. But that is the thing. The internet is a true soap box. A true bastion of free speech, granted there are local rules mostly imposed by individual websites and bar copyright law and illegal pornography pretty much anything and everything goes, but so does the criticism of anything and everything. 
Even the cutting edge of taste (the very razor’s edge between tasteful and tasteless) that is 4Chan is at it’s corroded cynical blackened heart a bastion of free speech. Even 4Chan, a mostly lawless space still does adhere to rules as seen by it’s denizens championing such causes such as anti-scientology protests, their known meme of “summoning the party bus” (Tracking a paedophile who was soliciting for images down and having his details sent to the FBI) and even speaking out against animal abuse by a woman who threw a cat into a bin. 

But that’s the thing, we are free to speak. Any controls on what we “say” (not what we do) is a restriction on freedom of speech. And my freedom of speech can be impinged.
India has passed the IT act of 2000, and this act enshrines a rule stating that any comment that is regarded as objectionable must be removed within 36 hours. Material defeined as “grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, paedophilic, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, racially/ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling or otherwise unlawful in any matter what so ever. Anything which threatens “the unity, integrity, defence, security, sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, or causes incitement of cognisable offence or prevents investigation of an offence or is insulting to another nation”.
Well that is the whole law. But of particular note is the laws that are considered “grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, hateful, ethnically objectionable, disparaging and things which affect relationships with foreign states and things that are insulting to another nation”.
These things are easily open to interpretation. Honest criticism can be slotted into this by simple subjectivity. While grossly harmful can be applied to such practices as homeopathy, it can also be applied by homeopaths to us in medicine. Harassment, Defamatory, Hateful are subjective qualifiers in themselves. Blasphemy is something simply biased against atheists since our entire world view is blasphemous in almost every religion’s eyes. Obscenity is again something subjective, pornography is not really bad when taken in a western context. There are genuine criticisms that you make on ethnic situations. Complaints against child marriage, circumcision, caste system, gender selection and arranged marriages are all entrenched in various cultures. The caste system is an Indian cultural phenomenon and complaints about it are ethnic in nature. And there are many things that are insulting to various nations.  
Criticism is by nature disparaging, defamatory and can be considered as harassment. Banning criticism is banning free speech. And yes, I know it’s suspiciously precise in stopping things like Wikileaks. Infact I am pretty sure what this legislature is aimed at is a combination of knee jerk reaction against criticism of political parties by Indian bloggers (Who are mainly middle class and see this as a forum to unleash their pent up frustration at a universally corrupt government system and inept local leadership.), an attempt to somehow secure India from terror threats by making it difficult to use internet cafes and finally a simple fist shaking gesture at individuals such as Assange whose Wikileaks reports haven’t been kind to India.
This is a blow against all freedom. The internet should and must be a free forum where ideas can be discussed. It is a bastion of global discourse and exchange of opinions. Banning the flow of information and criticism is to blind yourself to a truly powerful tool. The globalisation of thought, means that the ideas a person has anywhere across the world are pertinent to people in other parts of the world. That our combined knowledge and opinions can be improved by the opinions of others and thus produce real change in society.
Like it or not, India is changing. My parents keep telling me so, but it still has a long way to go. You cannot have the development of the west with the villager and tribal mindset that pervades a lot of people. You cannot have the economy of the west when you regard women as uppity chattel. Criticism is to be taken, to be analysed and to be corrected by changes and improvements.
I myself would be guilty of cultural criticism, blasphemy and obscene material simply because I am critical of stupid aspects of culture, don’t believe in respecting mythical creatures and believe in sexual education and the sexual revolution as a key part of the improvement of women’s rights and thinking in the UK and indeed the rest of the world.
This is a step backwards for freedom and for India as a whole.

Age of Kali – Lost for Words

Why would anyone do this? Oh wait! Religion.

I do love Indian journalists, they aren’t allowed to criticise this woman for fear of political backlash since politicians in India are corrupt (You aren’t fooling anyone.) and are famed for insane bribes and horrific abuses of power.

An eccentric ”thanksgiving act” by Saritha, a fan of AIADMK chief J Jayalalitha, who was in the news for cutting off her tongue before a diety when the party supremo emerged victorious in the Assembly polls, has finally paid off.

This isn’t an “eccentric thanksgiving act” this is an act of self mutilation by someone who thought that giving up her tongue was what prompted a god to win an election for this woman. Not the fact that she was literally the lesser of two evils since the choice was “insanely corrupt” vs “Caligula-esque”.

The big question is this. Why are we treating this event as if it were a sensible thing? This woman should be sectioned! Not given a job! This isn’t the behaviour of a sane individual, this is the behaviour of someone seriously disturbed.

And there we see the true problem here. If she said that she did this for Xenu we would have had her sectioned in a psychiatric ward in a heartbeat. Because we recognise Xenu as a ludicrous concept. A Joke Deity. However because it is a god from a sanctioned religion we have to treat her like she was sane and this was a logical and good thing to do.

Not only that but her actions are being sanctioned by a major politician. It’s like carte blanche for some idiot to do something similar. This is a disturbed woman who literally has cut her own tongue out because she promised a mythical being that she would if something inevitable occurred.

And what’s more it is a testament that no one has called her out on this because she is receiving the patronage of a politician. India is a world where you cannot call a spade a spade for fear of insulting the powerful who will behave like petty children, ruining you for the sake of criticism. If people had any sense they would criticise Saritha for her action, and criticise Jayalalitha for her approval. Last but not least they should criticise themselves for thinking this is a sensible act. 

Don’t Panic!

Natural News encourages you to Panic!

When you are more paranoid than this android then you need to take it down a notch.

No seriously, do not panic. These guys are quacks and tools who are spreading a lunatic mistrust in medicine solely to encourage the sale of their own snake oil.

Their latest gripe is about how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is encouraging the vaccination of children across the globe. Which is a lofty goal.

The infamous Bill Gates is on a crusade to vaccinate the entire world. In a recent speech, the Microsoft guru-turned-humanitarian put pressure on the governments of the world to “prevent four million deaths by 2015, [and] … ten million deaths” by 2020. He believes this will happen by vaccinating at least 90 percent of the world’s population.

A very lofty goal. And they have the money and the clout to do this. I mean what can you say is wrong with this plan?

In order to find fault with this plan you must either be a morally bankrupt neo-luddite who would doom people to a horrible death by preventable diseases solely to fuel his world view. Or you must be so grossly incompetent that you cannot recognise how really incompetent you are. That the real reason for such a belief is a gross level of incompetence coupled with utter belief that they are right despite all evidence to the contrary.

I don’t know which is more terrifying.

Among his many speeches, however, Gates has given conflicting information concerning the agenda behind his vaccination push. In his most recent speech, he claims vaccines will save lives. But in a speech he gave at a TED conference last year, Gates clearly stated that vaccines and health care were part of an equation to reduce the world’s population by 15 percent

Yes, this seems like a sensible plan. The problem in most of the developing world is massive overcrowding. You would have to be some sort of blind moron to think people across the world have the same kind of lifestyle as we do (or indeed, I did) in “The West”. Even our poorest families are well fed and have access to education and healthcare and housing that is absent in most of the developing world. 

A lot of the problems world wide in India and China stem from having obscenely large populations (One in six people are chinese, one in six people are indian. 1/3 people are from “Asia”. There are more people in India than there are people in the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Africa while possessing a lot less natural resources. Literally 60% of children show signs of stunted growth and development because there is simply not enough resources for them. This means they are forever stuck in a loop of sub mediocrity as they “end up with no future”. Why educate your kids when they are going to be labourers, why should they learn anything bar their future trade? Why should they study or play when they can work and earn money? 
If your having girl problems, I feel jealous of you son!
I got 99 problems and insufficient food is one!
The population must be controlled. The reason we have so many resources in the west is because our population is under our own control. Laissez faire, we agree to not procreate like rabbits and thus our society remains relatively resource abundant. Where I live in India a bath tub is a luxury because water is so scarce. 
“The world today has 6.8 billion people … that’s headed up to about nine billion,” he said to his audience. “Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or 15 percent.”

It is. India’s population is rocketing up as is Africa’s. All attempts to fight the rise have been like trying to put out a bonfire with a super soaker. And the plan makes sense. If you reduce the number of children who die, parents will place a premium on their child’s health rather than rely on quantity for children to survive. Teaching people about contraception can reduce the population to a more feasible amount. 
No plan involving vaccination involves killing people. Because then we wouldn’t vaccinate. 
So which is it? Do vaccines help to save lives or end lives? When considering that vaccines are loaded with toxic adjuvants and chemical preservatives, many of which are known to cause serious health problems, sterility, and even death, the latter conclusion makes a lot more sense

Obviously these individuals have not read their own statement properly. Vaccines Save Lives (The adjuvants are not toxic. Carbon Nitrogen and Hydrogen are present in proteins. They are also present in Cyanide. Chemical formulas matter!). 

Yes they do cause some serious health problems. They have not been known to cause sterility and even death. But you know what also is a serious health problem? 
Measles. Do you know kids die from it in India? It’s the second biggest killer of children after diarrhoea. Mumps? It’s one of the leading causes of sterility and deafness (oh yes! They don’t tell you that eh?). Rotavirus? It is officially the biggest killer of children worldwide causing untold deaths particularly in conjunction with HIV. 
Rotavirus is not so bad right?
This is the butcher of children and it can be cured by  a week of IV,
or prevented by vaccination. 
I would put up a picture of orchitis but imagine your testicles dying.
Oh also there is a good chance you will go deaf in the ear next to that salivary gland.
I sound over-dramatic but that’s what orchitis leads to. 
The conclusion doesn’t make sense because these morons didn’t read their own quote. Reproductive services include education, contraception and availability of abortion so that women can control numbers of children. That is how we plan to control the population. 
If we wanted these people dead we wouldn’t give them vaccines or our healthcare. The problem is we have given them healthcare without the education that they need not have as many kids as before because a lot more survive growing up. 
The anti-vaccine stance has a real toll. Polio still exists because of anti-vaccine stances and lest we forget, Polio freaking sucks. You may not die but you may never walk again. 
This is a common site in a lot of the world. We have to deal with this.
Each of the cases is an iron lung to breath for a polio patient.
This was our grandparent’s reality.
This fights the above two outcomes. 
It cannot get any simpler than this. People’s lives are improved by vaccination. We have forgotten these diseases so we don’t fear them. The names of these diseases no longer strikes fear into us because they have become legends. We fear them as much as dragons forgetting that they are very real and very deadly threats that can come back because the anti-vaccine movement is spreading across the world. 
Nigeria’s outbreak of Polio is linked to anti-vaccine stances. Resurgence in India and Pakistan are from this source. A new generation of sufferers exist solely because someone believed in the same things as the anti-vaccine movement. 

Dear Minessota

Dear Minessota

I am not a particularly angry atheist. I am just a rather well informed one but surely SURELY you guys have realised that the man giving this invocation is a horrific and backwards individual who is trying to take your nation back to the days when people couldn’t fly!

This man has misrepresented his own nation (Pop Quiz here, the nation that the USA broke away from is the Oldest Nation – The United Kingdom had a constitution before 1776.) And yes while the USA is the second oldest nation on earth, it has more to do with isolationism than anything else. And age has nothing to do with it, the oldest nation a few years ago was the Kingdom of Nepal and that was a backwards kingdom for most of it’s existence, while Sweden is a relatively enlightened socialist nation despite being young.

He shows no grasp of history, remembering Iwo Jima after WW2, and Vietnam as if were a war for freedom. His implication that the USA should return to the original document of the constitution is daft. All constitutions are living documents, only a fundie would believe that old rules must be unchanged and blindly followed. This man has just stated that the civil rights movement and suffrage were “of no consequence” and against the founding father’s vision for the nation.

Probably, but screw them. They were born in the 17th century. They would think we are wizards, and we have grown further than they did. Oh they were remarkable men, Jefferson and Franklin were extremely progressive for the time period, but they were still keeping slaves and treated black people like cattle. America has grown since then, people don’t seem to realise how nice the nation really is instead wishing to go back to a time when people would apply leeches to their skin.

Europe laughs at americans because your politicians seriously think that Gay Marriage is a bigger issue than say… any other issue on the board. You have a problem with crime, a lack of social mobility, a terrible education system failed by the performance related incentive thus punishing inner city schools in a downward spiral. You have high unemployment and job skill dearths that are not covered by local candidates. You have a national problem with drug usage. You have a war. You have no healthcare system worth speaking of and you have a problem with people who cannot tell the difference between a personal faith and freedom of belief. There is an obesity epidemic in kids as well as adults too.

And in this there are politicians seriously worrying about what homosexual adults are upto in the privacy of their own bedrooms? Obviously people need to straighten out the priorities. Literally everything else is more important than stopping gays from getting married because you think it is icky.

Stay Classy Minessota.

Yours sincerely;


Draw Mohammed Day through the ages.

The edict against the portrayal of actual items in islamic art is hard fought through the ages with various different Islamic cultures interpreting the edicts against idolatory in different ways. While the Moors of Spain were liberal in their arts the berber influx during the reconquista destroyed most of their art and statues as the moors didn’t follow the portrayal of human beings as taboo while the berbers were more strict in that aspect.

The traditional guise of islam that we are familiar with is from the middle east where such “frivolities” were eschewed, instead decoration consisted of geometrical pattern and calligraphy. Calligraphy and geometrical patterns were taken to incredible levels and to this day most of the middle east prefers calligraphy as their preferred mode of expression of art. Even the simplest of korans is printed in beautiful script and most homes have phrases from the koran worked into intricate patterns by the human hand. The same effort that went into the paintings of churches has gone into the writing of these phrases.

Young men personalise their number plates and sides of cars with calligraphy and abstract shape rather than pictures. The aesthete continues just applied into new situations. The product of writing Korans is now used to adorn the sides of buildings and beautify plazas.

However there were two big muslim cultures who were famed for their art. The Ottomans and the Mughals. The Mughal invasion of India was done by dour and harsh Babur whose stance on Islam was strong and rigid, yet in just two generations Akbar (his grandson) was born. Akbar was less dour but just as capable a ruler and he was famed for his patronage of miniature paintings, which was an Indian art style.

These were intricately detailed paintings of daily life. Like the early predecessor of photographs. The one on the left showing him meeting an early jesuit mission to India. (the two men in blue are christian monks).

Akbar was extremely multicultural and progressive as soverign emperors go. He is remembered relatively well. His tomb is filled with actual sculpture of flowers and animals unlike that of his grandfather who was a dour man or his father who was regarded as a weak emperor. Akbar’s love of art was continued through his son and grandson (Shah Jahan, he of Taj Mahal fame). However religious extremism of Aurangzeb began to sow the seeds of destruction of the Mughal empire (by alienating the standing armies of Kshatriya who formed the armies and generals of the mughal empire).

The influence of these paintings is best seen in Persia and in the Ottoman empire where illustrated Korans exist. (Or did exist). A few collections of paintings still exist and for your perusal this Draw Mohammed Day, I give to you examples of Mohammed drawn by muslim artists from various cultures.

The Remaining Signs of Past Centuries, by Al-Buruni.
The prophet gives his final sermon on mount Ararat (near Mecca)

Algerian Postcard 1930s
Prophet hiding in a cave during his flight from Mecca
The First Revelation of the Angel Gabriel
From Jami Al-Tawarikh by Rashid al-Din
Persia 1307 AD
Prophet lifting the Black Stone into the Al-Kabah
From Jami Al-Tawarikh by Rashid al-Din
Persia 1307
The prophet in Paradise on his horse Buraq with the angel Gabriel
From Miraj Nama, 15th century afghanistan (Mughal minature)
(Oh yes Samarkhand was once one of the most famous centres for art!)
The Prophet meets Ismail, Ishak (Issac) and Lot
14th century Herat, Afghanistan
The assassination of Ali (Mohammed is veiled)
17th century, Iman Zadah Chah Zaid Mosque
Isafan, Iran 

It’s surprising what you can find out about a culture. The taboo of drawing the prophet was broken before producing stunning art. Yet muslims still worry about portrayal of the prophet? Here’s the thing, art was in itself a way to show devotion. The same devotion of calligraphy was put into the art of chapels and saints. Islam used to be the same way.
When you place restrictions on art you place restrictions on your own thinking. It is a real shame to be seen as less progressive than your ancestors, but sadly that is what Islam is becoming. 
So instead of drawing Mohammed which we are bound to do in insulting parts of his life (Yes I know he married an 8/12 year old. Frankly I don’t give a rat’s arse. The time period was different and no one bothers realising that the virgin Mary was herself 14 and a teenager rather than a grown woman. We cannot apply our morality to the past and we cannot apply past morality now as we have grown as a species and become more mature.) start depicting the good things. Don’t listen to your imams. What do they know? Reading one book doesn’t make you understand the world. They know nothing of the real world. The more muslims draw the more they realise that mere knowledge of an ancient book doesn’t make you a good muslim. Its doing the right things. 
Well what do I know, I just think the art is pretty and makes an interesting counterpoint to all the hate from both sides. As of now Islam has managed to move backwards as a philosophy becoming insular, anti science and against human development. Not what it was a good 200 years ago. It has actually regressed as a whole. 
We can criticise all we want but the real change comes from muslims, maybe more of them drawing will encourage change. 

It Gets Better – Or maybe not?

Gary Cass certainly thinks it gets worse.

I don’t see It Gets Better as a pro-gay campaign, I see it as an anti-bullying campaign. All manner of people go through school being bullied be it for what they look like, or what they are or what they have said or what people think of them. I don’t see why the message shouldn’t apply to some kid being bullied because he cannot play sport well or maybe because he likes something considered a bit effeminate.

It’s there to give people being bullied hope that some day they don’t have to take that nonsense and that most people grow up. That it will get better when they leave the confines of school.

Gary Cass, certainly has not grown up. He is still a giant pillock. A douchebag of epic proportions, waging war on an anti bullying campaign that I know isn’t just for gay people but also for every single other person being bullied. Gay children need it the most because it is they who are most easily bullied. By their peers, by their teachers, by parents, by priests and by society. We are changing but it will take time.

“God created human beings “in His image” as male and female complementary halves of one whole and designed human civilization to rest upon the foundation of the natural family, protected by the covenant of marriage. (Source: Allan Carlson, Paul Mero, The Natural Family: Bulwark of Liberty, 2008; Harry V. Jaffa, Homosexuality and the Natural Law, 1990)”

We are products of evolution. And even if we were created by God, then surely gay people are part of his creation too? By this logic it’s not just gay people whose marriages are not protected. It’s muslim, hindu, jewish and indeed atheist marriages that aren’t protected since none of those were declared by the same god.

The argument of our opponent is a slippery slope argument, if we legalise homosexuality and accept it then eventually we will fuck dogs and children. By that logic if we refuse to fight for homosexual marriage then eventually all our own rights to marry will be up for question because we do not fit into the biblical model.

“Both church and state have agreed throughout the centuries that a society based upon the natural family, protected by the institution of marriage, is necessary for civilization to thrive and that the worst enemy of the family is permissive social attitudes about sexuality. (Sources: Sherif Girgis, Robert P. George, Ryan T. Anderson, “What is Marriage,” Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 245-287, Winter 2010″

Both church and state also backed slavery, the institutional oppression of women and ethnic minorities. “Natural Law” was cited then as the west carted around Savages to display. Natural Law shows homosexuality is common and even normal in a lot of other species. It’s not just us.

Yes. I will agree. The worst enemy of family is permissive social attitudes to sex. Permissive social attitudes to sex are linked directly to the liberation of women. And liberated women do not have to listen to the old patriarchal model of family. If people are unhappy in a relationship they do not wish to simply force themselves to be in one. Now what we have is choice. Yes choice to either get divorced or to stay together.

“The homosexuality-affirming movement robs children of their inherent, inalienable, and self-evident right to be raised whenever possible by their biological parents. Government-sanction of homosexual unions constitutes the radical endorsement of the deliberate creation of motherless or fatherless children.”

Bollocks! Most kids used to be raised in extended families. Many would be sent to boarding school and many would be apprenticed off at a young age.

No. Improper sex education fosters the creation of motherless and fatherless children. Gay people mostly adopt and ensure kids in the overworked foster system are given a home with love. A few gay people use surrogacy but ultimately most adopt.

It is a lie that homosexual conduct is not a choice. Although same-sex attraction may be involuntary, one’s response to it is completely voluntary. All sex is voluntary except rape. Further, all people have the obligation to resist temptations, no matter how strong, that lead to personal and social harms.”

Even if homosexuality were a choice I would have no problems with it. All this argument is doing is producing a strong case for us to ban alcohol. After all homosexuals are at best 1/20 of the population, but alcohol? I mean it causes all the social ills of violence, of abuse, of alcoholism. It causes personal damage by wicked hangovers and cirrhosis… Alcohol is more deadly than “being gay”. The biggest problem amongst homosexuals is the rapid spread of HIV through their populations due to their small population and lack of use of contraception as gay men simply assumed (and still assume) that condoms stop pregnancy but no the spread of HIV. Education is the key.

And not all gay men enjoy anal sex. It’s the same as in straight women (or indeed straight men), not everyone enjoys it. Those that do indulge, those that do not simply don’t have anal sex. Assuming all gay men enjoy it is just a stereotype. If that’s the issue then we should be campaigning against bumming, not agai
nst gay people! More straight people have anal sex than gay people anyways.

A point in case is most of this research comes from really really old medical research. Like Issue 18 of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (published around about 1950)

The lies posted on this site are phenomenal. They really are. They assume that homosexual lifestyle is one that recruits and that we glamourise it. Quick show of hands gay people, how many of you were bullied by people. How many of you think that we display a life free of prejudice and suffering to kids? It seeks to flood people with the idea that gay people are dysfunctional.

All that has happened since the 1960s is that women have started to see sex as something enjoyable and to seek enjoyment in it. This frightens the church. Women have slipped out off the leash so as to speak. The new bitches are gays and the church wants to milk the fear of them.

If me and a woman one day (I need to find a a woman willing to do this first!) decide to marry. I hope it would be for life, but if we should realise that it was not meant to be then I would want a divorce. If you think you should remain together for life then “don’t bloody get a divorce”. Just stay together and be an unloving relationship. I mean if you really are sleeping in separate beds then you have the same relationship as me and a flatmate not husband and wife. No piece of legal paper or magic words spoken by the clergy will change the fact that your relationship is dead and that what you possess is a sham and that you both would be better off moving on rather than living in such idiocy. 

That is the greatest travesty of marriage, it is meant to be a celebration of love between two individuals who hope to spend their little piece of eternity together. That’s what it means to us in the west. To most people across the globe it’s to validate the formation of children. Duty. Marriage is a job to most christians world wide. In a lot of people it is there to secure the livelihood of their children with women being married to men who earn a lot of money and men marrying women who look pretty and can do the washing up.

Who cares if both the individuals are the same gender? It’s not affecting the rest of us in any shape or form. What my future marriage will hopefully mean is not demeaned just because two gay men believe in the same ideals. That’s like saying cars will be ruined if gay people drive them. Is christian love so weak that gay love would destroy it? 

If marriage is indeed (as the church says) Ordained By God, then it is in breach of the First Amendment (For shame, a bloody limey knows that much!) and thus all the christians have done is make government support for straight marriage illegal.

But I hereby declare Gary Cass to be nothing more than an oxygen thief. The greatest threat to love and to marriage is not gay people, but it is this berk. 

The Silent Atheist

Deepak Chopra Speaks on Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens may not be able to defend himself but the argument is simple…

By discounting the whole notion of spiritual awakening, atheists make a claim to false knowledge. They haven’t walked the walk, yet somehow they know, with dead certainty, that Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Confucius, Zoroaster, Saint Paul, Rumi, Kabir, the Prophet Muhammad, Rabindranath Tagore, and countless others aren’t just wrong; they are stupid and blinkered compared to any everyday atheist today. I have my doubts. The atheists I’ve met went through a period of personal disillusion with religion, and on that basis alone they became atheists. Could anything be more subjective for a crowd that decries subjectivity? Could anything be more idiosyncratic for a group that claims to represent universal reason?

The whole notion of spiritual awakening is merely a point where we subscribe to a theological philosophy. Basically you find god and surrender control of your life. It is the equivalent of shoving all your mess under the rug or into a closet to provide the illusion of having solved your problem. And yes we are wiser than those people. The average child possesses knowledge that would make Buddha envious. I can do things that would make the mythical representation of Jesus fall to his knees in awe. Most of the people on that list also said some really REALLY stupid things that we don’t believe in. 

The very premise of religion is the assumption of a magical entity. Any philosophy that begins with “assume magic can exist” is one to not take seriously. The list of people? Many may be wise, but most are foolish by our standards. One does not have to experience bullshit to understand how bullshit it is. 

All religion is based of a faulty premise. If the foundation of your belief is faulty then it doesn’t matter how wise you are. You are still wrong. 

How not to fight Evolution

Why doesn’t the scientific community abandon Darwin’s failed hypotheses? Simple: The Jewish-dominated media and educational establishment are determined that, like unconditional support of Israel, Holocaust mythology, hate laws, and “civil rights” favoritism, there will be no end to the relentless force-feeding of evolution. Belief in evolution is a prerequisite for Jewish supremacism’s new-world order.

Is this real?

I think it is. Apparently Evolution is a product of Zionism… I don’t really have anything else to say since they do a pretty good job of kneecapping their own arguments.

I leave you with this…

Evolutionary theory undergirded the “might is right” philosophy of Germany decades before World War I. German “higher criticism” of the Bible washed away belief in the credibility of the Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament. Germans largely followed the same evolutionary/racist ethics that are prominent today in the racialist right. Combined with virulent criticism of Jews, denying them their biblical role in God’s plan of the ages, evolution set the stage for demonization and violence against the Jewish people.  Thus, evolution, stimulating racist premises of Aryan superiority, played a foundational role in energizing the Third Reich in its provocation of a second world war.

So zionism caused Hitler? I don’t know if this is Godwin’s Law or just ordinary fail. But I believe this level of stupid is contagious. I probably have lost a few thousand brain cells committing apoptosis listening from the stupidity. 

It Get’s Better – Sipping on the Haterade

If marriage is such a fragile jewel of art that even the slightest of additions can cause it to crumble then perhaps we are doing marriage wrong. I cannot see how homosexual marriage actually affects the lifestyles of the straight married people. I must be getting insufficient amounts of Haterade in my diet. 

Delicious and Balanced with Hate Ions.
So in response to Gay Rallies? We have Rallies to defend “Traditional Marriage” and “Family Values” despite the irony that traditionally marriages were arranged by parents and that families were extended or joint families with many members of one family living in the same household. The nuclear family (by name alone!) is a recent social trend. 
We don’t realise it but this battle has been fought throughout history as people gain rights. And there have always been people who have stood in the way of rights. Things we regard as normal today were fought with the same fervour as the gay marraige debate with the same arguments being made. 
Women’s Votes
And the arguments against.
And in the the 1960s? People fought against the rights of black people.
And the argument against (Blacks, Taste, Fashion – You name it the KKK hate on it!) 
It is quite scary to note that religion excused all these hateful actions and actively was used to encourage bigotry. We just need to remember, that the people against gay marriage will one day be regarded as the hateful bigots even if they are respected pillars of the community today. 
It Gets Better.

(pictures are from Joe My God – The entire collection can be seen on his Picasa page.)

Monogamy is also against the word of God. Also the great american pastime of bacon. 

If it is a godly institution it cannot be protected by the US Constitution as it voids the First Amendment.
Nor can it receive the benefits that it obtains from the government.

Yes. We should also re-enslave the black people as owning slaves and indebtured labourers was part of what the USA was all about.
And In case a man should sell his daughter as a slave girl, She will not go out in the way that slave men go out;
If she is displeasing in the eyes of her master so that he does not designate her a concubine but causes her to be redeemed; (Exodus 21:7 – 8)

Warlocks are Enemies of God!

In 2006, a documentary was made by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing followed sermons by Kids on Fire School of Ministry Pastor Rebecca Fischer and was an unbiased look at charismatic evangelism and child ministry.

Those charismatics who watched it were filled with pride of such amazing christian behaviour. The more sane christians and secular watchers were horrified at the treatment of children, using fear to scare them into believing.

When I first saw it in 2006, I commented on it being a great way to produce a generation of serial killers as this is nothing short of child abuse for  the sake of fucking up the way someone thinks about the world.

I think Harry Potter is a good role model for kids. It has him take responsibility, shows loyalty to friendship, has positive female role models, acceptance of people for what they are rather than their race. It is a really “twee” book, which has some people complaining but it’s a book of adventures in the vein of old famous five books and goes back to the “childhood adventure in a magic land”.

The people who think it is bad are either nutjobs like this or people who in my humble opinion need to stop treating a children’s book like it is a Man Booker prize entry. It’s meant to entertain 15 year old kids. It’s not meant to evoke new thought process in an adult reader. Judging it by the standards of adult books is like stating that Sesame Street treats the viewer like they are 5 and insults our intelligence.

If you can find Jesus Camp out on the internet, then I suggest you have a watch. If only to expand your mind that these people do exist and that people do honestly think they are a force for good.